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Lagy Gaga!!!! I would love to see her!! Please let me see her SeatGeek!
Lady Gaga is my idol!! I love her and would do anything to see her live!! 
I NEED TO WIN! I am a Little monster! She is my role model. She has taught me to not care what people think that I am the way I am for a purpose. My whole life I have struggled with a weight issue and I felt like I didn't matter, but since day one of listening to Gaga, I knew that it was okay and I need to be comfortable in my skin because I was born this way. I would NOT be the person I am today if it was not for having Gaga as my inspiration. Even though I have never met her I have a connection with her and her music. It would mean the world and more to win free tickets. I am not the kind of person that asks for anything at all, but I want this. I want this bad! I need this! This would make me feel on top of the world and NOTHING could tear me down. I love Lady Gaga. GAGA I LOVE YOU! Please pick me. Let me See my Momma Monster.
GAGA has been my idol and my strength to get through many obsatcles, I recently donated a kidney and listening and seeing gaga gave me strength and she continues to do so through all my obstacles in life. i am so excited for this tour and really need to be at this concert. THANKS!!!!
Lady Gaga has definitely given me the courage and bravery to pursue my dream in fashion and arts in general and I'm inspired by her work. She's given me the strength to follow my dreams without judgement, and I would love to be the one supporting her work in person for one night, like she has been supporting my work for 3 years.
Love Gaga!! Want to take my daughter to see her, she was Gaga for Halloween!
love gaga so much :) would be amazing to see her live
I wanna go to GAGA sooo badly. I had the opportunity to go to her last concert in sydney and i was so excited but i couldnt afford it in the end. i was devastated! I AM NOT MISSING OUT THIS TIME!!! i not only WANT to go i NEEEEEEEED to go. my face would die from smiling so much, i would lose my voice from screaming every word and i would have my paws up every second, cause baby i WAS born this way!
Love Gaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE LADY GAGA! i should win because of this, period.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gaga for Gaga !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have never been fortunate enough to go to her concerts. The tickets are so expensive, my mother would probably cry if I asked her for the money, and I have no way to earn money because I have to watch my brother while she works all day. I feel like the guy version of Cinderella, wanting to go to the (Born This Way) Ball. She inspires me everyday, puts a smile on my face and makes me feel special. I am a full out Little Monster. All my friends can afford the tickets but we can't. I wish every night for a miracle. If I won these tickets, I would probably faint! My all time dream is to sing on stage beside Lady Gaga. "I'm going to be a star. Know why? Because I have nothing left to lose." ~Much love, Charlie
I've wanted to see Gaga live for the longest time. I've been fascinated by Gaga ever since I heard Love Game on the radio. Once I heard about who she was and represented, I began to learn as much as I could about her. I was a senior in high school when I decided to write my senior thesis on how intelligent she is and what kind of role model she is. I think that Gaga is an incredible person who has changed my life forever, and I would love to be able to at least see her once before I die. I love everything about what she represents, which is always changing, but she continues to make me smile. She provides me with a genuine feeling of happiness when I think about who she is and I think that if I were able to see Gaga I would finally be able to experience her in more ways than just hearing her or seeing her on the television.
With love,
I admire Gaga, as an artist and especially as a person! She showed me how important is to be who you are, even when people criticize you, because what really matter is how proud you are of yourself. She changed me, because now I'm not that kind of person who thinks people is wrong when is different, actually now I'm one of the ones who is really happy for being different and original! She inspire me! i love her music, all her lyrics, all about her life, I wish with all my heart to win this, and get to know her! I would be really greatfull!
Love, Natalia Sugranes! :)
GAGA that is all.
My entry is everyone else’s answers, everyone else that posts on here trying to find the best words to describe why they love her so much! That’s my entry. I don’t even have the words to explain why I admire her so much. Because in reality we all love her for the same reasons, and every positive word that comes out of anyone’s mouth about her, that’s exactly the reason I love her to! Her fans say it all. What more could I say! xoxoxox I love you gaga!
It's difficult for me to articulate into words why I love Gaga, but simply put, she inspires me. To love myself and to embrace my inner weirdness. To follow my dreams and fight for what I believe in. To live passionately and freely. She embodies so much of what I want to be like in my own life. I want so badly to be able to see her live and sing and dance to her songs with all my fellow little monsters. :)
you are my hero. so confident, different, unique and love love love your music. an inspiration of a generation. would LOVE SOME TICKETS AS I AM GOING OFF TO UNIVERSITY AND AM A LITTLE BROKE BUT WOULD DO ANYTHING TO SEE HER LIVE!!!. plz help me out, i don't wanna miss this opportunity.
I literally SCREAMED when i saw this page, lady gaga has been my idol ever since i heard her first song!!!!! i love her so much and listen to her music day! I sing to every song and sing every lyric, it would be my dream to see lady gaga perform and it would be most defiantly the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! i have been wait years ever since i went to her monster ball tour for her to come back, i reallllllllllyyyy want to see her if would mean so much to her i loveeeeeeeee GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!! kuhweflisauhgliersudhfgbekirudghbkdgirufhbvoiaerudghbakvedirufhgh so excitedddd
I Just would like to see my daughters eyes when it light up as 1000000 million stars when i show her the ticket, if i winn. I would be the best that ever could happend. oh i wish...
Lady gaga is my inspiration, i look up to her because she believes in herself and in what she is doing. if i won i would be the happiest girl on earth, I am only 13 and i know some people deserve it more then me but she is my idol, i didn't go to the last concert she had so i am really hoping i win the tickets to lady gagas born this way ball tour, it would be the best thing to happen to me!!! seatgeek can i please have these tickets?!
It is not for me but for my daughter! She is the biggest Little Monster and has only one dream - meeting Lady Gaga in person! She has no time for "Boys, boys, boys" or a "Bad Romance". There is only thing she is interested in; meeting mother "Monster". She would be "Speechless", missing the "Words" and feel like being in "Disco Heaven" if this would come true. It would make her "Just dance" and "So Happy... " she could die. She is not a "Bad Kid", actually she is "Wonderful". Maybe a bit crazy but "Born this way" like "You and I".
I'm from Malaysia and I love Lady Gaga! It's impossible that Lady Gaga will have her concert here! I'm so gonna get this ticket!!! I love her art in so many forms, music, pictures, costumes, choreography, and etc.! Wish to go her concert once in my lifetime to enjoy her performance of art! I'm the Little Monster wish to see his Mother Monster! Let me gooooooo!!! Pawss up for Mother Monster!!! Love GAGA for life!
I live in Hong Kong ! I love gaga she is amazing i love her she is my idol and inspriation me and my friends know all her songs and we LOVE HER ! I am a little monsters and I bow down to our mother monster ! She has amazing choreography and it would be EPIC to see her in concert in HK !! I AM A LIL MONSTER 4 LIFE !! Paws up !!
Lady Gaga is a legend, she is a great musician and the most creative artist in Hollywood. She stands at the same level as MJ. I love everything about her and I will do anything to see her. Every time I go to club , I feel like I am possessed by Lady Gaga's aura and she definately brings in the Monster in me, literally. I am right here in Malaysia and I am so worth wining the ticket for her concert GAGAGAHAHAHA ....Rawrr!!!
Manila isn't one of the concert venues. But, ONLY if you want to help me spread the words that LADY GAGA MUST COME TO MANILA.!!!!!! :))))) She really must.! Please. GagaLove :) :**
Lady Gaga, oh my Mother Monster!! <3 _ <3 I love you so much!!
She has taught me to love myself, I'm not the most gorgeous looking girl around, I'm bigger then a lot of others, but Gaga has accepted me, and now I accept myself.
Thank you so much mother monster <3 I would die and go to heaven if I got to go to your concert! You have given me courage and confidence to be who I want to be, to be who I am <3 <3
Gaga, You got me High on Heels, feeling more confident than I have in 46 years. I finally had the courage to stand up at work and say I’m not talking this bullshit anymore, Yes I am a woman, Yes I was born this way and if you are not going to give it to me I will express my woman kind & fight for equal pay……Fired and unemployed today, I’m on a mission, I’m a strong female I don’t need permission. Taking the largest Seafood Company in North America to court . I am going to show them what I’m made of I can be the queen that’s inside of me, this is my chance to be brave.
I’m on the right track now baby I was born this way!
