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Subscriber stats and the robots.txt tools going away is not too hard of a pill to swallow. But many web masters rely on the site performance tool in Webmaster Tools.
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I guess the reporting is far better in GA but I still found it handy, especially for clients that were using Omniture or other analytics platforms.
This is probably a good idea since these are redundant features from other Google services and other services that can be found online.
Robots.txt was one of those tools that I didn't need often, but when I did it was a great tool to have on hand.
is the possibility to limit Google robot being removed too?
It was very important for us last year when Google started to crowl our websites 30000 times a day instead of 300 times...
Jiri, we don't believe that is the case, they were simply cleaning up the tools available within the Webmaster Tools interface. Robots.txt can still limit and direct the bots within your site.
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