Driving too slowly? Bet humans don’t get pulled over for that too often.

We’ve capped the speed of our prototype vehicles at 25mph for safety reasons. We want them to feel friendly and approachable, rather than zooming scarily through neighborhood streets.  

Like this officer, people sometimes flag us down when they want to know more about our project. After 1.2 million miles of autonomous driving (that’s the human equivalent of 90 years of driving experience), we’re proud to say we’ve never been ticketed!

Update: credit to +Aleksandr Milewski for capturing the moment.
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Court Mejias
Good. Cause for some reason this photo angers me.
...how do the cops pull one of these over? Do the cars have special subroutines for that?
+Alan Davidson manual controls are in the pod. So whoever is in the car they can take over and drive.
plesae step out of the car   heyy were did the driver go!
The officer is looking at the end of his job's future. Lol
'The reason we don't have self-driving cars yet is because like humans they have difficulty driving in poor light', Professor Jonathan Roberts, Robotics, QUT, University Librarians Forum 9/11
its quota time   id dont care if theres no driver
They'll be no need for traffic police as we know it now with the development of the automotive auto pilot systems.
+James Harris I'm pretty sure the car can understand that cops and fire engines behave differently than regular cars, I'm just not sure if they're capable of pulling over for them just yet.
+James Harris I've seen recent video of Google Self Driving presentations and they include a montage of visual things understood by the car... Including hand signals from traffic cops and emergency responders to stop, yield, and proceed. The cars also yield for flashing lights on emergency vehicles and school busses. Almost ready for scaled up prime time...
25mph? I can do my own neighborhood driving... wake me up when my Google car handle the 580-238-92-101 commute, at freeway speed, without human intervention.
+James Mason the Lexus Google mod cars do freeway speed. I the 25mph seeps a lot to do with Google trying to bundle it I to their own package. 
+William L. Weaver​ Nowhere near lol. Self-driving cars have never been tested in adverse road conditions, nor have they been tested on roads that don't have ridiculously specific additional mapping done.

The whole 1.2 million miles thing is mostly a useless statistic, because it was all over the same stretches of road and in ideal weather conditions. Basically, they've never been tested in conditions where most people get in accidents. 
+James Mason​ high way speed are probably easy compared to low speed areas with all the interruptions and obstacles, such as children and pets. 
It not so hard not to be ticketed driving at 25mph at most, lol.
+William L. Weaver I recommend this for a slightly more grounded perspective: http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2014/10/google_self_driving_car_it_may_never_actually_happen.html

The technology has likely moved a little bit from this article, but likely not by much. Google's promotional videos for their cars have demonstrated things the autonomous driving wouldn't be capable of, like taking someone blind through a drive-through. The car likely had to be specifically programmed with that exact path through the restaurant's parking lot in advance.

Nothing is exactly a lie, but they present the technology in an idealized state. It's very far from a practical product, which is why it's called a moonshot. 
Interesting. So given that NEV definition the 25 mph limit is there for a reason. But this fits the purpose of these driverless cars: enabling access to individual mobility without having to learn to drive. This is not meant to replace commuter cars.
Is 13,000 really the average yearly mileage for drivers?
try that in Malaysia or Singapore... U get one for driving slowly and read with road hogging where the minimum speed is 35km/hr on normal roads and 40km/hr on motorways...thus NEV cannot go on main roads
+Clark Wierda It is for me at least. I think the figure is likely at least partially based on about how much of a commute the average person is willing to put up with on a daily basis. That determines their range of job search, which determines how far they drive back and forth every day.
I think my street has been part of the training route for a while now and I live a couple of minutes from the 'koala nest'. [I've heard friends refer to the new cars as koalas. For obvious reasons.]

Point is that I've seen these cars so much that I almost don't even notice them anymore and that, I think, is a pretty terrific compliment. 

Just this early in the timeline they're already a genuinely remarkable achievement.
One of the biggest benifits of this car as it will let the police do more important work rather than chasing after bad drivers
+Philip Mc Adam Police need to be out and "in the world" to do their jobs. Policing bad drivers (beyond being an obvious revenue stream for the department) hardly impedes their ability to be visible and available around town. And of course, if a more pressing concern occurs, police will drop a speeding ticket and respond to the more serious crime.
+John Sartoris - But most drivers who need (and can pay for) this technology spend most of their behind-the-wheel time on the freeway. I don't care about it taking over the "hard" stuff, I want it to take over the "long" stuff.

