Tax Return Fraud Up 400% - Be Aware of The Scams

Tax Return #Fraud is up 400% according to the IRS. Below are the top #Scams to be aware of. Don’t be a victim of identity theft this tax season.

1). Phone Scams – Criminals impersonate #IRS agents and ask for personal information such as SSN and threaten tax payers with fines, liens and arrests if they don’t comply. The IRS will never ask for personal information over the phone so do not be tricked or intimidate into doing so.

2). #Phishing Scams – #Fake emails and websites looking to steal personal information by saying they are the IRS. The IRS will never send an email or a bill about a refund out of the blue. Be very careful about any strange emails.

3). #TaxReturn Preparer Fraud – Beware of tax preparers you’re not familiar with. Do your research online and verify the person preparing your return is legitimate. There are many unscrupulous tax preparers that set up fake operations during tax season to steal personal information from people.

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