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Selena Delesie
Leadership Coach, Professional Speaker and Soul Igniter
Leadership Coach, Professional Speaker and Soul Igniter


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My keynote for 500 people on Thursday at Agile Testing Days in Germany went amazing! I was vulnerable and shared deep from personal and work experiences. Attendees were sharing throughout. Huge love from people in person and on Twitter. I'm feeling humbled and so appreciative for the experience, connections, and people reaching out.

Slides online: - much more in video when available

Search Twitter for #agiletd and @selenadelesie to see dozens of highlights.
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This is powerful.

This article explains one aspect of my personal journey quite clearly. I am grateful to be primarily on the other side of the many traumatic and deep wounds I've carried... now it's mostly little onion layers peeling back. <3

Do you resonate with this? How are you navigating your way forward?

I know in my heart and spirit that my parents did the very best they could given their own skills and awareness at that time. As did yours. And our grandparents. And so on...

Unhealed trauma unintentionally passes along trauma.

The only way to stop the cycle is to heal ourselves. It is so important to unravel the ties that bind us so we can be authentically clear and aligned (and powerful) as we walk in the world.

This has become part of the deep, nurturing, and healing support I offer with my clients too!

Speaking of, my next live group program includes helping you heal through this particular struggle to step fully into your next level of peace, love and leadership. It's a premium program offered at an incredible 92% savings until November 10th.

Why? ... Spirit asked me to gift this powerful transformation into the world for my upcoming birthday, so I answered the call, and made it even better:

I've walked this path personally, so I know how important it is for you to be held safely as you heal these types of blocks, limits, traumas, and pain.

I will lovingly hold you while guiding you forwards into a lighter and brighter version of yourself.

A woman who feels safe, whole, loved, and worthy. Who has more impact and influence at work, at home, and your community. Who clearly hears your wise intuitive spirit call you forward and faithfully takes action with ease and joy.

If you've read this far, your heart and spirit is calling you. Please answer the call and join us. It will be my immense honour to support you at this time.

Register today:


Selena <3
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Please share with the women in your life. 🙏

A client said to me last week, "Every woman needs to do this. It's life changing."

This woman has experienced much more impact and success at work, coaching technical teams. She's connecting to their hearts which is allowing for more positive powerful changes for the people she works with (and faster, too).

Another client has seen her marriage improve dramatically as she focused on bringing herself into inner alignment.

One woman lost 15 pounds in a month, because she finally felt worthy of the health she desired.

Another client saw her salary as a consultant nearly double in 6 weeks working together.

In another case, a woman is finally able to walk through her days feeling safe and whole after decades of overwhelming anxiety and PTSD symptoms caused by emotional and sexual trauma early in her life.

If you're ready to release unworthiness, not-good-enough, I'm too busy, not feeling respected, feeling ashamed, or more...

Please join us! I’m offering something very special for my upcoming birthday...

A once-in-a-lifetime AFFORDABLE powerful transformation for women who are ready to claim their whole selves, have big visions, and know they are here to influence and inspire beautiful changes in the world around them.

This is my birthday gift to you! To help you be powerfully in your centre so you can be a beacon of healing at work, at home, and in your community. There’s a lot of crazy in the world today, it needs YOU to step in to support the shift.

It's an incredible life-changing 6 weeks at a 92% savings! The deadline is November 10th.

Learn more and register to claim your spot in this program today Act fast, as space is limited so I can powerfully support you, and registration firmly closes November 10th.

Blessings and joy to you on your journey,

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For my upcoming birthday I'm giving women an incredible gift to finish 2017 with a bang!
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Join me Nov 13 in Germany! Learn the Alchemy of Leadership, because Metrics Don’t Matter. #AgileTD
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Release expectation.
Let go of the pain, shame, and hurt.
Allow the old to die out, so the new can be born.

You are enough.

Be a victim.
Or be a creator.
Make a choice.

Hear the call.
Answer it.
Wake up.

Your new life begins.


[Ladies, have you had enough? Ready to leap forward? My next exclusive women's leadership mastermind is filling up, PM me to learn more and join a rapid rebirth to expand your influence as a leader, beautifully.]

(Selena Delesie, 2017)
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Ladies who are Leaders... You are not being heard or equally respected.

You have REAL solutions to REAL problems in your company or organization, and yet... you are not as influential as you know you are here to be.

You have a BIG HEART, but no matter what you do, no matter how far you've made it in your domain (manager, director, VP, C-Level?) you feel like you've lost a part of yourself (the part of you who matters most) to have the impact you have now.

It's not enough.

You are here to do more.

Be more.

Help more.

Heal more.

I've been there too. Many times. And I've learned...

How to gain an equal voice at the table.

How to receive equal pay with my MALE peers.

How to obtain equal pay and bonuses for my staff (despite being viewed as 'less than').

The beauty is that the answer really has been inside of you all along... you already know exactly what to do to gain the results and impact you desire and know you are here to do.




The Dalai Lama has said "the world will be saved by the western woman".

I believe him... and I'll soon tell you why. And by the way, you can live in India or anywhere else in the world... you are part of the woman he's speaking about. 😉
Ladies, it's time to rise up! It's time to leap!

Leap into your intuitive wisdom. Leap into your feminine gifts in balance with the masculine actions that have gotten you to where you are now.

Here's the not-so-secret, secret...:

To leap ahead in your title, impact, and even respect... you must FULLY OWN that you are a woman AND fully honour the masculine within you.

Tip too far in either direction, and frankly, you're screwed. Trust me, I know!

Honour yourself and your biggest strengths as a LEADER, as an empowered WOMAN who leads her teams (and even organization) to awesomeness.

I honour and see you in all your glory. Full heart. Full soul. Full spectrum of logic and intuition. Keep on being the bad-ass awakened soul you are here to be. ❤️

Want some support?

My biggest asset is helping leading ladies claim their true centred power and leading with both heart and Impact in their chosen space.

My next mastermind to rocket kick-ass women leaders into their next level of impact begins in 2 weeks.

I fully support you to leap into your fullest self-expression and influence as a leader ever.

I'm on a mission to shift the world into LOVE first for ALL.

It's time YOU step into that kick-ass woman who levels up herself, her work, and her company / organization. The world needs you NOW.

Contact me ASAP. I'm so excited to change the world with you! Let's do it, sisters!!! ❤️🙏💫
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