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Ok, here it is. The first public beta of #CheapCast . I decided to put this up for free since I believe it could potentially useful to a whole lot of people. If you like it and it works for you, feel free to just use one of the Donation options within the App.

I will also make the Source Code available in the near future (I'm still cleaning it a bit up). Just watch this space:
I hope to further improve the App and welcome anybody who wants to contribute.

In my first PoC-Video I've showed CheapCast with YouTube, I've just uploaded another video showing Google Music streaming to a Nexus 7 running CheaCast: CheapCast - First Alpha, Showcasing Google Music

As this is the first public Beta please expect things to fail. I appreciate your feedback. Please log your issues/bugreports here:

Hope you enjoy it.

UPDATE: Apparently it also works on the infamous Nexus Q: See

(Let's hope Google doesn't get mad. I still want to work there someday :D)
CheapCast is an app that aims to emulate the ChromeCast Dongle. It allows y...
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* Install App
* Setup Friendly Name (ie. Name your ChromeCast)
* Start the Service (top right, you can't miss it)
* Start a Chromecast-enabled app on any other Device and start casting to your device running CheapCast
Cool! BTW, you have the About screen for "GDG Frisbee" in your screenshots; either a bug in your app, or a bug in your screenshots :)
This app is awesome! Works wonderfully with my Xoom and its speaker dock.
+Sebastian Mauer Any chance you could get this running on Google TV devices? Play Store says it's incompatible with my Revue and my Sony Internet Player.
+Pat Capello an update which enables GoogleTV compatability should be already in the Play Store Queue. Be aware, that I've never tested #CheapCast  on a Google TV so far.
+Sebastian Mauer Oh, the Play Store still says that the app isn't compatible with my Google TV devices.
Thank you for this! Can't wait to test it out
So awesome. Works great on my android stick. 
+Sebastian Mauer Now it's showing as compatible with my Google TV devices. I'll let you know how it goes.
Oh man.. You are awesome. Hope to see more features added soon.
+Sebastian Mauer The app loads on my Sony Internet Player with Google TV but crashes when I try to start the service.
+Sebastian Mauer brilliant man! I've just installed it on my android tv stick (mk808b) and flung some YouTube and play music to it. I don't have other play services in my country, otherwise I would have tried that too. Netflix app does not appear to detect the cheap cast as I cannot find the cast icon in the app. Is this normal?
Besides YouTube and Google play, are there any other apps compatible with Google cast that I can try. Netflix doesn't work with cheap cast as far as I can tell.
Loads on Vizio co-star but nothing see's it.
+Koushik Dutta I think you can release your apps to the world now, as they would work on the cheap-cast :)
You are the best! My HDMI dongle loves this app :-) You deserve your Donation!
It doesn't work with my stick (MBX smartkey tv M1): I can install it and run service, but Cheapcast crashes when I try to cast Youtube or Play Music from my S3 to the stick.
Would you be willing to post an APK link?  I'd like to install this on my Nook and my Ouya.
I can't start playing videos on 3 of my devices. 1 Crash, and for 2 devices it won't start to play. I'm wondering if it's because of a timeout. My connection to YouTube does not really allow anything above 360p to be played reliably, so if CheapCast tries to play 1080p videos, it have to buffer for a while.
White font color in the title page indicator tabs, while they have a gray background? 
Thanks, it works perfectly fine between my S4 and Transformer Prime. When I try to push Youtube videos from Chrome with the Google Cast extension it doesn't work, but I've to spend more time with testing. Maybe it's just my network. 
Sounds great! Will try it on my XOOM tonight... Having a projector and a separate sound system without HDMI means I'd have to buy an expensive device to split out the audio if I go the chromecast route.
+Zain Ajam it can't work with Netflix because that needs Microsofts PlayReady DRM and there's no open source version of that. The Chromecast dongle comes with that installed. 
It's an Opt-Out, so unchecked means it sends usage data. The text should also change when you check/uncheck that option.
+Sebastian Mauer ok. The changing text confused me. I think it would be more clear if the text doesn't change and the option is checked by default... 
+Sebastian Mauer Oh ok, I was also confused and thought I was opting in to send anonymous usage data. 
Hmm...putting it on my list to revise the wording of the Analytics option. Since it also collects any errors it is quite viable to further development.
Heads up: 0.2 is on it's way to the Play Store. Should fix a few problems with devices running versions <4.0. Also there is now support for developers to test their custom ChromeCast Apps.
Is it possible to get video from chrome browser on a PC? I tested but could not manage to get it working.
For those of you wondering if it works on the OUYA, the app loads but I can't get it to be recognized, so it looks like it doesn't so far.
Holy crap, it supports my google tv. Thank you for this!
+Sebastian Mauer Youtube works perfect but Im having problems with Play Music. Most of the time the music doesn't play and when it does the minutes are not correctly displayed on my phone and it stops responding to the pause button. Thank you very much tho. I will donate for sure once it's finished.
Yup, tried it with my OUYA, both on with and over Ethernet, and just like +Scott White said, it's not being seen as a target for Chromecast. Works perfectly on my 2013 Nexus 7 though.
hmmm seems to error out when trying to download on my Nexus 10 (4.3)
The Play Music app works with my Vizio Co-Star. The YouTube app puts up the Ready to watch screen but the video jumps right to the end of the video back the the ready to watch screen.
+Sebastian Mauer, the fact that you made it compatible for the Nexus Q straight from the Play Store makes you okay in my book.  I'll try it when I get home and report.
You rock! I started writing a Cast server in Node. But seeing as I have two HDMI android sticks laying around... This is of more use lol
Not working on arm v6 device, wanted to use an old smartphone as a usb stick for tv
awesome! brilliant! as someone who uses their android device as a second screen this is the kind of  thing i've been looking for
Hey +Sebastian Mauer