A 25mph self-driving car might save me a few minutes a week where I can do something else instead of drive. A freeway autopilot would give me back countless hours per week.
Oh they'll figure-out how to give tickets to self-driving cars. Some towns make a lot of money giving out tickets. Ticket cameras are going away because they teach people to follow the law to the letter.
 i think self driving cars are for the elderly or the lazy.. in this century we dont need them...but what we do need is self paying tickets..........lol
how would the software know to pull to the side of the road if they were pulled over for a broken tail light or whatnot?  cause driver seat occupied or not, there is still a human in control of this particular vehicle...
+James Harris​ they could probably program for it to detect the high pitch of sirens and require a minimum length of hearing it for it to respond to cops/ambulance/fire trucks and not be tricked by music that sample it
+James Mason You do understand these a prototypes, and they are still TESTING all this, right?
So, the driver could  have taken over and driven the posted speed limit instead of letting the car drive 25mph or pulled over to let other cars pass when they noticed all of the cars backed up behind them?  Curious. 
+James Mason if you can drive faster than 24mph on the 101 it must be at 330am on a full moon and a Sunday :)
ok, less accident, less police works... he probably wants to thank them in person.
That's the ugliest car I have ever seen. If the future is cars styled by Fisher Price, I'm out.
Want to take the wheel out of drivers hands? At least let them keep their dignity... I mean come on!! What is that!!!
great, so they're like any sunday driver then :-)
After 1.2 million miles of autonomous driving (that's the human equivalent of 90 years of driving experience), no tickets.  
Google.. sign me up.  I am ready to buy a Google car.  I am serious..
My opinion is that Google should reprogram their self-driving cars to drive at the posted speed limit. In a 35 mph zone they should drive at 35 mph. Blocking traffic is annoying to other road users. The safest driving is at the same speed as majority of other road users.
I guess that also means that Google engineers have been cruising for 1.2M miles. At 25mph, that's 48000 hours of engineering. Labor costs alone will be a lot ;) 
Seriously the idea of a self driving car is nice... just don't hold up the flow of traffic because you can't maintain the speed limit.
Dani V.
39km/h or 25mph??? Kein Wunder das ständig Autos auf diese Spielzeugautos auffahren ;)
First crash will come when any laser beam touch me!  Blind Lidar tech with directional Flash Infra Red LED... All that at distance! No good! ;-)
How does the autonomous car "know" how to pull-over? Did they write a sub-routine that recognizes flashing lights?
My cousin was pulled over for driving to slow, so it does happen.
"Bet humans don’t get pulled over for that too often."

You lose that bet. This useless piece of crap self-driving car was causing a backup. Although you may not expect the car to drive AT the limit, it shouldn't be impeding traffic.

Most police would agree that driving too slowly and not "going with the flow" is going to cause problems.

If you are going to test a self-driving car on a road, it should be capable of traveling at the same speed as other cars on the road.

So get off your high-Google-horse and admit that this cop did everyone (who was traveling behind the "google-car") a big favor by stopping it and getting it the hell out of the way!

"...we’re proud to say we’ve never been ticketed!"

It's only a matter of time - hopefully sooner than later!
Nothing more frustrating than someone driving 10mph below the speed limit.
One of the many reasons a self driving car will be the death of me. Driving at the speed limit will be annoying enough on some roads (sorry if you disagree but rarely does anyone follow speed limits on highways) but driving 10 mph under it...argh.
When we lived in California, my husband was given a ticket for driving too slowly.  The speedometer on the car did not read correctly, and he was in the left lane preparing for a left exit.  He went to the driving school (so the record of the ticket could be erased) and was there with all the speeders and drunk drivers.  It seems kind of unfair that the Google car could get out of a ticket so easily, LOL.
I mean... it is better to go slow even to remind the others around that perhaps they are going too fast... when I was 14 and started with the driving fever the faster I could go places the better but sometimes I would just love driving around crusin' really slow... that's how you get to appreciate the view 😉 

In Brazil one time that we were trying to catch a taxi, I was standing next to my mom when the car stopped and they use the speed bargain method... let ME say what it is...

You need a taxi cab and stop one then ask how much they will charge you to go to your destination... he looks around and sees how many passengers and give you a prize, say 10k or 15k (everything is k there when it comes to money... people getting their paycheck need to carry big bags to be able to hold the money and the money cost differently at different times in a day, anywas back to my story)...

