Don’t Be Scammed By Deals on Black Friday

Sometimes #BlackFriday deals seems too good to be real, and that’s often the case. There is a lot of sales-baiting going on where people try and send you deals via email or over the phone that are not deals at all. They’re attempting to get you to click on a link or give up some personal information. If you suspect a deal is too good to be true here are a couple things you can do.

If it’s an email #offer that was sent to you, hover the email with your mouse cursor ( but don’t click on it ) and see where the sender is from. If it’s not from an authorized merchant ( ie. ) then don’t click on it. This is called click-bait and clicking on those emails can cause serious damage or hijacking of your computer

If it’s a #phone call and you are uncertain then use our Reverse Phone Lookup and verify who is calling. If the caller says “blocked” or “unknown” then it’s best practice to not pick up. You can also just wait and call the person on the other line back to verify who it is. Often times, companies use automatic #PhoneCalling services to try and solicit people during this time of year.
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