A few weeks ago, we brought our prototype vehicle to +Thinkery in Austin and entertained lots of fun questions from kids and families. Now, a few of our prototype vehicles—also known by our neighbors as the koala cars, panda balls and many other names—have joined our Lexus vehicles on Austin’s city streets!

We’re excited for this next step and look forward to learning even more as we drive around town with our test drivers on board. If you see us on the road and have any feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out at www.google.com/selfdrivingcar.

And, if you’re an artist in Austin, join Paint the Town: Austin and submit art to be placed on our prototype vehicles! Up to 5 pieces will be selected to go on the cars and all selected artists will also get a ride in one of our self-driving vehicles. Submit your artwork by November 1, 2015 at www.google.com/selfdrivingcar/paint.
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