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Will be very interesting to see what his next project is. I loved Friendfeed.
Facebook is really a fakebook... really stupid.. not using it as before...
Thanks +Piyush Koshiya i have more to tell you.. i used fakebook ads and was very disappointed... not to compare with Google adwords... as well i have a page in fakebook lebanon.360 even with a lot of people nothing serious as result.. people in fakebook likes to stay inside and socialize behind blue screen only.. fakebook is something really against world wide web... I thanks God my sites are old... very old time.. before that fakething was born.. and thanks we still have twitter and now Google Plus which i like becz it helps owner of websites... not being selfish like the fakeone telling people comes and stay with me only....
+William Matar never heard fakebook before, did you come up with it or is has that term been around and I just never encountered it ?
Will this be a totally different looking company in one year?
+A+F SEO they've already made so many changes in the past 6 months. So I'll say in another 12 will make them totally different from what we see today
Agreed. I guess IPO's will do that:)
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