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Does anyone know who is responsible for adding Android's support library to the maven central repository? Is it Google or is it maintained by some third-party? I wonder why the latest version in the repository is r7 when there's already r9 available.

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I am responsible along with +Manfred Moser. Blame Google for not updating the frameworks/support.git repository in AOSP with new code or even tags to allow us to create proper reproducible artifacts.
The r9 sources just got pushed to AOSP as part of the 4.1 drop so it'll be updated soon!
This work is all done by volunteers like +Jake Wharton +Ladislav Thon Robert Manning and myself as part of the project and we completely rely on the AOSP drops and volunteer efforts. So if you need something done.. you can also help out with patches. For discussions and more we use the Maven Android Developers mailing list.. feel free to join and chime in there.!forum/maven-android-developers
Aye. These two links also answered two of my other questions. Why you do not just re-distribute the jars as they drop out of the sdk tools (licence) and what's up with the mysterious annotations.jar. I guess I need to subscribe... ;) 
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