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The networks widget in Plasma Next is coming along nicely...
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I must say it looks great!! Although the icon for mobile networks isn't too selfexplanatory, I think a mobile phone icon would be better...
Yes but it shows strength of signal not that it is mobile connection... I think it would be good if not connected the icon would be a cellphone and when connected a signal strength.
The icon will have small overlays such as H, G and L indicating the sort of mobile connection, if enabled. I think the icon itself is otherwise quite well chosen, it resembles that on the phones I've been using.
Very nice. I absolutely love this widget. It made using my laptop so much easier.
This looks absolutely fantastic!
+1 for dropping the "Management" part ;-)
Lazy k
Very wonderful only problem for my eyes is green refresh icon
And the not vertically centered text next to the wifi icons ;-) but I bet this has already been taken care of
+Sebastian Kügler unitl this post I didn't know what the Mobile Icon stood for. Maybe it should be hidden if ModemManager is not active or if there's no modem present.
+Fabrizio Sirianni That will fix itself when we have the new general icon set replacing Oxygen. Of course Oxygen doesn't fit with the new flat, monochromatic icon theme, but all small icons in Oxygen's successor will be flat and monochromatic as well, so this discrepancy is only temporary.
Lazy k
+Thomas Pfeiffer is true but why all network manager icons going to plasma theme and refresh going whit icon theme?
I am glad that people like both the Plasmoid in its current form and the Plasma and icon themes! The fact that we got rather negative feedback on the first iterations of the new plasma-nm but iterated until the point that it's now apparently liked by most shows that persistence even in the face of harsh criticism can lead to something great in the end!
+Fabrizio Sirianni
I assume it was because +Jan Grulich didn't find fitting icons for all purposes he needed in Oxygen, but the refresh icon was already there. He can probably tell us more about the exact reason, though.
Still, it's only temporary and probably will even be fixed before Plasma Next is released.
+Thomas Pfeiffer Exactly, I didn't find better icon for that and this one was probably the only one usable for this purpose.
Lazy k
Maybe look new community monochrome hicon by visual design group
Love the new look that's evolving, flattening it out in line with modern trends while still keeping it identifiably  Plasma/Oxygen. The use of QML for everything is especially telling in the typography and no more ugly QWidgets looking out of place.  Just need to phases out the old style Oxygen icons now...
Lazy k
would be even better, in my opinion, if in case, one does not have a GSM/3G connection etc.. icons airplane and did not appear on mobile devices.
+Simon Brodbeck Because it sometimes takes a while when new wireless networks appear and with this button you can refresh it immediately.
+Simon Brodbeck
On the contrary: It is actually great from a user experience standpoint! As long as new wifi networks do not appear immediately, it is very important to have that. Actually, it would even be good for user experience if it was just a dummy which did nothing, because it would still give users a feeling that they could do something to make their wifi appear more quickly.

Have you ever switched on a WiFi hotspot and then kept staring on your connection indicator, helplessly waiting for it to finally pick it up? It's a terrible feeling, and it's great to have a button to click in that situation.
I strongly disagree that even a dummy would be good, because it wouldn't work as expected, makes the user lose trust and unnecessarily clutters the UI. We're not on the fooling users business.
+Sebastian Kügler First of all, to clarify my opinion: I would not actually recommend implementing a dummy, based on the principle you mentioned: We don't fool people, period.

Sorry for not making that clear before.

That said, if I didn't care about not fooling people (and were not making open source software, were anyone could uncover the scam), I might actually recommend it, because how could users tell that it was a dummy? They press a button and at some point, the new network is found. Can they really tell whether it was because they pressed the button or regardless of it? And if they can't tell it's fake, it can make them feel better, and often in the UX business, this is all that counts.
I agree with sebas that a dummy refresh button is not ok. I first hear about using such thing in our first Solid sprint in 2010 but I did not buy the idea and never implemented that in Plasma NM. Luckily for us NetworkManager implemented real API to rescan wifi networks, so it is not a dummy button in there.

One thing that still worries me is the flight mode button, does it really work? Keep in mind that flight mode exists for safety reasons (the wifi card not interfering with aircraft's electronic equipament). In my oppion flight mode should really work or not be implemented at all. Otherwise r we risk infringing flight safety regulations. NetworkManager did not have API to really disable wifi card's transceiver in 2010, does it have it now?
+Lamarque Souza
The flight mode should work, I've seen that NetworkManager uses rfkill in it's source code and I'm almost sure that also Dan Williams (the main developer of NM) confirmed that when I was asking about flight mode on IRC. 
+Lamarque Souza
 As I said, I wouldn't suggest a dummy button for any KDE application, because that's not how we roll.
I had that widget disconnect and refuse to reconnect or even show the available wifi that it had disconnected from until I unchecked wifi and checked it again.  Then my wifi access point was there and it reconnected.
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