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I was made aware of this contest, and it seems really great. The idea is to help US nonprofits with "a pair of Glass, a trip to a Google office for training, a $25,000 nonprofit grant, and access to developers to make your Glass project a reality."

I guess some people here could try applying and see what we can do related to feminism. Any ideas? Maybe we can even contact some organizations and get them to participate. I'm drawing a blank right now but I'm sure that Google Glass could be really useful in a lot of ways.

How would you help women in the US with Google Glass?
Meet Sabita Malla, Glass Explorer and senior research officer for +World Wildlife Fund Nepal. Celebrate #EarthDay with Sabita as she explores how Glass can help in her mission to protect rhinos. 

Sabita uses custom Field Notes Glassware, software that was developed by a Glass Explorer who wanted to help WWF cut in half the work required to manage field conservation efforts. Sabita’s team is one of five nonprofits exploring how Glass might amplify their impact as part of Giving through Glass, a program we launched a few months ago in partnership with

We’re extending the program for another round starting today. Nonprofits can apply now through May 20 at Five nonprofits will win: Glass, a $25,000 grant, a trip to a Google office and a connection to Glass developers.

And if you’re a Glass developer who wants to partner with a nonprofit and code for impact, sign up now at  

#mybeautifulearth   #throughglass  
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+Feminist Allies yeah that is actually a good idea to do it with confidence because there is always a chance that if you do not appear as weak they will not harm you but then again they still could,.eh i prefer shouting from a distance? ugh. i just dont wanna get jumped,see..i guess thats the sacrifice i have to make. and plus, if i get jumped with the Glass on my face theyll probably just steal it and ill be out a bajillion bucks. dang.
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Weekly Feminism discussion thread Week 15 of 2014.

Welcome to the first of our weekly threads. The idea behind them is to talk about things that you don't think deserve their own posts, and to be a bit more free in what can be discussed. This one in particular is here for you to ask any Feminism 101 questions, or to talk about anything related to feminism and oppression that is not big enough for a post.

For example, we can talk about what intersectionality means or ask about some small anecdote to analyse it. Share what's on your mind!
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In regards to 101 I think there's some meat to 'Shakesville' and 'Black Girl Dangerous' Shakseville speaks about a lot of body acceptance, ableism and feminism and Black Girl Dangerous speaks of intersectionality and feminism, in particular with race and gender queer/queer perspectives.
Shakesville does have a '101' thread but it's not specifically organized. It's more like finding a box of mementos and documents when looking up your family history. I kind of enjoy the exploration aspect.

Black Girl Danergous is a collection of works by non-white, non-cis, non-society's-bullshit-standard-for-being folks and the perspectives there are important because Feminism is stuck in the enclave created by long ago rich white ladies that had time to noodle on social justice because poor brown folks did all the hard work. Feminism must be intersectional or it is bullshit. (
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Very interesting article on cheerleaders in the US and how, even though they provide a lot of the entertainment in a game, they are mistreated by their employers. It's incredible that such a difficult job, which of course to a lot of people gets reduced to just being a sex object, doesn't give any lasting rewards.
Nichi Hodgson: Roger Goodell wants to give these women fewer labor rights than a stripper and less pay than a garment worker? Bring it on
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Sebastián Ventura

Discussion  - 
Trigger Warning for Gender Violence

Although I think we all probably know already that usually gangs are full of misogyny, this article does a good job explaining how big of a problem it is. It also shows how gender roles shape female gang members, where the fact that police stop women less because they consider them not threatening, means that women are exploited even more. It's interesting to see that one of the things we need to do, is prove to society that women can be just as "bad" as men in order to help them.
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Sebastián Ventura

Discussion  - 
What can we do with online discussions?

This is a topic that really interests me although I know it's somewhat minor. But I'm getting really tired of all the spaces I like getting at one point overflowed with anti-feminist, misogynistic and just plain offensive comments. It's part of the culture of the Internet right now and I don't know what we can do to stop it, or at least keep it at bay.

