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Living outside of my comfort zones
Living outside of my comfort zones

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Check out what you missed last time.  If you're in business, you need to attend!



Oakland Finish Up is a new event that brings together industry experts and small business owners for a weekend to help entrepreneurs with their business questions.

You will received:

• Access to 1 on 1 advice
• Expert Help on your business
• Breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday
• Snacks throughout the day
• Exposure to new ideas and processes
• Opening and closing party
• Endless opportunities to network with fellow attendees

Do you need to: 

• Clean up your legal contracts,  
• Tune up your Marketing Plan, 
• Develop your social media strategy 
• Supercharge your sales strategy, 
• Kickstart your crowdfunding campaign, 
• Fire up your non-profit's Business plan, or
• Write the final chapter of your bestseller?

For 48 hours you will have full access to mentors that are:

• CTOs,
• marketing strategists,
• designers,
• lawyers,
• marketers,
• brand developers, etc

whose advice comes from experience in getting businesses off the ground.

Here's what past attendees had to say:

 "I was amazed at how many people arrived early on Sunday ready to go. How focused people were to get the most out of the mentors and progress forward."

"It's amazing what can get done in 30 minutes with someone who was a total stranger before then. I feel I got as much out of it for my business as the attendees did for theirs."

"The event self-organized with an amazing amount of ease on day one."

"Terrific event. Well organized, wonderful interactions solid business ideas and solutions. Great venue and food."

"It was an amazing experience! I met a lot of wonderful people, get some useful connections both from participants and fellow mentors."

This conference will be held at the newly renovated Kaiser Center in The Port Workspaces, a co-working facility.

Get more information about Oakland Finish Up at

 Sponsored by

The Port Workspaces


No refunds or exchanges allowed. All sales final.

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Describing Oakland Finish Up Weekend

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Hard at work on "Pamodzi" with editing, cutting, splicing, writing, rewriting, dancing and--of course--being inspired.
On Friday January 30th, meet the inspiring co-founders of ShopZed.
Be inspired by #StrongAfricanWomen  

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Trying something new with triggering emotional states.  What's your favourite/goto empowerment song by a female artist?

Mine is "Soar" by +Christina Aguilera

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Find out why Africa absolutely needs more women entrepreneurs.
"African women are strong" -- from "Pamodzi" -- the first episode of the upcoming Twishibane podcast on January 30th

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Learning to be a storyteller.  Inspired by #Sherlock (#SherlockBBC), #dataviz and of course .  Here's Part 1 of learning to face a fear.  This is #SherlockedLive:
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