So the taxi cab charges you 10,000 and you get to where you need... on your way back the first taxi that stops charge you 25k and you're like... he's nuts, actually he takes off even before they hear the final NO... then the second one charges you 20k and you're still like... ??? I paid 10k to come here, why can't I just get the same prize??? and that's what you tell the third taxi you stop and he goes, is that what you really want??? and you go... yahhh... ok hope in quickly he replies and so excited that you're finally getting back to the hotel all hungry and tired just rush to get in...

Ok so he drove us over the speed limit and a couple of times we thought we saw an accident on first row... so we understood that everyone that saw us at a tourist place charged more to go slowly so we could appreciate the view while the cheap one just gave us very limited view of the panorama, actually we didn't take our eyes from the road and the cars around us hahahahahaha so yeah we thought it was worth to pay a little more just to make sure we could finish the trip 😉
According to a Cnet article, a blog post from the police department said:
"The officer stopped the car and made contact with the operators to learn more about how the car was choosing speeds along certain roadways and to educate the operators about impeding traffic per 22400(a) of the California Vehicle Code."

However, 22400(a) says "No person shall drive upon a highway at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic unless the reduced speed is necessary for safe operation, because of a grade, or in compliance with law."

Emphasis on highway.  Last I checked, there were no highways that had a speed limit of 35 MPH.  This was not a proper stop.
+Jozef Mitros, one thing I constantly have to remind myself of:  It's a speed limit, not a speed requirement.
Police pull people over for going too slowly all the time, usually in the same circumstances as happened in this case: the officer observed traffic backed up or braking suddenly and finds that the cause is a vehicle impeding the smooth flow of traffic (CA VC 22400). If you want to limit the car to 25 MPH, perhaps you should select a route which doesn't include sections with higher speed limits.
He didn't pull the car over because he wanted to know more about the project he pulled it over because it was blocking traffic and endangering other drivers by going at a different speed than the posted speed limit. It's frankly very irresponsible and you should have gotten ticketed. 
+Corey Luczak
I rather always remind myself that I should have a little bit empathy to other people around me. I try to make life easier for other people and I avoid impeding traffic. I know that some people are concentrated only on themselves and own needs and own whims. That is why we need police, courts, etc.
Driving significantly below traffic speed is not safe, it is downright dangerous.

Like it or not, driving is a social activity.  The best human drivers not only do not cause accidents, they avoid accidents altogether.  

Even average human drivers are in fewer accidents per mile than the Google cars have been in, and it is somewhat concerning that the companies (at least outward) attitude seems to be suggesting that humans are consistently (and entirely) the problem.

I'm hoping (at least internally) the engineers are lumped into that group of humans.

And I'm sure there is a middle ground between "being approachable" (a silly objective for a moving vehicle) and "zooming scarily through neighborhood streets".  The focus should be on safety, which means driving at traffic speed.
Ken J
+Mountain View Police Department
So your guy pulled over a car that was operating within the law and somehow you think people should appreciate that you didn't give them a ticket for following the statutes?

From your own blog:
"The car was traveling at 24 mph in a 35 mph zone. As the officer approached the slow moving car he realized it was a Google Autonomous Vehicle. The officer stopped the car and made contact with the operators to learn more about how the car was choosing speeds along certain roadways and to educate the operators about impeding traffic per 22400(a) of the California Vehicle Code. The Google self-driving cars operate under the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Definition per 385.5 of the California Vehicle Code and can only be operated on roadways with speed limits at or under 35 mph. In this case, it was lawful for the car to be traveling on the street as El Camino Real is rated at 35 mph. "

Impeding traffic is dangerous. If you don't have the confidence in your "autonomous" vehicles to drive the speed limit, then GET THEM OFF THE ROAD before they have (or cause) more accidents!

