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By opening up the Trusted stores program, will Google be able to handle the  increased transactions and service requests?
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As long as they ramp up server storage, bandwidth and ensure an encrypted connection ... sure!
Feedback system on our websites? I like the concept. It will most likely help the well managed, customer focused businesses. We'll see where it goes though...
Stop teasing us western Europeans with all your fancy additional google services! We're still waiting on map maker and offers ffs
Yes +Sean Pearse Fullerton : google needs to stop considering the US as their only important development area.

A lot of places in the world are just waiting to total dive into google.
Organising local promotion events is all good but deliver local targeted services WORLDWIDE would go cheaper, smarter, faster
Totally agree +jer kar - Australia is completely ignored by Google while it totally dominates the search engine market down here (over 90% market share I believe). Not a complaint, just a fact...
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