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So much this. Another tremendously useful set of additions to this already amazing app. Cheers +Carlo Di Nuccio
I've just published a new release of Tiles. This is so far the release I am most happy with: I've worked a lot on performances and stability as well as on animations, transitions, colors, usability....

There are also few new tiles:
- Alarm: view/add.
- Animations: to set system wide animator, transition and window scale value.
- Files: to open the built-in device storage explorer, hidden into the android system settings storage layout.
- SleepTime: to quickly get a snapshot of your device sleep state with battery and plugged state details.
- SettingsShortcut: to access some (imho) hard-to-be-found useful Android system settings.

Even more:
- Add option to enable/disable reveal animations.
- Add option to enable/disable drawable animations.
- Add Slovakian localisation (thanks to +ja som).
- New application icon (thanks to +Rawad Semaan).
- Shrunk app size down to 1.726.553 bytes.

Thanks a lot to +Sebastiano Gottardo for his precious support and endless patience tolerating my stalking telegram messages!

Again a big thanks to the awesome translations team: +Rodrigo Souza for pt-rBR.
+Rafael Freitas for pt-rPT.
+Paul Brouwer for nl.
+ja som for sk-rSK.
and an anonymous for German!

Once you get the update, if you care, please come back here and drop a line telling me what you think of this release, thanks.

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Well deserved! I'm pushing +Carlo Di Nuccio to add more tiles for developers. Being able to access developer options directly from the quick tiles drawer is really handy.

Got any suggestions?
Tiles made it to the Android Police roundup of the 23 new and notable Android apps and live wallpapers from the last 2 weeks (10/3/16 - 10/17/16)!

Thank you +Android Police, +Artem Russakovskii, +Michael Crider

"Android 7.0 allows apps to put a new shortcut in the Quick Settings menu (up in the notification bar). We've seen a few apps that have existed just to put a handy new tile in there, but this app is probably the most extensive yet. It features dozens of shortcuts and links to some of the most-used tools (that aren't already available by default). Some of the cooler ones, like the power button, require root for full functionality."

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Firebase Analytics VS Google Analytics

My new post is out! If you want to know more between these two analytics tools and, most importantly, which one you should go for, be sure to read it!

#android #gde #article

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It's worth trying, regardless of Pokémon GO 

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I just published "Firebase Crash Reporting VS Crashlytics" on Medium!

Thanks to +Matteo Bonifazi +Ivan Morgillo +Sebastiano Poggi

#gde #android #blogpost

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Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Unlimited full size backup + upcoming HDR+/RAW simultaneous shot.

I'm asking for nothing more than this.

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Slides for my talk "To ∞ (~65K) and beyond!" are up!

#droidconIT #gde #android #community #androiddev 

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Glad to be back to #droidconIT as a speaker! And the lineup looks great, too.

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And then you read the Instant Run documentation, only to find what follows:

* Known Issues Using Instant Run *
Increases in App Methods
Instant Run adds some methods–140 plus three times the number of classes in your app and its local dependencies. If the app was previously just below the dex limit, enabling Instant Run may push your app over the dex limit.

and I'm all like..
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