God Bless You Mother Monster
Paws Zup
I remember the first time i seen Gaga perform, it was her first ever television performance on so you think you can dance, she sang "just dance" and had her signature disco stick and all i could think was... who is this crazy bitch? lol. But overtime she grew on me and her message of self love/acceptance pulled me out of a horrible depression, and now shes my angel. I've had a really rough life being raised by a single mother addicted to drugs, i was called every gay slur in the book by other students and teachers during high school only to come "home" and get the same treatment from my mom and sister, and now for the past 2 years I've struggled to find a job and get myself out of this prison that's called my "home". I NEED to go to the born this way ball! I dream about seeing Gaga perform. I actually was going to sell my kidney for the cash to get a ticket but apparently it's illegal, who knew!?

“I just I felt like a freak, I guess what I'm trying to say is, I want to liberate them, I want to free them of their fears and make them feel that they can create their own space in the world”

-Lady Gaga
I would love to win Gaga tickets as I have never been to one of her concerts and would REALLY love to!
Lady Gaga is seriously one of my favorite people in the entire world. I admire her so much, everything she does is just astonishing. From the dance, to the songs, the performance, and her fashion. I love how she doesn't give a fuck what people think about her because she was born that way and she wants to stand out and be whoever she wants. She is an inspiration to all. Seeing her in this tour would absolutely be a dream come true. Seeing her performance and the way she can sing and it sounds like you're listening to your iPod. I love that she is truly one of a kind and nobody can take that from her. To love your fans as much as she does, and to put your entire career for her Little Monsters, well, that's just amazing. She makes this space for people who feel like they're outsiders in life. She makes people want to never give up on hope and she wants them to know that everything will be okay. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. The fact she is constantly fighting for what she believes is remarkable. Such as 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', or her 'Born This Way' Foundation. It's not to love her, with all the people in the world that she is helping and all the hate and crime that she is vastly eliminating. She is role model to all and what she does is perfect in every way. Though, she may not believe so, she has impacted and touched so many lives, and she is making a difference and we love her. Seeing my idol on stage, doing what she loves doing would be amazing and I would ever so humble to receive such a thing. I love you, Gaga. We all do.
Lady Gaga has truly changed the world of music. I have never been fortunate enough to attend one of her concerts, and I can't even imagine the type of energy that flows through the veins of every single person in that stadium.

I have big dreams -- pipe dreams, maybe -- of being able to the to the BTW Ball, right in the middle of the Monster Pit, and see up close and personal this person who has changed the views of so many. This person who inspires myself and everyone in the world to embrace themselves and to LOVE their uniqueness instead of trying to hide it in order to "fit in."

Sadly (but happily), I have finally decided to go back to school this year, and while I might actually be in a city that Gaga visits, I will be a "poor college student" again, and not have the extra money to be able to attend a show. Pros and cons. Good news yet bad news.
I would absolutley love the chance to see Lady GaGa, in fact I'd be 'so happy I could die'. Seeing her has been a big dream of mine for so long now and I would literally do anything to be given this one in a life time opportunity. She is such an inspiration and her music is the only thing that helped me through a really tough time in my life. The world would not be the same with out Mother Monster and if i were to attend the BTW Ball my life would quite litteraly be complete.
im 13 years old and iv always wanted to meet lady gaga and she inspires me so much iv never been to one of her concerts but its been my dream to meet her and se her perform the resin i want to win is because my parents cant afford to take me and we might lose our house and they don't have enough money i hope i will win
i have always wanted to see lady gaga i am 13 years old and i look up to lady gaga as my role model i always wanted to go to one of her concerts but i never could if i win this it would be so greatful i could never repay lady gaga because she is the one that made me keep believeing in my self
I would love more then anything to go see lady gaga.. She is such an amazing artist and i would give anything to see her perform :))) xx
mother monster <3 she has inspired me in so many ways <3 paws up!
Lady gaga is an amazing person. Who wouldn't want to go and see such an amazing performer. I truly believe that she has the ability to change lives and the world "one sequin at a time". She said in an interview that “You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way.” This is her message that so many people adhere to and I would be so grateful to go to her concert because me standing there singing and smiling would be the ultimate way to thank her and "walk out of the concert not loving her more, but loving myself more.” Please give me and my sister tickets!!!
I have always been a fan of Lady Gaga, ever since The Fame came out, but never got the chance to see her live. You see, I'm 16, and I live in Malaysia. The closest "touring place" to here is Singapore (about more than 300 miles away), and it's not every day that she comes this close.

If given the opportunity, I would LOVE to see her live, because I follow every single performance/promotions that she has done, from sold-out concert shows, to telecast performances, and from all that I can see, she's a really SPECTACULAR performer. I watch the entire HBO Special for the Monster Ball Tour at least once a week on YouTube.
The Malaysian government normally sanctions performers like Adam Lambert and Beyonce to perform here (what more Gaga) because they have this mentality that ALL WESTERN PERFORMERS bring bad influence to society, especially the Asian community that I live in. And the local mainstream radio stations aren't helping either. They even censored the name "Jesus Christ" (whenever You & I plays), and "No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgender-ed life" (Born This Way), despite failed attempts by Gaga to have them uncensored.
As for the fans here, many in my country hate her. From Catholic churches, to school students, they dislike her. I feel sad for them because they don't see the bigger picture, and believe in what her artistic vision can offer. I have made many attempts to change that, voting Marry The Night to #1 every night on the live countdown charts, requesting it on radio, but it doesn't help. The people here (that deem her "weird") still loathe her. And that is why, she will NEVER tour in this part of Asia.
Words can't describe how much I love GaGa ! I started crying at school because classmates were stereotyping her. Can't wait for that one day where I can meet her in person. I've loved Lady GaGa sinced I was 9, and still love her to this very day. I've never gotten a chance to see her live, and getting given this opportunity makes me feel that one step closer to seeing her live.

So many students at my High School hate her. They say she's talentless. So, I hit them to show them how offended I am that they could possibly say that. When people judge,stereotype or offend Lady GaGa, they offend me. And I don't tolderate it. I defend GaGa everytime someone negatively talks about her.

I just wish I could see her live. Please allow me to SeatGeek. Change my life, for the good. You won't regret it.
Oh My God Plz Let Me Get TIckets Lady Gaga Changed My Life and I Would Want to see her and tell her in person or at least see her :D PAWS UP
I am in love with Lady gaga! I look up to her she is my idol. I look up to her role model right there. to meet her would be a life changing expirience. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.
Listening to Lady Gaga has gotten me through so much. Terrible bullying in high school, going through cancer for the second time, stressful times in college, a bad relationship that led to a bad break up, and losing my job. My Mother Monster reminds me that things can get better, and to keep my head up and kick some ass. No matter if I'm down and need to smile, or in a wonderful mood and want to dance around my room; Lady Gaga is there. I'm so proud to be a Monster and to have such a beautiful role model to look up to. Being able to go to the Born This Way Ball would make me the happiest girl in the whole world.
please let me win these tickets, i pray for them
Please I need this tickets, It will be the first time I go to a show of it. Please I beg
Please give an australian winner (ME) the chance to see this that must be such an amazing show - once in a live time experience for sure!!!!!!!!
going to one of her concerts would be amazing
Lady Gaga! <3 Lady Gaga! <3 Lady Gaga!
Lady Gaga! <3 Lady Gaga! <3 Lady Gaga!
Lady Gaga! <3 Lady Gaga! <3 Lady Gaga!
Lady Gaga! <3 Lady Gaga! <3 Lady Gaga!
Both Me and My Boyfriend dont have very much in are life but this would mean the world to him and I if we would WIN . Victor (me) Bret(my lover) will never very happy!!! I LOVE WE GAGA!!!! GO Equal Rights!!!!! GO Love!!!!! Go Life!!!! Go Little Monsters!!!!
Lady Gaga is my idol and has kept me going when i've been at my worst... I've had so many hospital admissions but only one light at the end of the tunnel to keep me strong - LADY GAGA! <3 being bisexual and genderqueer has meant so much discrimination and bullying and i've been as low as one can get, but she always gives me a smile when i hear her music and interviews! we will all have Equal rights one day!! <3 xoxo
Because Im a true Ga Ga fan, she is such a inspiration to so many..If your feeling down, I listen to her music and it makes me have inner piece..She has saved me many times..
Im an Aussie and would love to go to a concert and even say Gidday...
i should win these lady gaga tickets for various reasons. reason number one is because i love her more than any artist in the pop industry. her music is just amazing. it always gets me in the greatest mood ever! reason number two is she is my idol and i look up to her. everything that she has done for gays lesbians and etc. gaga is a great role model and woman! i love everything about her. she is totally incredible and inspiring. if i win these tickets i would be the luckiest person alive. seeing gaga perform is a must before i die its even on my bucket list! so hopefully i win these tickets. i love you gaga!
