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Yash Garg
I Would Love To Change The World , But They Won't Give Me The Source Code !!!
I Would Love To Change The World , But They Won't Give Me The Source Code !!!


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I can't believe this shit guys!!! Google is definitely fucking up! This is going to be my last Google phone! I just can't deal with this shit anymore! I should of bought a OnePlus or maybe the Poco phone!

I found this huge flaw on my Pixel 3XL and I just don't know what to say, I really don't!!

+Techaeris +Jeff McIntire please spread the news!!!
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Website under construction :")

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V2.6 update for STRIPES KWGT is here!! 2 updates in 2 weeks!

I am planning for atleast bi-weekly updates (weekly if possible) from now on!
All new widgets support global colours for easy colour changing!

What's new:
ā€¢ 6 new widgets!
ā€¢ A new music widget!
ā€¢ A new dock widget!

185 total widgets now!
19 lockscreens!

Get it here:

Hishoot template by +Ajay Dhev

Don't forget the tomorrows giveaway on twitter and instagram!
Follow me @yashmanjrekar8
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Victory & AOSPUI Black giveaway

5 codes for Victory and 5 codes for AOSPUI Black will be shared for the winners on 27/06/2018.

How to partecipate?
- Follow me and follow +Piereligio Di Sante on G+
- Leave a comment on this post
- Share this post

Unable to leave a comment?
Join Substratum Development community!

Good luck!

Download Victory:
Download AOSPUI Black:
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Hello Everyone ,

I am hosting a homescreen giveaway for Victory Light Substratum Theme -

We will select 5 best homescreens ! You guys just need to do two simple steps :

1. Follow Me and on G+ !
2. Share your homescreen (use screener) with #VictoryGiveaway Tag (without the tag that entry won't be considered) !

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Giving away 50 codes of INFINITE S8 ICON PACK.

ā€¢ +1 and Comment on this post
ā€¢ Share this post

and contact me on hangout for a code. For First 50 Users.
(Hangout email :

Offer valid for next 12 hours.

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Gradfire KWGT Giveaway

In collaboration with +Edzon DM we are giving away 30 promo codes for this beautiful KWGT widget pack called Gradfire which is a beautiful collection of gradient style widgets and It is also available for Zooper.

Rules :-
šŸ‘‰ Follow +Edzon DM
šŸ‘‰ Reshare this post with #GradfireKWGT
šŸ‘‰ Join his community for more awesome stuff like this :-
šŸ‘‰ Comment down here.

If you can't wait, please buy this widget pack from the link below :-

Have a look at Edzon's developer page, it contains awesome icons & widget packs :-

Note :- Winners will be announced on next Friday, Till then keep Re-Sharing. and please follow all the rules written above, will be checked for sure before making a final list of winners.
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