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Off to filming....
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I'll miss hearing new music from u selena!!
wow yeah ik i think that you should come out with new hit singles
son muy buenas tus canciones :D
Mamacita,follow me please please you the person whom I love most in the world you do not get out of my head
good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope u have fun
i know selenas good looking and has money and power over the people but y do people need to copy her name y?
One of these days u should do a hangout...that would be awesome 
Riwa Ak
LOOOVVVEEEE YYOOOUUUU <3 can't wait 4 it
i mean i like her music too but u dont see me screaming n drowling on her i mean damn so many #1 fans out there XD
Hi girl I know you willl rock that dang film and is it " Wizards of Waverly Place."
A questão que tem certos limites para poder aquenta tanta pressão quando não é um e outro tipo um rodizio de pessoas má influênciadas que pertuba completamente minha mente falando bobagens como um ser vivo suportaria tanto isto,capaz de ouvir e ser tão frio quem fala e que não é pra ele os insuntos entender mulheres falando mal,homens rindo e falando de suas intímidades crianças zuando e por aÊ vai o tempo todo e uma misão impossivel não questão de ter um relacionamento com alguém todos colocam isto como prioridade e sim o fato de voces mesmo si decidir o que fazer e voces mesmo finalizar o jogo sem isto de crianças relacionadas não confio mais na raça humana acho questão de markentig ?
man somanny people love her i do to but im not going to even tell her i know she dont have that much time for us annoying fans
yeah i think shes awsome has a great voice but odds she will even ever go out with someone non famous is pritty slim
Have Fun Selena cant wait and one of the movies ur doin ur playin hannah right thats my name too!:) love u lots xoxoxo
she got a new tattoo? and what r u off to film?
i love u!!!! :) what wud u b filming? ur not in wizards anymore?
what your in a new movie that's cool
Selena I tneho a friend that she likes you very much.
But mostly I like you but what she likes you
I completed year 13 March 12 anos.Bjs Faso amoo you really like her
Selena will be that you can add min on msn or if u have orkut?
I love you selena I'm your fan of school but they like you
Selena, you are the best!!! I LOVE YOU! Your songs are like AWESOME! Keep it up! :)
Selena you be there? If you are please can speak with migo?
Right now I am listening to your music
u guys are all weird except the star
Hey selena already talked to you? Jose Gusman?
hi selena my name is ellie smith and go wizards of waverly place u r so cool and i toats admire you
lol ellie xx
Hi Selena,
I am grace smith and I love you,
What r u going to film,
I love wizards of waverly place!

Selena my name is eduardo and I have 11 years to 12 years in the month
comes in on March 13 I love to love you
ke muu bien yo tambien la kieroo si no tuviera esta fot de perfil sabeees
me encanta SELENA GOMEZ!!!! i love you
can't wait for something else fabulous from the awesome selena <3
hi selena you super man in my opinion a great girl with a Throw to Justin I am your faninka mcc mcc pa
hey dont be assholes about it i dont realy like JB much either hes an ok singer but u dont hear me talk crap
I doubt it. ur probably not even the real selena gomez.
What are you filming????
P.S. I love you!!!
Did anyone else click this to see if there was any good trolling about this lesbian couple?
Have fun Selena and as he/she said which movie
prove that she's the real one christiana gilyard..............I dare you.
Well I will comment her and ask her if she wanna hang out also ill ask her if she has an account when i see her at the award show julia!
yay! Cant wait for "Spring Breakers" to come out! #hyped #springbreakers #HAPPY
Shut Up Julia Because I Will Be seeing her at the awards show so u need 2 get a lyfe and shut up julia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U Know wat i dont have time for u u white grl. all u do is talk ur trash so wat u need 2 do is get a lyfe . and u dont tell me wat 2 do white grl so shut up and go live in a box!
She Waz the one starting with me and im not critizing white people i was just talking 2 her
i love you selena your so pretty is your hair naturally curly or straight???you look better with both though...
U KNOW WAT JULIA........................... GO LIVE IN A BOX!!!!!!!!! AND MAKE URSELF LOOK STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love your outfits and your boyfriend!
i believe this is the real 1 cuz she has the verification check so poop u :P
lol il make her a tree house so she will get out of that dumb ass box XD
u should see the garbage can we have its huge lol!
-_- I wanna smack you for hanging out with lesbian bieber.
id even have room in the garbage can for a couch and a flat screen tv hahahahah!
so julia want me to make u a tree house or no?
cuz ill put all the latest improvements in the tree house for u and its even off the ground lol lol olololololo
yah I do and I look beautiful. that's a fact
whooa now there fighing over who looks better llol
who r u talking to do you know my to call me a freak
hey gwyneth what part of maine are u from
Don't make my parents a part of this. how would you feel if i said something about ur parents mmmmmmhhhhhmmmm
ill go look at your profile pics n see who looks better brb
i bet thats always fun oh and your song hit the lights i mean really why do you need to cuss on a childs role model?