Lady Gaga is the inspiration of my imagination- she is everything that I want to be within the fashion world, set design and her creative swirl of amazing!!!! I will get these tickets because a positive attitude always leads you to what you desire; lady gaga taught me this in her song 'born this way'. Those tickets would mean everything to me! I was hooked by Lady Gaga from the first time I saw her perform live at the 2008 miss universe top 15! I hope your reading this, and considering me!


Just another lil monster...
-oh gosh my gagaa<3 ijust love her, ive followed her since before she was famous, isupport everything she does, im like her biggest fan! ilove her with all my heart ialways buy her cds aha too support her and she makes me feel like ifit in, ilove her so much, ive never had the chance to meet her or go see her at a concert, iwould love tp have a chance to go see her and everything, shes just so perfect, <3 ireally hope to win, it would be like a dream come true and it would make me so happy if iwas lucky to winn, id probably cry haha, but goooodluck to everyone else toooo, and ihopee to win!<3
I would really love to see Lady Gaga and the only way I could do that is if I won tickets. That would be wonderfully exciting! and very much appreciated!!!!!
I need to get outta here, pick me
Can't wait til the ball starts, dying to see the US tour release dates. I LOVE Gaga and I really want to go.
I'm drowning in a sea of superficiality, uniformity, and materialism here in SK. I desperately need to see Gaga to get revived by her amazing creativity, self-confidence, and originality. Please send me to see Lady Gaga in Seoul!! Thank you ^^
I should win because my boyfriend really loves and respects Lady Gaga, and I'd love to be able to take him to see her.
I shud win tickets, because I havn't been a true friend to my friends and I think that if I take my 2 friends to see Lady Gaga, I would actually become a better person. All 3 of us are MAJOR GAGA MONSTERS and we would love to see her. She is my reason for believing in myself and keeping me alive. I just want to show that I do care about other people. Myfriends and I also really want to hang out with each other and actually have a good time for once at one of the best concerts in the world! :) Thank you. :) Plz, I want to actually meet her and know that I am accepted into this world. :)
I should win because I'm studying abroad in Seoul this Spring semester, and it's such luck to have Lady Gaga opening her tour in Seoul! I've always wanted to see her in the US, but her concerts are always so far away, and I can't afford nor have the means to go to her US concerts!!! Since I'm studying abroad, I'm already so tight on budget because it's so expensive, but being able to see Lady Gaga would really add on to my experience abroad, especially when this will be my first time traveling the world like this! I just turned 20, and I want to make this year into a milestone! Lady Gaga is just the artist that would make this milestone amazing!!!
I really want to Win this because I have never been to any concert because I live in the Fiji Islands. Most people dont even know where that is. :( It's hard for me to win tickets. I cant afford the tickets. I'm 17 years old. If i had a chance, i would love for Lady Gaga's concert in Sydney to be my very first live concert. I love LADY GAGA because she is unqiue in her own way. And winning this concert would allow me to also meet my friends and family whom i havent seen since in years and gives me a chance to hang out with them and have fun together at her concert. I usually dont enter all these competitions because i never get chosen or picked. But Lady Gaga, i would definitely have to try.
I really want to win because i have never been to a concert and i never left mi and i don't have that much money
I would really love to win tickets so that I can take my mother. She loves Gaga, and it is her one wish to go to a concert!! I want to take her so badly!!
i'm a huge lady gaga fan & have been dying to go to one of her concerts, it would be an amazing experience to go & i would love to win tickets!! (:
I believe I should win for a few reasons. For one I never saw her in concert and she is my idol. For two, I would be celebrating my graduation with my Mother and my little sister. We don't have much and we would have a chance to do something fun. :D Her songs helped me through the rough parts of my life (my mother being close to death and being physically/ emotionally abused for 12 years) So please let me win.
I think I should stand a chance to win Lady Gaga concert ticket because she is THE ONLY ONE singer/performer I am waiting for watch her concert. I love everything of her, including her fashion, her songs, her performance act. I have watched her a lot through television but never her concert. This time her concert tour won't be in my country so I am planning to go over to another country just to watch her. I am really hoping to win her concert ticket and I would be glad to be the lucky few to win.
i deserve to see lady gaga live because without her im nothing..shes the most amazing inspiration...she is music <3
Sal R
I want dem Lady Gaga tickets, like, super bad!
everybody can suck it...those tickets are mine...paws up little monsters
Please me!! :) 2013 isn't that far, is it? I will happily wait :P
I seriously LOVE Lady Gaga. I always have to listen to at least one of her songs everyday because they are so catchy. She really is my inspiration and I also love her choice in clothes. I use them as a model for my drawings. So I really hope I'm able to win tickets to her concert so I can get closer to my inspiration. My friend is also a huge fan of Lady Gaga, so I wish him to gift him with a chance to go to Lady Gaga's concert.
My name is Serena and I am 18 years old. I definitely consider myself one of GaGa's 'little monsters' and I have always wanted to see Lady GaGa perform live! I have begged my parents for years to let me go see her but they kept telling me it is a waste of money, so I got myself a job to earn money so that I can go and see her. However, I would really like to be able to bring my friends with me too, and I just don't have enough money for it as I have to spend what I earn on train fares to University every week. Lady GaGa inspires so many elements in my life, I listen to her albums constantly and she has a big influence on how I style myself. I know some people may read this and think that's quite sad or pathetic, but it makes me happy (fellow little monsters will understand). I've never had the chance to see her live, and it would be an absolute dream come true if I won these tickets and could share the experience with my friends. I've heard that the Monster Ball provided everyone with a feeling of belonging and love, and I'm certain the Born This Way Ball is going to as well, I just hope I get to experience that. I'm aware that I've rambled on a bit, and I've tried not to make this too cheesy or cliched... Anyway, I'll finish by saying thank you for the opportunity you are giving to those less able to get their own tickets for the BTW Ball. PAWS UP!!
AHhh so exciting, she has helped me get through a difficult year, her message is beautiful and I would love more than anything to see her in concert! woot! canada!
Lady GaGa has inspired and helped me in many ways.I LOVE HER SO MUCH!I couldn't go a day without listening to her music! She is so amazing!!<3
I want to win because, i have never been to a gaga concert. Id love to meet her! it's my life long dream!She helped me love my self and that i could be whoever i wanted to be because i was born this way!<3 :)
does lady gaga will concert here again in manila?
I've never been to any of her concerts yet for both financial reasons and location, this year that I am studying abroad I have the location thing solved but not the financial part. I am a huge fan and all I want is a chance to see my idol on stage :) . Thank you in advance :)
i'm the fanatic litle monster fans... i wanna the free ticket.
i'd really love to win and see Gaga live on tour <3
I am in the UK so I hope I can still win this to see her in Manchester when she announces the dates. Please let me know If I can. So here is why I want to win. Ga Ga has effected me in so many ways. When I was in the darkest place in my liAndover music and her voice helped me to see the light. She made me smile when all I had done for a long time was cry. She was my rock but she doesn't even know it. My friend, an amazing beautiful person turned to self harm to cope with her issues. Then someone sent her a link to a ga ga video interview, and I got my friend back. She was laughing and smiling again, and I got my friend back. The final way she has effected me is that she gave my friend the strength to come out to us, and now they are the person they want to be. Her music and her as a person helped them to have the strength to do this. Otherwise I can't bear to think where any of us would be without her. Nome of us. can afford the tickets and we don't have the most stable family lives and this is a dream for us. I'm saving, but I know not all of us will be able to go and see her together the way it should be. I'm not just a fan, because she means so much more to me than just another celebrity. I thank God for GaGa and I pray you let me win. Thanks
Hi I am from Philippines her concert will be on May 21,2012 at the MOA arena :DD so I hope I can see her again in Philippines or win those tickets because I always listen to her musics, dress the way she looks but not necessarily the DRESS SHE WEARS and Loves her personality and characteristics being a singer. She gave me an inspiration to become a singer and as well as a dancer.... I like the way she moves and dances... I always watch her music videos as well as the grammy awards where she was a nominee, she makes me smile whenever I watch her music videos. Like her song "Born This Way" that gave me an inspiration to love myself and be contented on what I have right now. That song was one of my favorite songs she sang :)). I was surprised when Maria Aragon joined LadyGaga in one of her Concert. How I wish to be Maria Aragon a Friend of LadyGaga :"">.
