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Search Engine Land hung out. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>
SMX Evening Forum: Walk A Mile In Google's Shoes; Dealing With Tough Calls In Organic Search
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You've been live. We hope you get google glasses :)
+Danny Sullivan  - Ask about mugshots being on the web and then the nice blackmail the sites make to get a picture taken down. EVEN for folks who have charges dismissed.
These guys do deal with some tricky stuff, but then again they have plenty of resources too.
There's a difference between a public figure and a private individual.
A film is different from a private video/photo. And a celebrity is different from a private figure.
I think the only viable way for a search engine to handle it is NOT to handle it. A court order can get something removed, but that's not Google's resonsibility.
I'm experiencing the best version of this hangout by being here live! #smxwest   #smx  
Yeah. I'm pretty angry that Google maps drove in our ALLEY and took a picture of my BACKYARD. That is actually private. That's Google helping criminals, one house at a time. 
I would like a Google gadget that tells me the name of the street instead of "Turn Right in 100 yards." that gives me the street name.
How about Google showing something near me when I search Maps instead of something in another continent.
Google Hangouts, why can they not show slides?
Maybe someone can show them how to use Google Hangout. Show how to show screen shots. 
Do they know they can do surveys?
We have had K- 12 filtering for years can we have that?
+Gerry Grant It's still a fairly complicated production to ensure we were able to do the hangout alone, much less show the slides. We might try to release an edited version of this in the future with those included.
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