Overall rating
you dont no if you live in south portland?
well christiana aint changened her pic in tree years so julia wins lol
hey noble how did you talk to christiana?
Noble I Got pic of me u just have to go in my gmail but unfourtanuly i am the only one who can go in my gmail but i can describe myself to u if u want
what i meant was in her song hit the lights she cussed so i said you r a rolemodel rnt u and i was talkin bout Selena DUH

Overall rating
no? and i think this is the real selena but a lot of ppl r copying her if any of u ladies are intrested
cool i love your remix from your song HIT THE LIGHTS
its ok natalie dont take it personal shes an ass to every one
HAHAHAHA like everybody that has one of these is 18
hey and noble would u stop swaring cause it aint cool + sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me
Hey selena, im one of your biggest fans, but just one question. I am getting my ears pierced (maybe) and i just want your opinion if it hurts or not. i you get this please plzzzzzz respond on my wall. thank you sooooo much.
hey kelly I dont no who u r but rite now i think of you as an old witch who cant pick one side. Hey and noble I again dont no who you are but i think of u as someone who cant shut their dirty little rotten mouth.
that right Clare ,julia is chatting aload of balls
nobel i sent u something but i g2g bye yall and i got u as friends in my gmail nobel. bye yall

I love you Selena Gomez and I want to become friends Please,
With very much love Adi Silver
hey maggie mind ur own business and if u think that me asking people to get a life is bad then u should read from the beggining what she said about me!!!!!........first christiana now u, god more drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oooooooo funnn!! i love you selena ur pretty, a great siinger and actress!! <33
Helen D
Cool! Good luck Selena!
Good luck we know you are going to do awesome!
Hey kelly im not ur friend because i dont like friends that are stupid fat and ugly and people who go behind my back...........if you start crying like natiley, then just remember that u asked me why im not friends with u.
Selena do you have a gmail account if you do can you tell me please and I am your biggest fan I <3 the song who says!
hey maggie i just read wat u said about us fighting over who was prettier and i wasnt, she asked if i ever looked in the mirror
I am ur biggest fan !!!!! Can i have ur email or cell number ?
Notice she didn't actually say "acting". That's respectful.
hey maggie pove that i critized natiley and christiana critized me. ah why does everyone have to get into this......yah im talking about u maggie
i really love your acting!
wait you can add her to your circle
your so hot you should have married me. hey are you married to justin beber
filming for what???? and is wizards of waverly place over or what?
What are you filming? Good luck!
XOXO...Loren Davis
i love your song Hit the lights I love you like a love song baby
HI Selena! What are you filming? I hope you have fun! Good luck!
P.S...If you need a nail job...Visit my page!
Have fun filming Spring Breakers! :]
I think thats what you r filming
Hey selena your awesome!!! I love you! You're so cool and you're my role model!
you are the best singer in america i love your music i am your number one fan friend me pleas i am julia eramo!
that's cool. you must have a plast acting and stuff. you are so talented!!!
how's little Baylor ? she's so adorable !! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Good luck Selena!!!! You rock!! <3 you!!!! =D
ever run into that weird ass dude that's in love with you from TOSH.0?
I <3 you Selena Gomez you are meh favorite :)
Selena i love the song hit the lights! you are a good song writer!!
My 2 and 10 yr. old daughters loves you!!
hi Selena Gomez whaz up may you plaese thell me your email i love you so much your so pretty and good at singing.
what is you filming on is it a new song?or is it a new show?
wow so kool my brother absolutly loves you hes 6
she is not going to answer any of yall back, get over it!
jk, i dont know, but dont keep ur hopes up
i am your best fan ever remeber me from the concert along time ago lets see if u can remember me
I truly luv u!!!! Get away from justin Beaver. He not 4 u. I am if u knew me

hey im your bigest fan selena gomez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omgomg omg omg omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
you are amazing!!i went to one of your concerts in 2010!!!
What movie are you filming for? Just wondering....
I am like your biggest fan i love your song who says
I just want to say. Pls don't end up like Miley Cyrus. A lot of ppl look up to ur and if u fall thy will b do disappointed. I know a lot of ppl that r crazy about ya so pls try to stay true to urself.

have fun filming hun you are an inspiration. loads of people say famous people have it easy but blimey i don't think you have it as easy as they think because you are always somewhere doing something. i think loads of people love you because you are so down to earth and haven't changed for anyone so thank you for that love xx
selena u do enough for us trust me i know u feel like u dont do enough but u do <3 u selena gomez
yaa... dont really get that but she is awesome
i love your songs thank you for inspiring so many people.
Happy B- Day Selena! 20! Awesome! Have fun filming!
very sexy girlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
:):) break a leg:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) 
Hey Selena Im 1st Fan Of You! OMG IM 500th!!!!!!!!!!! :D Please Selena Add me! :s
hi selena i am your huge fan
your looking so beautiful
lol i got the 500th comment :) i love selena!
Final comment...... YOU ROCK SG WE LUV U!
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your an amazing artist in music I wish I can meet you
i love you selena i wish i could meet you!!
Hi Selena I'm a big fan. We'll I was wondering if you could give me your autograph also please add me to your circle.
hi Selena  i' m your biggest fan your awesome
hey selena gomez! can u plz add me to ur circle and can u also give me a autograph too?!
that will be great and ur just so AWESOME AND COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love always gurneet ur #1 biggest fan ever since 2 years old
Oh my gosh I really hope you read this because I am such a fan I have posters,CDs, I love wizards of waverly place and Monte Carlo. I can't even put into words how big of a fan I am LOVE YOU
Hi and I'm a hugeeeeeee fan of selena