Well, Of course I want to watch her Concert in Manila with my cousin and friends who are Lady Gaga addict also =)) I'm begging you please give us your free tickets :>> It's been my pleasure to watch Lady Gaga's Concert in Manila :]] We Love You Lady Gaga
Hi, this is Martin Ferdman, I live in Toronto,Ontario. I want to win so badly. I love her songs and she is so beautiful. I have her songs on my ipod and I listen to her songs everyday. I never been to one of her concerts before. I want to win so badly. I always watch her appearances on T.V and when she was in New York for the New Years Bash, I wanted to go so badly but my parents wouldn't take me and I was begging them but they still wouldn't take me. My email is
#btwball Hi, I'm in Kentucky, USA and I normally wouldn't be able to go to any concert because my parents and I don't have the money. So this would be the only way to go. GaGa has inspired me to be myself and love myself for who I am. She is my role model on how I should feel about myself and how to not give up on my dreams. Also I am hoping to win this to surprise my little sister, another big Lady GaGa Fan, for her birthday. This would me so much to me if I win this!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
love Gaga! I had tickets to her previous tour but had to miss it because my grandfather passed away..would love to make to to this show. #BTWBALL
I would absolutley LOVE to win Lady GaGa tickets!! You see, i live in Hawaii and no one famous ever comes here. If i could at get free tickets to the concert it would make it alot easier!!! I LOVE YOU GaGa!!! Forever a Little Monster <3
I'd love to go to a Lady Gaga concert with a friend, at the moment I have no money, nor do my parents and this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Lady Gaga is actually my inspriration, I love her individuality and style, please pick me! #btwball <3
#btwball Gaga is my life! I have never been fortunate enough to see her live, and I don't think I will be able to see her even perform this year, due to money issues. I literally dream at night of being at the #btwball . I really pray and hope you can make my dreams come true SeatGeek! Thank you for this amazing competition xx #BornThisWay
Loved Gaga since day 1! Every little thing she does is so magic. Would absolutley love to see her #btwball in London! It would make a dream come true if I won. Baby I was Born This Way! Much love x
#btwball tickets going on sale on my birthday!! eeekkkk! cant wait to see her!
gagaaa ohh la la...gagaaaa oh la laa...
i want your everything as long as it's free...
gagaaa ohh la la... gagaaa oh la laaa....
listen to me when i say...i born this way...i born to see gagaaa ohh la laaa...
ohh there ain't no other way that to see you, lady gaga, i born this wayyyyyyyyy and i'm on the right track!!!!

hope to see you soon gaga!!!!!! ♥♥ it would be the best birthday present ever if i get to see you in october 6th!!!
#btwball ♥♥I am totally obsessed with Gaga! I'd love to win a ticket! She's my idol! Paws up Gaga! ('''')('''')♥♥
#btwball I would love to see Lady Gaga live for the first time in my country ! Paws up ! <3<3
I looooovvvvvvveeeeeee lady gaga i am her biggest fan in the world n would love the opportunity 2 go and see her live like i did @ radio 1's big weekend in the uk n she was awesome so please let me have a ticket u wil make me the happiest girl in the world :) <3
i really need to when i first saw the stage picture i had a panic attack its more than a concert to me its a part of life i reall y wish to win u dont even know how much this means to me pleeeeeeeaeaeaeeaeaeaeaeeaeaaeeaaeeaeaeaeaeaeaeeaeeaaeeeazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oh and how do i no if u won cuz i hope u pick me i love seat geek
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I wish I could win this ticket because for me, sarebe a dream to see it .. I live in a southern town .. where anything else is, and how these singers can not even see on postcards, as we say ... piacerebe me very much, I would win it ... happy.
#btwball ....i want to go see lady gaga so bad and i want to take my little sister, because she loves her too! She is truly an inspiration for so many people all over the world including me....please let me take my sister and we will dress to ball and party hard at the show!
#btwball #btwball #btwball #btwball #btwball #btwball #btwball
#btwball I want free tickets, pls. I really love Lady Gaga and i want to se her live, touch her and if I can kiss her. This is my big dream. JUST TO SEE HER <3 ! Pls SeatGeek, give me free tickets for Austria or Bulgaria. I have asthma and my parents is not so rich, so this is my only choice to get free ticket. PLS SEATGEEK, PLS !
Please,give me the chance.Give the chance to me.I am praying to see her so much.
Please pick me for the BORN THIS WAY BALL TOUR. I am a Little Monster since 2008 and i am waiting my whole life for chances like this.Please,give me the chance.Give it to me. ♥ #btwball
having free tickets to a lady gaga concert would be one of the best presents i would have. u see, my high school friends and i have not reunited in over five years. they were my closest nitch when it came to life problems, or when i needed someone for support. we were like brothers and sisters in a way. i am now trying to find a way for us all to reunite. since most of my friends like lady gaga, i think that going to a lady gaga concert together would be the best way for us to reunite. having the free tickets would mean a lot. #btwball
I didn't go the monster ball and would give anything to see her live, it would mean so much to me as no one will pay for me to go. Gaga made me brave, and helped me so much and to see her live would be an experience I'd never forget and I'd be forever thankful to you for #btwball
Everyone Goes Gaga! Really soon! #btwball
I would like to go to the #btwball on LatinAmerica. I really admire #LadyGaga and I want to go to her concert on Mexico for the first time. :D
Would be the greatest chance to see Lady Gaga #btwball
I would basically sell my soul to go to the #btwball. Lady gaga changed my life more than one comment could ever say, and a chance to see her would be indescribable... 
My girlfriend would flip the f*ck out if she got to go to the #btwball
I would love to see my idol! #btwtour
#btwball wanne win the tickets
I want to win SO BAD!!!! I've missed her every time she's come to my city cuz I never had enough money saved! This would totally fix it!!! I LOVE LADY GAGA #btwball

Would love to win this, does anyone know if this includes possible monster pit entry? #btwball
Hi, I'm Lauren and I would really like to win this. I don't need to win this, but for me it would make me very happy! So I'm a little monster who really wants to get these tickets and I really don't have anything else to say about this except I just hope these tickets make someone happy even if it's not me. #btwball
I would really love to win this because me and my friends love Lady Gaga so fricken much and she is so amazing!!!! I would love to see here in concert #btwball
#btwball please pick me i love lady gaga so bad
I would love to go to this concert. <3 <3 <3 #btwball
PICK ME!!!!!! or Melissa Goscinski!!! cause I bet shed bring me!!! You should listen to Melissa sing! Its so purty!!! #btwball
oh and i love lady gaga sooooooo much!!!!!
Gaga is not just a musician. She is our culture, our community, and, overall, our Mother Monster.
I really want to go! Tickets are so expensive #btwball
Lady Gaga is my inspiration! Thanks for the opportunity of winning free tickets SeatGeek! Keeping my hopes high, I will see her soon :) #btwball
#btwball I really wish I could've gone to the monster ball and been inspired, but now is a chance to experience it only newer
I really want to see Gags in concert, I love her! She's an inspiration #btwball
#btwball It's hard to listen to one of her songs without crying because I know she made the music for me. For us. It makes me feel closer to her.
#btwball I love you Lady Gaga I really hope to see you in the coming months ive been waiting for this forever!! <3
#btwball this would be the best thing to ever happen to me. Gaga is my inspiration and without her it simply wouldnt be the same. She taught me to be strong and always believe in yourself. Even if i dont win, I will always BE as strong as i am Thanks to Gaga. I love you mother mons+er.
-Little Mons+er Iliana
Lady GaGa means more to me than any other artist. II was a transgender in an all male prison and reading her lyrics kept me sane.... it would mean more then anything to see her live.... she is my inspiration.
#btwball hi..i know it...everyone wants the Gaga tickets and i want it too. Gaga, like everyone, inspired me to be brave and courage. i can't sleep without gaga tickets. Lady Gaga it's not only my favourite artist, it's my muse.. So i Want to SCREAM i want to SING i want to DREAM i want to DANCE i want to BELIEVE AGAIN AND AGAIN in Gaga. I would like to be a dancer and i can't imagine me without see know it very well...thank you
Sammy J
I NEED THIS GAGA IS MY LIFE #btwball xoxoxo
such the winner here for #btwball tickets. Monster pit, here I come.
