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A few months ago, I brought to light the insane state of today's advertising and the evil that is VPAID ads

These ads destroy performance, leech bandwidth by 10s of megabytes, and are served by major ad networks, including Google's own AdX and AdSense.

Today, these VPAID ads are as popular as ever - and that is just disgusting. They're the real cancer of the advertising industry.

To showcase just how evil they still are, I took a single AdX ad tag and put it on an otherwise empty page. A static image ad loads, but it's secretly a VPAID one. It then randomly switches to a video, then back to a static image, then back again - it's like a never-ending self-reloading cascade of garbage.


Right now after several minutes of just leaving this one single ad open, I'm at 53MB downloaded and 5559 requests. By the time I finished typing this, I was at 6140 requests. A single ad did this. Without reloading the page, just leaving it open.

A single VPAID ad absolutely demolishes site performance on mobile and desktop, and we, the publishers, get the full blame from our readers. And when multiple VPAID ads end up getting served on the same page... you get the idea.

Google and other ad networks, why are you allowing this kind of garbage to continue flowing through your pipes? Don't you see how much damage it's doing to the whole advertising business as people are practically forced to install ad blockers?

If you don't like to be taken advantage of, tell Google. Tweet at them, send them emails, let them know via any means you can that it is not OK to allow our browsers to be hijacked in this manner.

Thank you.

Edit: AdSense actually lets publishers disable VPAID here AdX does not - I reached out to them, but so far I got an unhelpful response about disabling everything that says "video" in the OptIn tab (doing so did nothing to filter out VPAID). sovrn is another network I actually dropped entirely because of VPAID. Most ad networks don't give you any control over things like that, so at least kudos to AdSense for adding that toggle. Getting rid of VPAID and similar pest ads altogether though - that's a world I'd want to live in.
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Sebastian Sastre

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Here's a good introduction to the Smalltalk debugger, probably the most powerful tool in the Smalltalk development environment.
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Sebastian Sastre

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At 6pm PST we're releasing the Mixed Mode version of Famous which includes DOM, WebGL,  a new 3D physics engine plus front end containers backed by cloud services. We want to give developers around the world a chance to do a code walk through with our engineers. Join this google hangout to talk about Mixed Mode, see some demos and ask questions. #MixedMode
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Famous. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Famous Mixed Mode Developer Preview
Thu, May 21, 2015, 9:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Sebastian Sastre

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Answer this 2 questions poll and help us to understand better how you use Amber
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Sebastian Sastre

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App, main and other controller accessors
Some thoughts on flow's common practices in the front-end
#Smalltalk   #JavaScript   #programming  #MVC #MVP 
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Sebastian Sastre

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We covered a lot!
An hour and a half long exchange on #LeanStartup  with +Sebastian Sastre that actually covers a lot of ground.
Philippe Back Interviews Sebastian Sastre On Lean Startup
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