More than a year ago I thought that the best way was to discuss with these people, that logically, even though I didn't convince them, I could show other readers why the person was wrong. But that got really stressful and I had to stop; I just couldn't live my life every day knowing what these people believed, and having to explain myself over and over again.

I then retreated to groups that are pro-feminists, sometimes just to have fun, and others to really have meaningful discussions without misogynists crawling to say how awful women are. I keep doing that, but I don't really want to discuss misogynistic comments any more on those, so I just ignore them. Again, that gets tiring.

But now, I keep seeing how these people fill the comment section of every site I like. Not to mention reddit and news sites around the world, but lately Hacker News and even Google+. And I just don't see a way to stop them. It's not because I lost the sites I like, it's because I don't think I should allow these people to continue expressing those hateful views uncontested and hurting people.

What do you recommend? What do you do? If you do discuss online, how do you deal with the stress?
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My view: engage as much as you are emotionally able.  It is important that these toxic views are challenged, but it's nobody's responsibility to do so.  Usually, to limit my own emotional expenditure, I try to keep it short, to the point, and sarcastic.
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Sebastián Ventura

Discussion  - 
Just as we are talking about the wage gap., here comes a good article discussing the problem conservatives have when discussing the wage gap,. Though I think it fails to explain where "wage-gap vigilantism" gets us, which is into  discussing technicalities instead of fixing the problem.

Conservatives celebrate male dominance in the most high-paying professions as a natural one, of course. They justify the outsize salaries of "male" jobs as commensurate to the amount of risk involved.
Ana Marie Cox: Go ahead, turn the White House's 77-cents quote into the new 47% video. But don't preach until you know where wage-gap vigilantism gets us
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Is it really hard to split the wage equally? Some of them get way over paid anyways.
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Trigger Warning: Rape and rape culture

I literally don't know what to add to this. Disgusting. Not the campaign, of course, the results of the survey where the majority believe that women deserve to be raped because of their clothes, and that women should learn how to behave.
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Sebastián Ventura

Group Posting Guidelines  - 
Quick Message From The Moderators

As you have probably seen already, we have updated the guidelines. They are mostly the same, but there are some changes that are worth having a look at. So please give us your feedback on them. We wanted to make them clearer and easier to comprehend and follow. We removed some things, but the spirit of the guidelines is almost the same.

On another note we have a couple of more ideas we wanted to share with you. Don't worry that we haven't forgotten about the other post, and we are working on implementing those other two ideas. This ones are bit different, and are more intended in making our community a bit stronger and tighter.

The first one is about lead posters. We want to select people form the community who we think add a lot of value, and in some way empower them to create more discussions. We want to give a special category to these people where they can share opinions, news, articles, and ask questions that are not necessarily related to feminism, but that can broaden our discussion of important topics.

The other idea is to create weekly threads for different things. These threads will be linked in our description, and will serve different purposes. For example, there could be one for micro aggressions, another one for rants, another one for just off-topic mingling stuff. What do you think? Any you would add?

Of course, this would all be handled by us, the moderators, but we want to have as much input as possible from the community. So throw your own ideas to the mix, tell us what we can do and what would you like to see from these projects we propose.

As always, don't forget to message us if you think it's necessary. We have added a link to the moderators below the description (in the community links), that way it's easier to identify us. But, in any case, the moderators are +Jen Manna, +sara stanley, +Melinda Warner  and me.
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Sebastián Ventura

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I really laughed out loud when I reached the end of this article. It would be funnier if it wasn't so depressing.
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I just found this campaign, and I think it's great. I think I don't really like the LeanIn organization which is the one leaded by Sheryl Sandberg; I haven't read her book, but form what I heard, in it she blames a lot of the problems today on women instead of society. But this campaign seems great either way, I believe.
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Wait by my experiance I never met a girl who stepped in as a leader "Bossy" . Is this something that is common?
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Improving ourselves, most of all, while improving our surroundings, is the only way we can become the future of this human-technology unholy mixture.
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