Works great for built in apps, but I couldn't get it to list my Android as a receiver for my custom app, which is working fine on my actual Chromecast.

Any tricks besides checking the development box?
+Sebastian Mauer I'm loving it, but it needs a way to go back to the player after you leave it. I assume ChromeCast devices don't have a home button, but Android devices with Cheapcast do; and if you press home there's no way to go back to the player.

Maybe the main screen can have a "Player" button that opens the "Ready to play" screen if nothing's playing, or opens the player if something is?

Also, maybe clicking the notification could also take you to the player?
Another question; let's suppose I add several YouTube videos to the queue, using my Nexus 7 as a player and my Nexus 4 as a remote. If I open YouTube on my old Nexus S, should I be able to see that queue and add new videos to it? Is that how ChromeCast works?
Just another comment; when I try to send a file to CheapCast when the screen is off, it turns on the screen (as if it was trying to play it) but instead shows the lockscreen.

Would it be possible to bypass the lockscreen?
That's brilliant. How about the "going back to the player after you leave" part? Is that on the roadmap too?

Nice work here. I'm more excited about this app than anyone should be about a piece of software.
Sebastian Mauer GROSO, BRILLANTE, IDOLO... con todas las letras!!!
Anyone got it to work on their Logitech Revue? It installs ok and services starts fine, but doesn't get picked up as a target by any of my apps.
FYI: There seem to be an issue with CheapCast and video autoplay in the YouTube app. I already started working on a fix, so stay tuned. A workaround would be to connect to CheapCast when you have already selected a Video in the YT App.
+David Prieto a little work around for the lock screen in case you are charging is Daydream.

If your device is daydreaming it will jump straight into YT or Play Music as soon as you start casting..
Looks like Google may have shut off the servers for the nexus q app today. Anyone else with issues. I can't log into the q I received today or the app on my 2013 nexus 7 tonight. I you want to help keep the q alive I will pay you and so will others if you can help us with a work round if this is the case. Donated to you the other day and will again if you can keep my 3 Q's alive and working for music,

+Sebastian Mauer Is aircast support on your todo list? none of my phones, tablets, googletv can send videos to cheapcast.
I'm having problems with youtube playback on a tablet xperia sony z. Did someone has solved this problem?
Hello Sebastian. I have just downloaded your application on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note 8" GT-N5110, no root) but I don't know to use it.
I don't very well speak english (I'm french) and I don't manage to find an write explanation which how tells me to use it.

If you could say it to me a little more it would be nice :).
If any case your idea it is it and I wish you to manage to put on it.
Thank you for it in advance (and jury if it walking step I shall encourage you financially).
+Blanc du Collet Isabelle Ça marche comme si: Une fois que l'app est demarré il faut appuyer sur "start service" lorsque c'etait fait vous allez voire le message "service started". Puis on peut utilizer une deuxieme appareil Android pourtant que c'etait connecté au même réseau wifi pour telecomander le premier. Au moment ça marche avec les apps youtube et playmusic. Au coin supérieur droit de l'écran vous verrez une troisième symbole qui vous invitera à choisir à quel apparail vous souhaitez propager le contenu. Voilá, c'est tous!
Bonsoir Daniel. Alors il faut que je la mette aussi sur un second appareil.
Ça ne marche pas sur la télé ou sur le PC ?
Et est ce qu'il faut que je paramétre en renseignant le nom de l'autre appareil ?

Sur le coin superieur droit je n'ai qu'un symbole d'écran avec des ondes et sur le symbole envoyé vers je n'ai pas d'autre appareil

Vous parlez francais ?
Bonsoir Isabelle.
Le deuxième appareil peut aussi être le PC sauf que au moment je pense que ça ne functione qu'avec youtube sur l'ordinateur. L'app doit être seulment installé sur le récepteur

Le symbole d'écran avec des ondes c'est exactement celui que vous avez à trouver sur l'appareil que vous souhaitez utiliser comme télécommande.

Moi, je suis Suisse Romand, donc je parle un peu le français, oui...
Bonjour Daniel,

Est ce que vous arrivez à voir les vidéos de You Tube sur la télé ?

Car moi non :(. Je lance l'appli, je choisis une video sur you tube et je clique sur l'ecran avec les ondes. Cela me fait basculer en mode paysage sur la tablette mais l'image se met en pause et la touche tactile ne marche pas.

Peut être qu'en voyant ce qui marche avec vous je parviendrai à la faire marcher. 
looks like Google got mad. Will have to figure out how to compile the source :(
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