#Funny Criminal Stories of 2017

A woman, under the influence, was arrested after punching a paramedic in the face. The toxicology report says she was on 6 ounces of vanilla extract and a pint of beer.

Canadian #police asked to search a man’s house for drugs but he was not the suspect. The police were looking for someone else. This changed when the police saw that his name was listed as “Drug Dealer” on his phone.

A man held up a #coffee shop clerk at the register but didn’t realize there were 2 police officers waiting in line to pay their bill. It took only seconds for the police to react and arrest the guy.

An Arizona #burglar attempted to rob a house by entering the bathroom window. He got stuck in the clothes hamper and couldn’t get out. The police arrested him shortly after.

A California woman was stopped at a #DUI checkpoint because she was obviously drunk. She then offered up, “my husband that’s right behind me is even drunker than I am”

Sources: rd.com, truecrimereport.com

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