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Google says that The Authors Guild can’t sue on behalf of the authors because the Guild doesn’t own the copyrights to the books that Google has been scanning. Do you see book scanning as copyright infringement?
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In general, the problem is duplication of the material, but I've never heard if the search index would be held to that same legislation. That would be all Cliff Notes and any human with a good memory.
Well, I think the problem isn't the search index, it's the hosting place of that dublicated material. If someone who controls that place knows about illegal content, he's having a problem with copyright at this given example, the problem is with scanned books service...if i'm wrong, please correct me..
Its perverse that such an amazing boon to society is so contentious. Book search would help authors reach users. So much knowledge is locked up in antiquated physical print and copyright laws are keeping it that way.
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