#btwball Been dreaming to see Lady Gaga for 4 years. I don't need big words to tell how much this would mean to me. I just wanna live the dream for one night <3
#btwball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her so much!!! (L)
#btwball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her so much!!! (L)
#btwball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her so much!!! (L)
#btwball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her so much!!! (L)
#btwball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her so much!!! (L)
#btwball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her so much!!! (L) ~Estonia (L) 25.08. 2012
#btwball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her so much!!! (L) ~Estonia (L) 25.08. 2012
#btwball . Never seen her live, but I have all her albums and I respect her so much. I have a poster of her above my bed to constantly inspire me and remind me not to give up. Not only do I love her music, but she inspires myself artistically and musically as well! And she is a gay rights and animal rights activist, political activist, and philanthropist, which I admire so much! I don't care what negativity is said about her... she'll always be one of the most talented entertainers and artists of our generation! :) little monster wants to go!
#btwball 2 little monsters (my 7 & 9 year old's) and 1 big mamma monster wants to gooooooooooooo <3 <3 Lady GAGA!!!
I love lady gaga and seatgeek so much!Lady gaga makes me so happy I could Die.I respect her and what she does.#1 Little Monster Ever!!!!!!
#btwball extroirdanary opportunity. I should go because it will make me so happy! like
I need to see Lady Gaga! The Born This Way album has literally changed my life, I have no idea where I would be if it did not come out when it did and mean what it does! She is the reason I am strong and confident today and it would mean the world to me to see her perform this album live. Pick me please! 
Would be incredible to win these tickets!
It would be so exciting to be able to tell my teenage son and daughter that I have just won them Lady Gaga concert tickets. My son has never been to a concert and he loves Lady Gaga. It would be awesome if we could win, I am excited that she is doing a U.S. Tour.#btwball
#btwball, have seen two times in concert in Pittsburgh and very anxious to see again, hurry back to the states
Went to Monster Ball which was SUPER AWESOME!!! Now I gotta get to #btwball so that I can experience her awesomeness once again! Gaga really knows how to put on a fantastic show! She knows how to entertain and is way too creative to pass up!
My sister and I would really love to see Lady Gaga. We haven't seen her concerts...EVER IN OUR LIVES!!!!! and we have been following her since "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" and "Just Dance." I love her third album the best and I have always admire her as a wonderful musician, as well as respecting her as a person. I look up to her and listen to "Edge of Glory" every morning to get through my day. Please, PLEASE PICK US!!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!!!! #btwball
This woman is my entire life, without her I couldn't be me, getting the opportunity to get these tickets to the #bornthisway ball would make me the happiest monster in the world! <3
Lady Gaga Has changed my life, that's my idol, my queen, my god, & i really hope i win these tickets. please :[ ? pretty please ? :[ i love Mother Monster please choose me ♥ :D . Lady Gaga i love you with all my heart and thank you for being a fierce bitch baby , xoxo Erik ♥
I LOVE YOU LADY GAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this little monster says pleaseee!
All I'm going to say is that I love Lady Gaga so much, and I'd love to go to her concert, I would cry, I hope I win this thing, I'm fine with losing, but yes I do want to win this, more than anything in the world. If it's not me who wins, I hope someone who deserves to win wins. Love you Gaga xo #btwball
#btwball I would love to see Lady Gaga!!!!! :0 I've been a huge fan have all her cd's and that's mostly all I listen when I'm driving.
#btwball I would Love to see lady gaga!!! She is my life and I know all of her songs by heart, I am a little monster and always will be. I love you GAGA!!!!
Pls Pls Pls Pick me!!!! #BTWball
I'm 13 years old and i have never went to a Gaga concert, i would really appreciate if you guys choose me please! :) #btwball
lady gaga is my idol, i know every single one of her songs and i love her soooooooo so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would die if i got to go to her concert!!!!! #btwball
Got to b in it to win it, gaga #btwball
I love GaGa with all my heart! please pick me!! I am her biggest little monster ever!! I went to New York on Years to see this woman perform! Amongst all the mayhem I still went I even ran around the streets of New York in MY SOCKS to get to her other hotel before she performs!!! I would do anything to see her with no hesitations!! #btwball
let the cultural baptism begin! #btwball
I want to win. Thanks. #btwball
#btwball. I have never gone to a concert and i would love to see her Live as my first artist/celebrity. I love her music so much.
omg!!! i love gaga i want to the BTWBALL!!! #btwball
Oh man! Google plus is the best!
I WANT TO WIN! Please choose me :D I love her so much!!!!
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta Is my Savior.
I've always felt like a monster. Lady Gaga made this a good thing. I can sit here and type up all the saccharine desires I have to see her, but all of her fans feel that way. Me though? I was #bornthisway !!! Gaga isn't just a person anymore, she is a dream, an aspiration, and all her fans are the dreamers. To go to the #btwball would be beyond dreaming.
I would LOVE to see Lady Gaga in concert. #btwball
LADY GAGA IS MY LIFE, SHE IS MY INSPIRATION! She has taught me to believe in myself and don't let anyone tell you who or what you should be be! I love her so much, she is my biggest inspiration, and i will love her forever! PAWS UP Love you mother monster! To go to the btw ball would be my most BIGGEST dream!

Music is everything to me. It brings me back to reality when I feel lost, helps me to feel loved when I feel hated. Gaga does all this for me, and more.There is no possible way to articulate, into words, my admiration for Gaga and all that she does. They call everyone, and anyone, an "artist" these days, but Gaga is nothing short of a true Artiste. I hope to, one day, see her live. It would mean so much to me to chosen, but, if not, I hope that whoever wins is a honestly dedicated lover who she is and what she does, as well as a lover of her catchy numbers. =)
#btwball Love her so much, I love the things she says and I feel like she really cares about everyone of her fansxxxx
I feel like she knows me, she loves me, she sincerely wants the best for me, and makes me feel beautiful. And most of all she gives me hope. She represents the underdog and the minority, and has brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people. I am glad she has so much love and respect from her fans, as she deserves it.#btwball
#btwball Really need to go see her in the uk!!! She is so inspirational and helped me out in more ways than 1!!
#btwball there is honestly nothing i want more than to see lady gaga live. she is my inspiration and gets me thru my day PAWS UP
I would love more then anything to take my daughter to her concert me and her dont have the most perfect relationship but knowing how much she is a gaga fan if i was able to take her to her concert our relationship would be so much better she is only 12 but she is a hard core gaga fan and i also like gaga just as much im a young mother im 27 and i think thats maybe why we kinda bump heads cause im not as old as a mother usually is with a 12 yr old but i know my daughter is a die hard fan of lady gaga so please look into your hearts and please send me 2 tuckets it would change our lives seriously....thank you
#btwball i want to go so bad! Gaga is my life, and inspiration, she gives me the strength to be who I am, and to be proud of it! i really just want to show her how much I appreciate her music, and her encouragement through life :) PAWS FOREVER UP
I'm trying to win these tickets so I can take my sister, Lady Gaga is her hero and I want to give her the best gift of being able to take her to see the concert, its a once in a life time chance, please<3Bornthisway
#btwtour Lady Gaga is my inspiration. i am not liked in school and i relate to her... i have no fiends and i look up to her more than anything. i have always wanted to go to her concert. she inspires me that everything is going to be okay and thats why i need to win these tickets <33 little monster FOREVER
I know you'll go through 1,000 of these, so why would you pick mine? What makes me special enough to go to Lady Gaga's tour?
And that's why I want to go.
Gaga thinks everyone is special, everyone should have rights and the courage to fight. The ball is a place for everyone; all ages, all freaks, all outcasts. Lady Gaga makes me feel like I can do the things I want to do. That no matter what everyone else tells me I can, like her, achieve anything I put my mind to (and my mind has A LOT of ideas of what that might me.)
I could go on forever about how she inspired me to wear what I want to wear to school without facing judgement, or how she gives me hope that my 9 year old autistic brother won't get bullied because she's sticking up for kids like him, but I won't. I won't give you a story that will pull on your heartstrings or make you cry or live your life in guilt for the rest of your life (not that those are bad things, well the third one maybe)
I don't NEED these tickets, but for the love of all that is Gaga. I'd sure as hell love them.
Paws up xx
-Kayla Lake
#btwball I would love to see this concert. My best friend and I wanted to see Lady Gaga during the Monster Ball and the Fame tour, but we couldn't. We are both HUGE fans of Lady Gaga. When we hang out, sometimes we do Gaga photoshoots, and try to dress up like Gaga and do our hair and makeup like hers. Then we try to send her some of the pictures via twitter. :) Anyway, she is a big inspiration to me. I want to be a singer myself, and her story of struggles to pursue her dream has helped me aspire towards mine. I would love to meet her, sing a duet with her at sometime in the future. I've always wanted to see her in concert, and I think it would be an amazing experience. I reeeally want to go! I love Gaga! Paws up!
