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Robs cleaning co is a Family owned and operated Christchurch Window cleaning business. The Business is not a franchise and prides itself on employing local Christchurch Window Cleaners. Rob's Window cleaning is a domestic Window cleaning business that offers Window Cleaning to Christchurch residents, window cleaning is all we do. We have lots of Window cleaning clients that live in or close to Christchurch City, we specialise in Cleaning domestic windows in single and multi-level homes in and around Christchurch city.
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Welcome to Metal Technology Roofing Ltd
We here at Metal Technology Roofing have been specializing in the Christchurch Metal roofing industry for over 25 year combined.

We are a Christchurch based owned and operated Roofing company, When you are looking for a specialised professional roofing service look no further, Our dedicated team can work with any metal including stainless steel, Aluminium, Galvanised steel, Copper and Brass.
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Housing prices dropped in most parts of New Zealand over the last month, offering a glimmer of hope for first home buyers.'s latest Home Affordability report showed falling prices more than offset rising mortgage interest rates in most parts of the country.

The survey focused on lower quartile selling prices. The lower quartile point is halfway between the cheapest and median price in the data and differs between regions.

Lower quartile selling prices since December dropped in Auckland, Waikato/Bay of Plenty, Hawke's Bay, Manawatu/Whanganui, Taranaki, Nelson/Marlborough, Canterbury/Westland and Southland but rose to set new records in Northland, Wellington and Otago.

The lower-quartile house price average for December in New Zealand was $342,000, up from $340,000 in the previous month.

The fall in lower-quartile house prices in some regions was enough to offset the effect of rising interest rates in December, which overall has made mortgage payments slightly more affordable.

The country's most affordable mortgages for first-home buyers in December were Invercargill, Gisborne, Rotorua, Hastings, Palmerston North, Timaru and Dunedin.

The least affordable were North Shore, Manukau, Rodney, Central Auckland, Waitakere, and Papakura/Pukekohe.

Housing in Auckland, however, remains seriously unaffordable with a lower-quartile selling price of more than $700,000. With a mortgage at that rate costing almost $750 a week on a 20 per cent deposit, coupled with rising interest rates, Auckland housing is out of reach for most young buyers.

"The small dip in prices that occurred in Auckland last month would need to turn into a sustained and substantial correction before it would start taking housing in our largest city back into affordable territory for typical first home buyers," said.

Auckland Central's current median house price is $978,000.
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The buyers of the $5.65m Glandovey Rd house are a couple with three children who were newly arrived from overseas when their Fendalton heritage home was wrecked in the 2011 earthquakes.

The house is on a property covering two titles on a 3000sqm of land, and has a rating value of $5.5m including land value of $2.24m. Previous owners of the property have included businessman Mike Pero and the late trucking company founder Neil Graham.

Real estate advertising leading up to the sale described it as "an entertainer's home". It was designed by Christchurch's O'Neil Architecture.

The home is in a valuable area crossed by the Waimairi Stream where many homes on earthquake-damaged land have been rebuilt.

Jeremy O'Hanlon​ of said such houses were not cheap to live in.

"If you're dreaming of a property of these proportions, don't forget to factor in the rates bill, which for Glandovey Rd equates to $25,000 per year. "

Bailey said Christchurch's luxury-housing market was starting to catch up to other main centres.

"I think Christchurch can handle these values. It's still pretty reasonable real estate. You get a lot more value for those millions than you'd get in Auckland or Wellington.

"But we are still a long way from Auckland with their $6m, $10m or even $15m houses."

The highest price paid for a New Zealand last year was the Auckland mansion previously rented to controversial internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom, which sold for $32.5m.
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This is our first auction report for 2017 and as is usual for this time of year results are few and far between.

That's because agents and their vendors generally hold off marketing properties for auction until most people are back on deck after the holiday break and then it takes a few weeks for the marketing campaigns to run their course before the auctions take place.

So it's usually February before the auction rooms get back to business as usual, but results from a few early auctions are starting to trickle in and numbers are slowly building.

Last week Barfoot & Thompson took 13 properties to auction and sold six of them either under the hammer or by the end of the following day, with seven passed in and becoming available for sale by negotiation.

The highest success rate was in the company's head office auction room on Shortland St in the CBD where four properties were offered, located in Onehunga (x2), One Tree Hill and Henderson, with sales achieved on three of them.

The lowest success rate was at the Manukau auction where four properties were also offered, but only one was sold (see chart below).

Bayleys first auction of the year is scheduled for tomorrow at their Viaduct Harbour rooms, where four properties were scheduled for auction, all in holiday locations, but three have been postponed, meaning only one property will be offered.

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On the Auckland apartment front Ray White City Apartments have one apartment scheduled for auction this week, two for next week and six for the week after that.

City Sales have also begun marketing apartments to be auctioned next month.

Harcourts are also starting to wind up their auction program and we'll be posting their results from around the country as they become available.

We'll be continuously updating our Auctions/Sales Results page as the results come to hand.

The results from the latest auctions, including the prices achieved on individual properties and details of those that didn't sell, are available on our Auction/Sales results page.
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Real estate telemarkeing business growing, get in behind these guys,.
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Lending to property investors buying homes in Auckland fell 18 per cent in August after the Reserve Bank imposed new lending restrictions in July.

Central bank data show lending to investors in New Zealand's biggest city fell to $1.31 billion in August from $1.59b in July.

It's the lowest month for lending to Auckland investors since January when $973 million was committed by the banks as an earlier round of loan restrictions dampened interest in the market for a couple of months.

Still, the impact of the restrictions hasn't had as much impact as the first round of Auckland-specific restrictions.

Between December 2015 and January 2016, lending to Auckland investors fell to $973m from $1.33b, a drop of 27 per cent.

The changes announced by the Reserve Bank in July capped bank lending to property investors with a deposit of less than 40 per cent at 5 per cent and restored the 10 per cent limit for owner-occupiers wanting to take out a mortgage with a deposit of less than 20 per cent.

The restrictions were also targeted nationwide following house price booms in places like Hamilton and Tauranga.

All the major banks adopted the restrictions early, although they technically don't come into force until the beginning of October.

Lending to owner occupiers in Auckland fell to $1.86 billion in August from $1.88b in the month earlier, the lowest amount since February 2016.

Commitments to people buying homes outside Auckland rose to $2.94b from $2.84b in July.

Total lending declined to $6.11b in August from $6.31b the month before, a fall of 3.1 per cent.
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Top Hamilton real estate agents
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