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Google AdWords made some changes to ad rotation features. Perhaps they were listening to +Matt Van Wagner after all.
It looks like the powers-that-be at Google are listening to thoughtful feedback like Matt Van Wagner presented just a few days ago in these pages. The company is making changes to recently-implemented...
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I don't get why they didn't make auto-rotation an available option from the start--let the advertisers choose how the ads run. IMO, they are paying for the ads and should make the decision without having to call/fill out a form. ~Bobette 
Google does not care too much for the advertisers that fund it, it's like they almost resent them. The truth is the old system was far fairer and cheaper to use (going back about 4 years now).

The current system works on fixed minimum bids for certain keywords, penalizes long term advertisers over new accounts and is an absolute pain to use. Overall a very frustrating and expensive experience, and why so many are leaving Adwords in favour of SEO companies. Also there is almost zero support from Google to get the best out of their bloated system.
I used Adwords for several years, but don't any more. I need to advertise, though...thinking about Yahoo search on Bing.  Wouldn't bother with Yahoo, the lack of protection from click fraud is even worse than Google. You'll just end up with a huge bill.

Bing could work for you, better protection and it's used by a more mature Internet base. Currently lacks the exposure of Google sadly.

I'd suggest advertising direct on related websites, we've found this far better than PPC, Pay Per Click is a terrible use of resources and it's proven that email campaigns and selective advertising work far better. If you look at the most successful online businesses they are the ones that steer clear of PPC altogether!   You mentioned that you stopped using Adwords after sometime, what would you say were the 3 top issues you faced with it as a Business Owner ?
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