-Chloe, little monster xx
#btwball I love LADY GAGA!! She is really amazing and a talented singer!! I'm from Malaysia, but I love her much!! She is really great. Musics amazing, dressed up cool, everything about her makes me impressed. Perhaps, I'm not her HUGE fans, but I'm proud to be one of her fans. Because she is really great! :) Love her much!! I cant imagine if there's no LADY GAGA, such amazing singer in the world
Going to a Lady Gaga's concert is on my bucket list. Yea I am over 30, but who says an old lady cant shake and quake too. Age is a state of mind. She is a rare talent, so who in their right mind wouldnt want to go to one of her concerts. Inspiration comes to all ages and she inspires me. Its never to late to be inspired. So grant an old lady a chance of a life time Seatgeek.
Love Lady Gaga!!! Can't wait for the Born This Way Ball!!!!
I would love to win! Gaga is everything to me, and i would love to win tickets to go see my queen <3
#BTWBALL I'm a huge fan of last gaga!!! She is a huge role model to me. She speaks love, kindness and tolerance for all. I have a "little monster" decal on my car's rear window so everyone knows I'm proud to be a little monster. Paws up!!! 
I have been a Gaga fan since The Fame. I danced for 14 years, and had always been the odd one out. Rockin to 80's hair bands and any metal I could get my hands on, I was the most different at the studio who danced lyrical, tap, jazz and hip hop. Pop music was always just alright to me, but Gaga was amazing for me. The realness, the deepness and just overall genius of her music sucked me in deep. I am 19 years old, a cosmetology student, and a huge little monster. To this day, I jam to Gaga on a daily basis, I watch her perform, I ball my eyes out. The reality of her is a reality for me. It's the most amazing thing that I ever get to see. I hear she has a new video coming and I will cry, the Judas video is the most amazing video and choreography that I have ever seen right next to Michael Jackson's Thriller video. Gaga is my idol. Not giving a crap what people think of her, and just doing what she loves and helps anyone she possibly can. Having the capability of making money like her and still helping those less fortunate is something to look up to. Just like myself, who, once I graduated from my cosmetology school and am licensed, I will also be helping the less fortunate, I will be helping cancer patients and battered women feel better about themselves, help with their self confidence as much as I possibly can because I care. I really truly care. Even as I type this I am crying just hoping that I get the chance to see the Born This Way Ball and have the greatest time of my life. There is no artist I respect more, love more, or even care more than Lady Gaga. My mother monster means everything. So, Seatgeek, it's reasons like above that I feel I should win tickets. Then again, everyone deserves it. Paws up Monsters! #BTWBALL
+1Seatgeek I hope I can win Lady gaga tickets to the #btwball cuz i was #bornthisway and this day
GAGA!!! i want to go so bad i can't breathe! I am her biggest fan i love everything she does and wouldn't be here today without her!! +1seatgeek #btwball Get it gaga<3
lady gaga is my life she is and is my every thing #btwball would fulfil make me feel like I have a purpose
#btwball I Want Free Lady Gaga Tickets !
#btwball in Virginia, please come!
I Love Lady Gaga ! She Is My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE ! #btwball i Need Tickets Please !
I want this so bad, but there are so many people who deserve this. The only thing that i have to say is, Lady GaGa is a role model, for me, and all these people. She is the best person to look up too, especially in tough times, and ill be just as happy to buy a ticket, to help her make my experience at her concert, a look at her imagination. Besides, this is only a raffle, and i bet it wont be the 300 dollar ticket that i wanted, and with this many people on here, there is no way i will win.... baauuut iettt duuunnntt madddeeerrrrr :) #btwball
I feel so sad that she won't come in Greece this year too, so I would love to win the tickets for her concert in Bulgary!!! So pleaseeee!!!!! <3 LOVE YOU GAGA <3 <3 <3 Hope i'll win!!!!!
I would really love to win free tickets as that would be the only way I could go to this tour! #btwball
#btwball all the tickets were sold out when I search the site & now cant access to them even...only if I win this ....<3
I would love to go see my mother monster!! PAWS UP!!!!
#btwball  I have been in love with Lady GaGa since she was Stefani Germanotta Alot of people might say that but I was that before The Fame. She has been my idol, my role model, my mother for the longest. Tough times, rough times, even the worst times. I kept my head up Living in New Jersey in a small town in Farmingdale, If you are just the slightest different in this town you get noticed fast. Me being gay was more of a crime when i was younger but now it doesn't make me disappointed anymore it makes me proud because i was born this way. I live up to her name and in a way I became just as infamous as she is. I love her art, I'm not one to brag but I brag about her EVERYDAY EVERYWHERES. WHAT AMAZING THINGS SHE HAS DONE FOR PEOPLE JUST BY HER WORDS. Why do I think I should win, Because I have never went to one concert in my life. In my whole life 21 years I have never been to one concert Not even at Six Flags. My parents always said concerts cause bad behavior, now that I'm 21 and finally out of my parents house this would be one contest i would surely never forget if i won. Thanks Lady GaGa , Put your PAWS UP CUZ WE WERE BORN THIS WAY BABY!!!!!
 #btwball no one understands how much I want these tickets. I love GaGa more than everything. I need tickets. I already missed her first tour and I just can't miss this one. PLS HELP ME OMG
#btwball  Okay, so I guess i'm not super good with words, and don't have much of an imagination to think of something good to say. But I am and always will be a little monster. My mom kicked me out for being bisexual so I am living with my dad and he doesn't have the money what-so-ever. I am trying to save my money but I don't really have anywhere to make money from. I wasn't - by any means - trying to make a sob story. just hoping for these wonderful tickets! Thank you so much! #LittleMonsterforLife  
#btwball First off I want to say Lady Gaga is a true GENIUS my #1,my hero!I LOVE Lady G unconditionally!!My life,my entire world is Mother Monster!I'm sure my monster family wants these tickets, but I want these tickets bad!I am a 36 year old gay female,I'm soon tired of being judged,feeling alone,&all those ugly feelings people don't like to feel!I've been on my own since 16,life hasn't been easy!I wasnt popular in school constantly got picked on but i stayed & graduated but people being mean & other things in my life lead me down a path of drugs& alchol Ms Lady G came along & turned my life around!She fought 4 me & my rights&loved me for who I am w/ no limits!Helped me keep my head up!!I've been out of work for 2 years I'm a painter&I got hurt at work pretty bad,doctor wont let me go back yet!That put me in a depressed state for awhile!Then I started playing keyboard/piano,Ms Lady G made me see that I don't have to stay stuck I've always loved music so I put all my emotion into teaching myself to play!I'm sure there are many that want these tickets,please for once I want to feel what it feels like to win something, Honestly I never have!My monster family is big and I'm sure they want to win so do I!I'm in the process of getting my entire back tattooed w/ a portrait of Ms Lady G & then when she autographs my back that will be tattooed!I'm her biggest fan!Please Pick me to win the tickets!!I love my entire monster family and my mother monster!!Xo
She's been such a huge inspiration. I didn't use to be brave and confident. She's changed my life and made me love and believe in myself! #btwball
I don't need to write a paragraph expressing my true love for Lady Gaga. Her music is just so truly inspiring and I love her, and I cannot wait to attend her concert in the US. <3 #btwball
Eu amo a Lady Gaga!!!Divã!
