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Sebastiaan van Aard
Bookworm, Traveller, Diver, Online Marketeer, Amateur cook
Bookworm, Traveller, Diver, Online Marketeer, Amateur cook

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Have you ever visited Oslob and what where your thoughts?

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Islands that shimmer like green pearls in an perfect aquatic blue ocean with white beaches and palmtrees, the Philippines... Perhaps I should just use the word 'paradise' for that's what it looks like . In 3,5 weeks time I've been able to visit Manilla (the capital) and the islands Palawan, Bohol and Cebu. I had a fantastic and amazing holiday and I just loved the Philippines, it's people and more important the scuba diving!!

#scubadiving #scuba #diving #philippines #bohol #cebu #moalboal

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Just enjoy some photo's from the Dutch underwater world :)

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That amazing feeling whenever you find something very beautiful or specal during a dive. For me that was a 'perfect' thermocline!  

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I'm looking forward to several amazing encounters while #scuba #diving at #Cebu in the #Philippines . Whale sharks, schools of sardines and so much more, no idea where to begin! #scubadiving  

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I love night diving as it gives that special dimension and adventure to your normal dive site as well as meeting new marine life whom hunt at night. A few days ago I had an interesting discussion in the Dutch 'Duikbuddy gezocht' (Dive buddy wanted) community about rules regarding night diving. I asked in the community if anyone was interested in joining me and that experience with night diving wasn't a necessity for me. It fuelled an discussion on the topics 'When are you experienced enough for a night dive?' or 'who may take you on a night dive?'. Apparently there is a lot of confusion on these matters?

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It's not my favorite part of scuba diving, but it got a whole less boring with my own rinsing & cleaning area at home. Just drive home after diving, rinse my equipment and enjoy a beer while it dries... What else do you want?! :) 

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A little more info on Loggerhead turtles! 
Loggerhead turtle homes in on nests magnetically
Mother turtles find their way back to nesting beaches by looking for unique magnetic signatures along the coast, according to a new study published in Current Biology.

Loggerhead turtles, for example, leave the beach where they were born as hatchlings and traverse entire ocean basins before returning to nest, at regular intervals, on the same stretch of coastline as where they started. How the turtles accomplish this natal homing has remained an enduring mystery until now. 

Turtles are long lived, and females undertake reproductive migrations periodically throughout their adult lives. Thus, the population of turtles that migrate to a given beach to nest each year consists of two subsets: a group of first-time nesters, and another, typically larger group of older “re-migrants” that have nested in the area during previous years.

Loggerhead turtles are thought to reach adulthood when they are between 23 and 29 years old. Much younger than this they return to coastal areas from the open sea and continue to mature there. 

Sea turtles likely go to great lengths to find the places where they began life because successful nesting requires a combination of environmental features that are rare: soft sand, the right temperature, few predators, and an easily accessible beach.

“The only way a female turtle can be sure that she is nesting in a place favorable for egg development is to nest on the same beach where she hatched,” Brothers says. “The logic of sea turtles seems to be that ‘if it worked for me, it should work for my offspring.'”

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What's you next big adventure? Mine will be the Philippines! In a couple of week I'l be off to explore if all #scubadiving  stories about this place are true! #cantwait  :)

#scuba   #diving   #divers   #philippines   

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Do you ever think about your scuba tank cylinder? Take a second and learn more about what supplies you of air :)
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