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Circles of understanding.

I should learn to write properly. Click to enlarge.
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Actually I suspect the innermost circle should cross the next one. Some people get what you're doing and why, but cannot fathom how you're doing it.
+Sebastien Provencher Not necessarily. Understanding why you're doing something is not nearly straightforward. In fact you might be in any of those circles in relationship to yourself.
A very peculiar way to describe existential loneliness.
Lucky me, I've found people to put in the innermost circle.
+Seb Paquet yes lucky. The luckiest have yet another small circle in the middle containing people who help.
oo thanks! this is going into version 0.2!

I've got a few in there, too. ::feels luckiest::
Interesting to rephrase in terms of collaboration :

Inner circle : comrades (or arch enemies)
2nd circle : potential collaborators (dependent on deals you can make) (or potential competitors)
3rd circle : supporters (or opponents)
outer rim: passive obstacles
Seb, for you I'm in a circle called "Those who love you for who you are, beyond what you happen to be doing right now"
I keep trying to figure out how to bring my mother in from that outer circle. ;-)
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