@_@ No way to express how much Lady Gaga means to me and my friends :) I can't tell you how much it would mean to win even 1 ticket when she comes to California :D It would be a dream come true to bring my friends to the Ball and for a moment bask in the inspiration that is mother monster as we have wanted to so much for years.
oooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!Lady Gaga i love you so much.I am the biggest fan and lover of you,but i won't have the chance to see you from near because you aren't coming in Greece during your tour 2012 and so i have never have the chance to meet a awesome amazing thrilling single dot irresistible singer and showwoman The best ever all around the world and all the times.Please make an effort to visit my beautiful country Greece,which i know that you love and admire her and give a big performance for us,your greek fans <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Gaga if you see this I want you to know, you are my idol. I am bullieda lot and people call me names, say I am a loser. But when I look at you or listen to your music I see a strong, beautiful, confident woman. I liked singers before, and when you came out I was like I need tickets. When I got the to go online when you announced your Fame Ball, tickets were sold out. The exact same with your Monster Ball tour. I want nothing more than to see your Born This Way ball. At my school I sang Born This Way. You gave me confidence to be myself and not be afraid to be myself.  I have a connection with you like no other star. I normally give more than recieve and people take advantage of me and I feel horrible about myself. I used to come home crying everyday, I would then go to my room and listen to you and you would make me feel better. people called me names that made me feel really bad about myself and I am the second heaviest in my class and it made me insecure. When I first saw you on tv and saw what you wore I was happy to know someone out there wasn't affraid to be themselves. That was how I begun to like you. That and your music.I listened to hair the first time and I was like oh my god this is a wonderful song. when I was watching a Madonna interview and she said that you were reductive, I was so mad I yelled at the tv saying "YOU CANNOT SAY THAT ABOUT MOTHER MONSTER." When Monster Ball tour came out on dvd I was like I missed that concert. I was so sad.  And I keep thinking I am going to miss out on any chance to see the best person in the world. I would give anything to see you. You are the most  miraculous, phenomenal, and commendable woman ever. I am always disappointed when you are not nominated for awards.
I truly connect with you. I am glad you were born and are in the music business. You make me want to follow my dreams.

Please send me tickets. LOVE YOU LADY GAGA! <3
#btwball Please!!! It's the first time she ever comes to my town and since the tickets are so expensive I probably won't be able to attend it since I have to start paying for my college bills >.< and it has been my dream to see Mother Monster in concert
Love her! She's just so amazing. she has a great talent and couldn't be happier for her!
I've lived in mississippi all of my life. growing up as a gay hiding in shadows regretting every third word i said killed me, almost literally. I reached a point in about the seventh grade where i began slicing my wrists open with any thing i could find. In that same year i found gaga and she inspired my depressed soul, gave me a vision of myself that i thought i'd never see. With songs like just dance, the fame, and i like it rough she inspired me to tough it out, then came dance in the dark, i missed the monster ball (i cried for six hours). The #btwball would be a great way to repay her with my thanks. I want to give her my gratitude and propose a song i wrote for her. I love lady gaga not because she's amazing, not because of her fashions, but because through her i learned that U run U.
#btwball  Gaga never comes to my home town, but I am so willing to drive to see her. If only I could afford to see her.
#btwball I love you and need you. Gaga is my hero! All my life I've
wanted to be a singer; a performer! But I've always felt put down
about "it" and felt like I couldn't get to it. I remember I had this
huge mirror above my bed when I in 6th grade and I would blast pop
music and sing into a hairbrush when nobody was watching. Now that I
have graudated high school, I feel like I CAN do ANYTHING. I don't
have to worry about being bullied anymore for how I act/dress/talk.
She has inspired me to be all that I can be and want to be more. I
want to be like her, save everyone. I want to make people feel good
about themselves and spread peace to everyone. I want people to hear
the incredible lyrics I write. I want to sing to them. After buying
The Monster Ball and watching it over and over again, Gaga tought me
that I can be who I wanna be..WHOEVER I want to be. And I can do it in
anyway and in amount of time I need. I cried the first couple times I
watched The Monster Ball. She is irrevocably inspiring to me. She has
taught me to love myself through thick and thin -no matter what. Last
year my mom was going to buy a friend of mine and I a ticket to her
show that was playing in Pheonix for my birthday. She ended up not
because the tickets became too expensive. I have money saved up for
this year to buy her ticket. It's one of my dreams to meet her face to
face, to make my way to the front of the monster pit and see her
because I am only 5"1 and it's hard to see. I want to be in her face
looking up at her and have her smile at me and pull me on stage and
invite me backstage. It is a true dream for me. I go to bed EVERY
night listneing to her music. I can't sleep to any other music
anymore. I wake up and listen to her music in the shower, while I'm
getting ready, while I'm on my way to work, at work, going back home,
and then during my evening shower, and back to bed again while I
sleep. She means the World to me. Please Gaga, I must meet you and
come to your show, please!
I would love tickets to see GaGa!! She is like the only person that I go crazy over! She is AHMAZING! love! love! love her!!! she is sooo powerfully inspiring! smart and charismatic!! I can go on and on!! SO I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HER!! If I don't get these tickets I'm gonna have to resort to selling my body!! LMFAO!! that's my hoooookah! LOL!!!!!! #btwball  
#btwball !!!!! MUST see Gaga!! she is an amazing performer! rollercoaster ride from start to finish!
#btwball <3 There are so many ways I could tell you how Mother Monster has changed my life. She has influenced me to not only love myself for who I am, but she has taught me to love others and accept them for who they are. She is my idol. I've never seen her in concert before because I've missed her both times she's come to Atlanta. If I were to win these tickets, it would be a dream come true! I love her so much and I hope you consider this entry. Thank you :')
I can't wait to see Gaga at the #btwball  she is such an amazing artist and inspiration!
Lady Gaga SETS ME FREE! <3 #BtwBall  I have to see her! <3 She is my inspiration in life <3 
I would love to see her live at the #btwball. I'm a concert virgin (sad for 19), but what can I say - I've just been waiting for the right one to come along, and Lady Gaga IS DEFinitely that special someone <3. I am too too too excited already 
#BtwBall I would love to see her in Tampa FL March 2012!!! I love Gaga's music but what attracted me to her was when she and her mother appeared on Oprah show. I loved hearing where she came from and about her inner strenght.
#btwball for Chicago!! I am such a huge fan and such a little monster!!! PLEASE LET ME FULFILL MY DREAM OF SEEING HER!! <3
I'm so excited for The Born This Way Ball!  I would love to see it in New York or Boston!
Gaga saved my life. She's brought me through horrible depression with her music and activism. Now, 3 years later, I can't help but love the absolutely perfect theatricality of her performances and how she has innovated the industry with items like her new wig which can be connected and controlled by her lighting technician. Her music brings me up when I'm down, and keeps taking me higher. There is little I want more than to see her at #btwball Phoenix.
Omggggg you have got to pick me!! I love GaGa and have been dying to see her since Just Dance first came on the radio!! I am a young single parent and am broke as ever and cant afford these tickets but i sure would love to win some :D #btwball 
Omg i want to see mother monster live sooooo bad at the #btwball !!!!!!!!!!! Paws up for life<3
Omg i want to see mother monster live sooooo bad at the #btwball !!!!!!!!!!! Paws up for life<3
Kara N.
#BTWB   #BTWBALL   bust. I must go please. Everyday I try to help make this world a better safer braver place for all. (I work with young children) and want to do all that I can to spread the message of love and acceptance and equality. I really really love Gaga so much for all that she has done for each and every one of us. 
Short & Simple. She is amazing, I love her & everyting she represents as a human being and an artist! it would be a dream to see her show...paws up baby #BTWBALL
Lady Gaga is not only a performer/singer, she is a true and honest person who deserves everything she has accomplished. Ever she came out I have looked up to her and have bought every album of hers. There is always a story behind her songs and she compels people like me to be inspired and to always be ourselves. I have always wanted to meet her or see her in person, it would be a experience worth living <3 #btwball
I really wanna go with my bf plz plz make it happen 
I've loved Lady Gaga since she first came out. Before anyone even knew who she was. After the first time I heard "Just Dance" I knew she was gonna be the next BIG star. I love her to death and would do ANYTHING to see her live. I live in Las Vegas and it is my dream to see her when she comes January 25th to the MGM Grand. PLEASE PLEASE pick me for the tickets. :):):)
I have been waiting for your return since I missed you in concert on March of 2011 in Louisville Kentucky at the KFC YUM Center due to an automobile accident that landed me in a hospital just 1 week before my concert date. I was to meet a friend for the first time at this concert but was unable to and lost her to CF before our 1st meeting. We were truely your biggest fans and i would very much like to attend a show alone to remind me of what we had together. I listen to your music on my ipod everyday. I have all your videos and music on iTunes. I've read your biographies and hanged your posters. I am GOOGOO for Radio GAGA. I know your lyrics. I know Your past, your present, and hope with this ticket to become a part of the future of the Ball. From Just Dance to Bloody Mary. I know it all. Choose me because above all and forever more MY RELIGION IS YOU!!! GAGA FOREVER!!! #btwball
I love lady gaga so much! i've looked up to her for years, but i haven't had the opportunity to go to one of her concerts yet. it's my dream to go to the btwball, i've been looking forward to it forever. i'm so happy to have a chance to win tickets to the btw ball!