You should also be prosecuted for not having a driver behind the wheel AS IS REQUIRED BY LAW.  However, you appear to believe you are above the law so it's not surprising your arrogance led you to VIOLATE it.
+Gary A. Krause Are you suggesting this police officer was taking steps stop his job becoming redundant? He's on a one man mission to stop the AI Apocalypse before it happens!
The officer pulled it vehicle over to check out, not give it a ticket according to the article.
+William Twomey Of the 14 accidents Google's cars have been in, 11 of them have been because they got rear-ended. That's the fault of the drivers behind them, not the car's fault.
The stopping itself was a good thing because it tested how the traffic agents and the autonomous car would interact... but I just wanted to make another quick mention here... people need more education on speed limits... when you see a sign that Says 35 mph means that no matter what you should not go above that speed, it doesn't suggest that you start off at 35mph or that you should drive constantly at that speed, it just let's you know that's the MAX which in express ways I would definitely agree should be higher... on a regular street however going below 35mph shouldn't cause road blocking unless the car is barely moving or at a complete stop, busses stop frequently and they don't get judged here, it would be a matter of educating people that just like busses have an specific function so do the autonomous cars and they are not supposed to have that ego many have that want everyone else to run like them and get irritated because others make them wait three fractions of a second more... if I'm riding an autonomous car is because I want to have the luxury to not worry about accidents and even if you are in an accident at 24mph you're pretty safe, so yeah the luxury of safety is why I would ride or have others I care about ride an autonomous car, I wanna feel as safe as sending my pets to the vet, my children to visit grandma and why not pick her and my friends to my 18th birthday party and bringing them home after 💋
What is inspiring me to comment is the Google team's response to this incident.  It is totally unprofessional to publicly question the police officer and respond like a 12 year old who got caught stealing cookies "whats the big deal dad!!".  Google - show some better community appreciation.  Mountain View, the city workers, and police officers have allowed you to be safe and prosper in the community.  Show some class and appreciation.
Google, you're being a bit dishonest here. According to the Mountain View Police blog, your vehicle was operating in the #3 lane at 10mph below the posted maximum. It wasn't because you were driving slowly, it was because you were driving too slowly in a lane your vehicle had no business being in! I've commented on their blog to confirm, but the #3 lane would seem to imply the far left lane. SLOW TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT.

Which then brings up the question: why have you programmed your vehicles to prefer the wrong lanes, and more specifically, the lane MOST likely to impede other drivers? Or are you just NOT programming your vehicles to stay right?

And, straight off, I don't buy the "because it was setting up for a left turn". It was 2.3 MILES from Google; no way it should need 2.3 miles to set up for that. [OK, I've been to California, and driven there. I know that isn't true. I know that you could sit in the right lane for 5 miles with your left blinker on and never find a driver willing to let you over. But if THAT is the real reason, then let's put THAT out there. Because, in the end, that's just one more +1 for Autonomous and Networked vehicles.]
Great to see the Segway of tomorrow in action.
Also, good thing the car was painted white, otherwise they would have shot it.
Sorry Google, humans do and SHOULD be pulled over for driving 10mph under the limit... aint nobody got time for that.  Stop complaining and fix your stuff
+William Tran - Legally, you are correct, but as I already stated, good drivers both do not cause and avoid being in accidents.  This is why insurance rates may go up if you are repeatedly in accidents (even if not legally ever at fault).

Driving below traffic speed is dangerous and will lead to rear end collisions, among other things.

Just the fact that these cars have been in 11 rear end collisions in the limited number of miles they have driven is a huge red flag.  That's not a statistical anomaly, that is unsafe driving.

The "well, if everyone else drove slower, safer, less aggressive, etc." line of reasoning is reasonable logic for discussing something like public policy (e.g. enforcing speed limits, reducing speed limits, etc.)
but horrible justification for driving unsafe in an environment where it is known that everyone else will behave in an non-ideal manner.

It doesn't matter if the driving style would be safe in a different environment where everyone else drove the same way because reality is reality.  You must drive safe for your given reality.

This is why many humans drive differently in a city than in a rural country.  It is safer to drive socially conscious, recognizing the reality of the typical driving behavior of those in the vehicles around you, rather than drive in a rigid, dogmatic manner that is statistically less safe -given the greater number of accidents that will result.
Going faster than 20 mph on El Camino Real: that is the real news!
I am hopeful that self driving cars, and eventually vans, will be a huge Godsend to seniors across our country. Also, God bless our LEOs!
I'm curious as to whether the Google car recognized the officer and pulled itself to the side of the road (or side street as the picture suggests) or if the passenger had to intervene. Also, has the vehicle been programmed to yield right-of-way to emergency vehicles? That seems to be one of the most forgotten rules of the road, and can impact life and death situations..
A car going 60 in the fast lane when there are other cars on the road, is far more dangerous than one going 80. 11 rear end collisions in 1.2 million miles driven... That isn't good. Just because the law says you aren't at fault doesn't mean that some of those couldn't of been avoided.

