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It's time to move from "SEO'ed content" to caring about how users behave across the web, don't you think?
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To move from it? There are a great many who have and continue to strive to provide value added content. It has ALWAYS been evolving and changing. Creating interaction with a targeted audience has also always been occurring, it's just that the tools available to us and the demographic using them have changed.
New SEO +Tim Capper? Not to be contrary, but how is that NEW? You mean what I have been doing for clients since the late nineties was not meant to convert traffic? Really?

I was formerly an entrepreneur and in sales BEFORE I started doing web stuff in the late nineties. Let me assure you, I have always been focused on conversion.
+Tim Capper sorry, I don't mean to be rude but I am forced to read it as written. And if we were talking in person it would come off better, but I hate mis characterizations like this.

If what you meant to say is: "Don't chase after traffic like bad SEOs do, but rather concentrate on conversions like good SEOs do" then yeah I can get behind that 100%. I am just sick of people referring to things as NEW when they are not. Again. I don't mean it in to be anymore offensive than I find it when people trivialize what I do and teach others to do.
+Kevin Mullett I have no Idea what you are on about. If I was taking the piss out of SEO then I would be doing myself out of a business. Seriously, you know exactly what I meant by old school, just search "linkbuilding", old school still exists, that is what i was referencing to.

I have to fix "old school SEO" problems with the majority of my clients before I can even start working on the site. Now
+Tim Capper I absolutely mean no disrespect. Of course I know that SOME people focused on that, and many who still do, but that still doesn't mean there is a NEW SEO. I am not trying to rattle your chains or discredit you in anyway, I simply disagree with the original statement.

Many of my SEO friends, I suspect you, and I have never been only focused on traffic (or the latter added backlinks). Frankly, I've never been focused on any one signal.

Please re-read your original text and pretend that you are a fresh into the business SEO or a business owner who does't know much about what we do. What would your statement lead them to believe? I'm clarifying for what I believe to be the perception of what we do for both of us. Again, and I can't emphasis this enough, I am not in anyway trying to pick a fight and mean no disrespect by disagreeing with the statement.
+Kevin Mullett +Tim Capper Semantics can ruffle people's feathers, but I think it is safe to say we're all on the same boat in terms of creating content for the people and not for manipulative reasons. Yes?
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