My 12 year-old son adores Mother Monster, loves what she stands for and what her messages are in her music. Being a lesbian single parent and having my son listen to positive words means tons. #btwball  
#btwball - I am so going. Played "Edge of Glory" at my brother's funeral last year. Fell for the Lady & all her music & message.
#btwbalI  I should win the tickets because I want to take my 15 year old daughter. She has been picked on and bullied for years about who she is and she loves lady gaga and fights about how she was born this way. It would be a dream come true for her.
#btwball I've been wanting to see my idol or the past 2 years! Ive been dealing with an eating disorder and she has made me strong! She is the reason why I got help & why I am here. I was at the point were I didn't want to continue with my life but she helped me, I really love her. She's amazing and seeing her live would be amazing! It would be the best day of my life. 
This would be the greatest experience of all time. I don't, and can't really, travel to go see our Mama Monster, and she'll be within a reasonable distance for me to finally experience the sheer awesomeness of her talent and kindness. If I miss out, I miss out, but a chance for a first would be splendid. I'd take my mother with me, for she too likes Stefani and her amazing piano playing. <3 #btwball
MUST be able to attend the #btwball ! It would mean beyond the universe to me if I had the oppertunity to see Mama Monster, I'm praying for a ticket!
I would love to get to see her!!!! My friends and I all love Mother Monster!!! #btwball  
Madi K
#btwball IVE BEEN WAITING FOUR YEARS FOR MOTHER MOSTER TO COME BACK!! thank bloody mary she has <3 <3 <3
Please make my dream come true and help me get a ticket to see my idol! she is my inspiration and it would mean more than i could put into words just to be in the same building as her.  i need to see my Mother Monster!!!! #btwball  
I could say something here about how Lady Gaga has gotten my through rough times or make up a story to win over your guys affection to choose me to win but I'm just going to be honest here- I could never afford Gaga tickets and I would probably feel like the luckiest person alive if I got to go to the Born This Way Ball.  She's definitely inspired my to get out of my comfort zone and to be myself.  Trust me there aren't enough languages on the planet to describe to you how badly I want to go to her concert, so please just consider my eight little chances to go. January 23, 2013. #btwball
I love Lady Gaga, she is the biggest inspiration to me, and to be able to see her perform, would make me the happiest kid in the world! #btwball
I love Lady Gaga!!! I have been a huge fan since the beginning. I am a little monster and I have been waiting forever to see Mother monster live... She is the biggest inspiration to me and so many others. She is amazing and I would love to see her... It would make my day just to be in the same room as her. Dont ever quit doing what your doing Gaga!!!! #btwball 
My mom and I are big fans! What a great night for us to share together winner tix to see lady gaga! #btwball
#btwball I just want to see her perform again! She gives me the courage to be an oddball. I'm so lucky to have her as a public icon to look up to.
#btwball  im am absolutely goo goo for GAGA!!!!!!!i have a matching tattoo with her!!!!(; i have the unicorn that she has on her right thigh!!!!
I need to win so I can take my boyfriend and bf to see her for the most amazing show in the world!
Mother Monster, I love you!!!
I would love to see Lady Gaga live. Her music has such a positive message and feeling, not to mention it also sounds good. She is from New York, which is where I'm from. She seems to have a great personality, which is what I need to be around right now. Knowing that I even had a chance at winning will make my day. #btwball
Lady Gaga has changed my life.  It is so hard to put what she has done for me in words.  I have been to the edge and back and someonething that really helped me get through my hard times that I had then and now is listening to and watching Gaga perform.  Not only is she an amazing singer/dancer/entertainer/performer, she is passionate about what she does and involved with her fans and the community around her.  If I were to write why I want these tickets it would go way past the character limit.  I am a college student and barely have money to wash my clothes and would love to get this ticket to the #btwball .  It would be a dream come true and I would not want to miss it.  
Lady GaGa is my inspiration! I am huge little monster! I've been dying to see her #btwball since her album dropped :) She is my Queen!!
#btwball Trying to win Tickets for Michigan show to be a good girlfriend and take my BF- who is a huge fan <3
The #btwball  will leave me even more inspired the Lady Gaga. Just recently I got a #bornthisway  tattoo to constantly remind me that Gaga has helped me find my inner Queen that's inside of me.
This will b my 4th Gaga Show! I can't wait! Paws up!! <3 Gaga!! #btwball
I want to go to the #btwball - I think Im cursed, every concert I really want to go to goes on sale while Im at work, so I never get to a computer in time and then they sell out!! :(  I really need a vacay from work . .  . . so if one concert night its the best I can do right now to spend time with the bf, then I would LOVE to get these tix!
lady gaga is my hero i love her so much and i cant wait to go see her!!!! #btwball
#btwball I wanna meet you so bad, I'm deaf, don't matter what I can't hear what your says or song. I always read the lyrics before began a song and I felt beats how I could understand what it's says. I hope you possible pick to winning for free ticket for me and also meet in person in backstage. I wanna talk you a little communicate wih you, and might I teachable you few word of sign of language, would be cool!! Ofc my favor songs is judas and born this way. I'm pride who i am, deaf, Latino, gay. Thanks, monster gaga!!
i would love to see lady gaga at the #btwball  i love her so much and i wish i had the money to see her
going to the Born This Way Ball would b so amzing. it would b the best graduation gift that can b give to me. #BTWBALL
And i can feel comfortable wit people who are jus like me at the ball. There would b No hate against me
#btwball You have been a huge inspiration to my daughter & have helped her through some very difficult times & struggles...I would love nothing more than to make her wish come true & surprise her with tickets to your #btwball
I have to go to the Born this Way Ball! I want to give my best friend the tickets! He is crazy about Lady G, it would mean the world to him. Little monsters 4ever! #btwball  
I would love to see Lady Gaga LIVE!!!!
I have been supporting our mother monster since I saw her on SYTYCD!! she is my muse and I need to go to this concert #btwball   #gaga4GaGa  
Ha, yes this seems like a good idea. 
If I win, I promise to only wear caution tape to the concert. 
I will deliver photographic evidence of such.
One of my goals is to be a part of GaGa's Haus of GaGa! help me make it a little closer by going to her show #btwball  
after looking at presale tix worried i wont be able to afford tix to #btwball  PLEASE HELP!
I would LOVE Gaga tickets! Such a huge fan and havent made it to a show yet! I would be so happy and thankful!!!!!! :)
Lady Gaga makes me strong when I am weak, shows me the light when it's dark, and gives me reason to believe in anything. Seeing her would make me the happiest person alive.
I have never been lucky enough to see her live, because tickets are always so expensive. I always use seatgeek, so I was absolutely fanatic to see this contest on your site. thank you seatgeek. gaga is my absolute idol & inspiration, and I would be so grateful if I got to attend one of her insane concerts. xx #btwball
Omg I love lady gaga she is one of my idiols it would be a dream come true i got to see her perform live.!!! Please pick me, i would be so gratful. i  love seatgeek #btwball
I would love to be able to go to her concert with a friend if I have enough tickets. I have NEVER been to a concert befor and I'd be so grateful to be able to go! :D #btwball
#btwball Can't wait for Lady Gaga to come to Nashville!  Music City will be rocking March 10th!
#btwball  I have three daughters and even though we are all different in age we share the love of Gaga's music and I would love to surprise them with tickets to her concert, I cannot afford to buy them but winning them would be the most amazing thing I could ever win. I can just close my eyes and see my daughters faces now...please!!!!
#btwball   I would love to win these tickets for my wife and daughters. They love Lady Gaga so much and right now with everything else going on we just cant afford it so winning them is the only way. Please help me surprise them and put a huge smile on their faces.
#btwball  I would so love to hear Lady Gaga in concert. Also it would be nice to be there to celebrate my friends bday with him.
Lady gaga omg I love her!!!!!!!!!♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡# btwball
#btwball >>>I see NO WERE saying that Lady Gaga will be comming to New Orleans...IM truely heartbroken...but Im willing to travel ANYWERE TO SEE HER....This little monster will walk if I have to....I love you LadyGaga.....
One of the perks in our business.  Lots of restrictions on who and what you can take pix of at a gig when you are up that close and personal.  Sometimes we set right under the stage in lawn chairs during the show, the sound is awesome.
Lady Gaga has made me so strong and has made me the person who I am today. Because of her, I am not scared to be who I am and who I was meant to be. I am no longer letting negativity cloud my thoughts and judgement. I've learned to love myself and others because of her. She has made me so brave and I would love to see her live.
Thank you so much! #btwball  
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