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Can anyone tell me if a disavow.txt file with entries "http://"


is OK/not OK?

I know that Google suggest to use entries without "http://" - but how does it look like in praxis?
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Yes, I know. I am just curious if using "http://" can make impossible to lift a filtr.
OK - I will write a RR and will see.
The sad part is that Google doesn't send any notification when you use this tool. And you don't know when Google is really disavowing those links. I've used it once for negative SEO, for about 100 LRDs. I think it worked great. I saw some improvements in organic traffic. 

I don't recommend you to use it, unless you are really sure that those links harm you.
+Daniel Ene they are bad - a person signed a contract with a SEO firm which started to buy links. After 4 weeks they got a notification in WMT about unnatural links pointing to a site.
That's bad... have you tried to remove manually those links by contacting webmasters.
+Daniel Ene These links are coming from "polish systems" - there is no possibility of contacting with their webmasters.
I will advice them to cancel "http://" and try again - I think that "http://" can be a problem - Google suggest to use - there is no signal that using "http://" is allowed.
I do not use http, not sure if would work with it but probably not.  It's easy to remove though... just do a find and replace in word or excel...

Find: domain:http://
Replace: domain:
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