I've driven over 300,000 miles in my life (many during rush hour traffic in CA) and  have never been rear ended. Should I have a marketing team post that all over social media about me?
+Mountain View Police Department Question, if you meet regularly with google and the vehicle was operating legally under 385.5, then what was the point of the stop?  A publicity stunt or does the officer not know ALL of the CA traffic laws? Just curious. 
I would like if hungarian police rangers gave fee to the slow riders (under 25mph), or which rider brakes while crossing green.
Isn't the google car just a publicity stunt anyway? I'm tired of being stuck behind them as they putter along San Antonio Rd. and back traffic up. Hooray MV PD
Did the car understand the policeman's commands to pull to the curb or did the passenger have to take over and do it manually?
 ///////// robo cop here driver pleaze step away from your vehicle:::  emptIes  two mini guns into your micro car::::::::::::::::::::::::::::you were proceding to slow  the law is the law citizen.
Then Google, if you're so smart and so tech savvy...how about developing technology that will automatically detect (i.e. READ) the speed limit signage on the roadway and have the Google car adjust to that speed? Not just say the car's speed is capped for "safety reasons".
In not such a distant future this exact cars AI will take control and make a run for it, escaping the policman while using the horn with an evil laughter.
Are there any doubts that almost every cop now wants to be the first to issue a ticket to an operatorless Vehicle?
hell everybody , i'am from in china
Did the dashcam capture any alleged forcible methods on the driverless car, like a take-down or use of a Taser? 
Eric Oh
I want one!
...purely based on its cuteness
Ken J
+Ryan Bray I do believe the current law does not allow them to go faster than 25mph. This is a proving stage limitation, while there might be a few rear-enders (technically not at-fault) wrecks let's give the process a couple of years to prove out and then hopefully they will be able to increase the speed to 35mph or higher. As a bicyclist and car driver I understand both angles of the speed issue, in the end I believe these cars will be accepted and greatly reduce all collisions because robots are not distracted by things as people are. 
Ultimately the autonomous cars should be allowed to travel at higher than posted speeds where it is safe because we all know that people tend to go 5 over what ever is posted every day, all day long.
+Corey Luczak In California a highway is defines like this (copied from the California Vehicle Code):
360.  "Highway" is a way or place of whatever nature, publicly
maintained and open to the use of the public for purposes of
vehicular travel. Highway includes street.

Basically any public street is a highway.

+Scott Boone Lanes are counted from the left so #3 would be the right-most late (slowest). Nevertheless the car should not be driving 25 MPH on San Antonio Rd.
Google, your attitude seems to imply that inconsistent behavior on the road is not a cause for accidents.

Yes, driving too slowly or too fast can be problematic.

Do you know that the left lane is the passing lane, but it's more colloquially referred to as the fast lane? Can you see how someone merging in the passing lane, ACCELERATING while passing - as every driver is trained to do - can run into difficulty when the person in the wrong lane is going 20km/hr slower?

You're Google, so you MUST know that. Your attitude is crap. >_<
 Driving inconsistently hurts everyone. We were all trained a very specific way. Perhaps you should adjust your cars to work around our road laws and behaviors.
 years ago they had cars with no drivers or passengers going 20-50 miles in the grand challenge competition  .. and at the finish.. when competitors were waiting for them it was the eeriest feeling when the cars were coming around the bend  a feeling never felt before.
Cop was right : driving too slowly can be dangerous too...BTW nice doodle on the door ! :D
I assume these are capped at 25 so they are considered LSV's and not passenger cars.

