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Programowanie i projektowanie obiektowe w pigułce:)
Programowanie i projektowanie obiektowe w pigułce:)

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You should be a lazy developer!

For the sake of laziness!
You don’t want to look for the “whys”, “whats” and “hows”. You don’t want this effort. You should be too lazy for that. It’s better to spend one additional hour right now rather than days in the future.

#softwaredevelopment #refactoring #tdd #cleancode #codequality

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*Lazy-loading is a code smell. *

Lazy-loading means that sometimes you won’t need some attributes of an object. Those attributes will be necessary in a different context. Doesn’t it mean that you are building different objects depending on context?

#design #softwaredevelopment #cleancode #codesmells

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Już 2-go grudnia w Krakowie będę miał okazję podzielić się z Wami sposobami poprawy jakości kodu.

Jeżeli Legacy Code i Technical Debt to znane Ci terminy jestem przekonany, że podczas warsztatów znajdziesz coś dla Ciebie.


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Do you really need instanceof?

Using instanceof is a code smell. Whenever I see a construction like that I’m sure that something went wrong. Lack of time? Idea? Or maybe just laziness? Who knows. The fact remains that the code evolved into such state and we have to work with it anyway.

But there are ways to improve this code and open it for extensions.

#instanceof #design #visitor #designpatterns #redesign #refactoring #codesmells #cleancode

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Brace yourself for a new blog design

As you probably noticed I have slightly changed the design of my blog. I hope you like it and it’s more visually appealing than the previous one. I would be more than grateful for your comments regarding the change. Is it better? Worse? Or maybe something is missing?
Don’t hesitate, write your opinion and help me improve.

#blog   #change  

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Pair Programming for the rescue!

When we sit together with another developer we are no so willing to not to adhere to good practices. Why? Because we would have to explain ourselves. We have to have an excuse. And not a paltry excuse but a solid one. And it’s hard to make such an excuse.

#pairprogramming #cleancode #codequality #softwaredevelopment

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Many parameters and lost information
The less code, the better? The fewer objects, the better? Is it true? As usual, it depends.

There are cases when by adding something more we are adding unnecessary complexity.
Yet, there are also situations where additional code gave us significant information.

#cleancode #codequality #design #readability #parameterobject
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