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Here's an article from our creative guru Lianne, talking about the boons and pitfalls of mobile design.

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Still got my authentication problems with performancepoint in claims using an embeded SSRS report. Seems even MS cant solve the problem. Still seems strange to me that although SharePoint is claims aware the SSRS report server is not, and we can't use the SharePoint reportviewer proxy through performancepoint.

Although I think SharePoint and perfpoint have come a long way, I think there is still work to be done around authentication and simple options for PPS reports like the ability to change the colour of a chart!

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So hangouts are apparently available on android now, can't seem to find the option though! 

This is probably just me being a bit thick but if I +1 things within google + they dont appear on my +1 section? Any ideas?

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2 great tools for creating google charts. The first is a wizard which builds the URL for you The second can be used as a dev area and also debugs any errors Both great tools for static BI visualizations.

I'm sure the data visulization api is even better but at this stage I am embedding these charts within a google maps infowindow so best to keep it simple for a start...

Enjoying working with the google maps API and SharePoint web parts today. SharePoint dev has come a long way in 2010.

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First Graze box arriving tomorrow, at least its free because I am not sure about the contents!
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