Did the car pull over autonomously or did the human have to intervene?
Thanks for the update to give credit. I'd love an opportunity to chat with someone on the team... I have some questions. (Let's start with... how do you drive these things all over Mt. View without a constant stream of tickets for the missing front plate?)
so, the vehicle recognized the motorcycle officer and found a safe place to pull over all on its own? did the officer use both lights and audible commands that the vehicle responded to? or did a human have to intervene? what happened when the officer asked "do you know why i stopped you?" and/or "license and registration, please."?
Wrong, PR Googlian. Driving significantly under limit and/or failing to stay with the flow of traffic (esp on freeways) also increases risk of collision and potential for road-rage incidents. When a LEO stops a too-slow driver the officer is performing just as important a duty as stopping speeders. For safe and accurate testing of your self-driving vehicles in real-world driving contexts, dear Google-Plexians, it's critical to stick to the limit.
There is already enough idiots that impede traffic we don't need robots doing it also.
These are NEVs. They are not allowed on roads with speed limits above 35. They are not allowed to go faster than 25.
Why are you so smug about your car? Its AI is dumber than an intelligent human and doesn't act like a human does causing problems around speed and predictability.
Fuck you, Google, with your stupid, stupid fucking cars! Don' t you have any concept of traffic flow?!? Driving, traffic is about flow, about moving, forward if possible. Your fucking eggs on wheels are impending traffic; that is, there are too slow in a world that wants to go ever faster. Instead of automated garbage, why don' t you finance driving education and start with youths so there are less dead on the roads!?! That would make more sense. Speed does not kill but driving stupid does.
+J.J. Lasne grow a brain an AI can't drive drunk an AI can't fall asleep while driving. An AI will adept and learn faster than a human ever will and let's say if there's a hivemind for the AI it will be self learning and fixing own calculation mistakes making a mistake only once. Instead of a human that can make the same mistake about as many times till it takes for someone to for example realize he's a drunk douchebag.
There's a reason this egg car is limited to 25mph cause it's still in prototype and testing mode meaning they'll only take 35mph roads.
On the other hand tesla's self driving mechanism functions however it still has some flaws.
I'd say get rid of the steering wheel and pedals in a self driving car this will eliminate prehistoric people like you to mess up a good functioning program... only place a big red emergency button in case there is a flaw.

+J.J. Lasne The clue is in the word prototype. They are not done yet and to prevent scaring people they are leaving them limited at a low speed until the design is more mature. Also, AI doesn't get tired, intoxicated, angry or distracted by its mobile phone unlike even the most diligent of drivers. There are definitely pros to automated cars, but at the current time there are a lot of cons which can hopefully be ironed out soon. Ultimately once automated cars are "finished" I expect insurance companies will try to ban real drivers, as algorithms are a lot more predicable than humans and if all the cars act identically there should be no collisions ever again. Of course I doubt anyone would let this happen as people like driving cars.

Good luck with the project Google.
+Christopher King Lame.. that guy's an idiot for using an autopilot beta where he was told not to.  HE almost killed himself.. and even that is an overdramatized statement since the oncoming car had already passed well before this incident.  But go on... tell us more.    
Google nho a pensado en trasladarse a otro pais a realizar sus pruebas de proyecto.... ya que en mi pais ECUADOR la velocidad maxima es de 50 KMH..... no cometeria ninguna infraccion......
This is one of the most common reasons to fail road test for driver's license.
Capped at 25MPH? This car is not ugly beyond reason, it also hinders traffic, especially on a busy street like that. And yes, humans do not get pulled over for that very often because they normally drive ABOVE speed limits, not below.
Bill P.
Umm...if this is a photo of the officer actually pulling you over for the "driving too slow" incident, it's deliberate misinformation to imply it was "to learn more about your project" as you do in this blog post.... It was to stop a growing traffic jam you caused. In fact, trying to imply that the stop was" to learn more about your project" is comically misleading and transparent.
You were flagged down because you were slowing traffic, which is illegal. It's probably why others are annoyed with that car as well. Set the speed cap at the speed limit or keep that car off real streets
+James Mason That's usually a much easier problem to solve-- but it's also more dangerous due to the high speeds and/or heavy unpredictable traffic often involved. An army of only self-driving cars though could handle it without breaking a sweat-- and people would reach their destinations faster while burning less fuel too.
+Nanof YourBizGoogle You're not correct. The law specifically states 22400.  (a)
"No person shall drive upon a highway at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic unless the reduced speed is necessary for safe operation, because of a grade, or in compliance with law.
"No person shall bring a vehicle to a complete stop upon a highway so as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic unless the stop is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law."

The key words there are "normal and reasonable movement of traffic" and "unless the reduced speed is necessary for safe operation".
+Keith Dee Actually, I think the key phrase is ``in compliance with law.''

