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...singing in the dead of night!!!!!!!
Lockheed SR71 Blackbird..........the coolest looking plane (almost spaceship) ever to fly!!
Joel G
Absolutely amazing machine!
Hard to believe it was designed and built with little to no computer help.
I call it the terrorist disenegrater
Joel G
And it only took pictures, didn't carry any weapons.
Well then, duck tape some bombs to it and....KAMIKAZE!!!
Fifty years ago…how cool,how cool.I like USA.
I'd heard some of the pilots wanted to let em fly it over Bagdad during Desert Storm and let the sonic boom do it's thing...shock and awe! :)
the  UFO,s  make's that look like mickey mouse toy...
@ Wilson R, so did they fly over Russia then, for surveillance, and wasn't one plane shot down, and the pilot (Powers?) interrogated ?
So, the 'Blackbirds' were never shot down ?
Why discontinue something that's that good ?
Its not true this is edit its not shot down beacause is not true
A marvel aircraft indeed. It's engines are designed both to fly in sub-sonic (< Mach 1) and supersonic (> Mach 1) mode. It's unique engines are one of a kind int hat the forward nose part travels in/out depending on whether it's travelling at sub-sonic/supersonic speeds..

Well, I believe they're retired since their operational and maintenance costs were very high. But damn good piece of human ingenuity and design..
L'avion le plus rapide au monde (mach 3..35) et au plafond le plus élevé (33.000m) conçu par Lookhead pour espionner la Russie à l'intérieur de son territoire, les russes ont répliqué par l'intermédiaire du Mig-25 mais celui n'a jamais pu rivaliser  avec le sr-71 et ses stratoréacteurs Pratt & Witney J-58.
En résumé un avion qui fait partie de la légende aéronautique.
Wow, a garage door opener sent the pilot of the Raptor 'blind', far out !
@ Laurent J, sorry, but my 'silly' smartphone cannot translate French yet, but I think I get the gist of what you were trying to say, thanks !
Ok jurgen you rocks, i speak english as a spanish cow :p
It looks like the J-58 was like a two part engine. At low speeds was a turbo and at high speeds moved into ramjet mode. From what I read it seemed that the faster it went the better it ran and if combined with modern tech would have been capable of even far greater speeds.
IS it a bird    plane    or    superman
nice one Wilson
SR71 to be exact?
Wilson ,How about telling DADDY 3.3 million dollar kite!!!!
WILSON,  A 1964,3.3 BABY is now 2013,24.8 million dollar DADDY kite.welcome to "PRESENT" times.Tell daddy you want one of THIS as christmas "PRESENT"
That Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird looks amazing. Especially since it's one of the oldest, but effective aerial vehicles.
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