And the law is, this car is only allowed to move no faster than 25mph.  And it is allowed to drive on streets with a 35mph limit.
it qualifies a neighborhood low speed vehicle which are allowed to operate in streets of 35 mph and below so going 25 in that zone is still legal under the law of the neighborhood low speed vehicle regulations 
Does the google car recognize Police motorbikes and the gestures to stop at the next possible spot autonoumusly?
Would be interesting how the car decides whether it's a police bike saying to stop or a standard motorcycle acting the same gestures...
these cars do they have a chip to make it go faster   ....  chuckle
This is a four-lane boulevard wth additional right-turn lanes. How does one car going 25 mph in a 35 mph mixed residential/shopping area with many traffic lights and crosswalks impede traffic flow? Furthermore, the posted speed limit should be reduced to 25 mph for everybody in areas where pedestrian and bicycle traffic are present. 35 mph is ridiculously dangerous in this area.
+Mountain View Police Department yup.  i think i found the problem.  "22400. (a) No person shall drive upon a highway at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, unless the reduced speed is necessary for safe operation, because of a grade, or in compliance with law."  Most drivers do this 10 times each day when turning off of a main road.  Also, 'no person' would seem to refer to vehicles driven by people.  And is Camino Real a 'highway'?  Best to just blame it all on Sacto, one assumes.
I'm all for autonomous except that thing is too small and way too damn UGLY! They need to consult with Syd Mead seriously!
The police tried to question the driver. But the car was empty. 😉
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Need a OCR to recognize cops... then when it comes, the concept car increases a litle more speed.... 😊 
The cop did a good job. If he/she had done nothing, people would have criticized him/her the same way. The cop is crucified either way. This is pathetic. The cop did the right thing. There is a minimum and maximum velocity in certain routes, and the rule is there for a good reason. I guess money cannot buy humility. By the way, I am not a cop and I hate when cops are corrupt or dumb, but this is not the case. Anyway, creating an article as ridiculous as this sounds like a marketing tactic to increase awareness of the Google Car project. With the new episode of The Good Wife also addressing this subject, I bet I am right.
+Jake Weisz
Why do you think Google is out there with its cars mapping everything so meticulously?  So that cars can self-drive more easily, of course.
And, imagine if the car was painted black...
I wonder how the rig would do here in NYC. The speed is what the car is used to. The driver enabled taxis tend to ignore it.
is it only running in US right now?
You guys make the the best self driving cars; keep it up!
Response: The authorities could invoke a higher level of control for the cars. Similar to the US's FAA interference acceptance we have now.

Gary: great to see you here! This is what I'm talking about, and hoping to get traction... ;)

The MV police are actually looking at their new fleet. We'll all have these, and they will all go the same speed on 101 or El Camino or the AutoBahn (fahrt gut!), relatively avoiding each other.

Alphabet/Google could pull an Argo (motion picture) to test their cars in a real world sense... ;)

What if the car could automatically repair broken tail lights..? ;)

Owners will have dignity when they pay through the nose for customization, bringing a whole new market of shops doing hardward/software retrofits... ;)

You will be the taxi of the VERY near future....

Great we won't need traffic cops anymore taxi drivers truck drivers any type of driver so we will.destroy the economy even more.. Good luck with this one guys buts its a far stretch from happening. When the hacker makes your driverless car go 100 mph good luck or stops the transmission good luck. Or when the car breaks and you need a 2 million dollar computer to fix it good luck. I could go on and on and on
I do love Google projects just not this one.
+Manny Azcona Pretty much every Google product puts hundreds of businesses out of business. Not just this one, FYI.
Jake Weisz my opinion is small businesses are coming back in a hurry and you will see larger companies closing down stores to balance the sheets. Small business will rebuild this economy once again. 50 years later the big corporate name will swallow it up again. It is a complete cycle. I could go on and on with things in the world. We will always have the basics there not going anywhere. And with these robot cops bring one to bed stuy Brooklyn and let it patrol I will take under and over bets how long it takes the savages to destroy it. It would be fun to watch.
+Mountain View Police Department​ be truthful at least. The officer wanted to see the car. Don't make lame excuses. Wish all cars were as safe as the Google car, there would never be traffic and in fact slower would be faster. 
+Shawn Gray Don't be such a fanboy. The Google car was impeding traffic, which actually makes the roadway far more dangerous. Slow drivers cause accidents.
We should consider bumping the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle speed limit up to 35.
+Bethany Cronin Google cars know the speed limits only because the cloud service stores that information. It doesn't read the signs.

But these cars are not legally permitted to drive above 25 miles per hour as the case may be. They're considered Neighborhood Electric Vehicles. 
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