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Sean Walker
Survivor and proponent of the human experience.
Survivor and proponent of the human experience.


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Splash, Splash Art
Splaaash Series Season 6 • Odin Ink

When is his day? Today. Ásgard, Valhalla, Midgard. One eye to watch them all. This is Wednesday.
Coming Next: Thor Ink
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#Ink #Splash #Illustration #God #Mythology #NorseGods #Vikings

Sam Harris discusses alignment politics, working through responding to Trump and a difference 9f opinions on how to approach radicalism in Islam.

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Internal Motions

Beneath each others' notice, our parts move and churn within. Through the cracks that appear between elements of our thoughts and feelings, they peer in and catch a glimpse. Like us, they can not understand what they see. So they construct their stories. No more or less fictitious.

This animation of a system of rotating dodecahedra was developed with Processing:

... the Apache Math Commons library:

... and ImageMagick: 
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Mash Alinejad - Freedom from the Hijab

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Elliptic Undulations

Stand tall with pride but drop low with humility. Be strong in who you are, but be resiliently weak.

This was the first presentable animation I created when I began playing with Processing back in 2014. Though I denied it, only in part sincerely, a muse drove my desire to create these.

I really like the form in this one. It would be neat to create something like it in Blender but with a smooth surface. Perhaps with an inner and outer later that pass through one another while traveling in opposite directions.

Developed with Processing;

A look at ellipses:

#mathart #processing #ellipse #bemymuse
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Shawarma Time

There's a new shawarma joint in the neighborhood. I like the way they place the sauces on. It reminds me of okonomiyaki when I lived in Japan.

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Intersectional Quantum Physics

The latest in regressive liberal fringe buffoonery: Newtonian physics is biased with a racist slant and quantum physics should be revised to more reasonably incorporate intersectional concepts. This is an absurd inversion of liberalism and a wonderful example of how political movements usually end up degenerating into distortions of themselves. It used to be the religious right (and still is somewhat) that was trying to control and taint science. However, modern anti-science and anti-rationalism pressure is now primarily a force from the left.

Speaking critically of Islamic values is Islamophobia. Pointing out the absurdity of feminists promoting Muslim female head garments and being silent on female genital mutilation is inappropriate due to intersectional priorities. Suggesting that rape culture and The Patriarchy are absurd characterizations of most Western societies is evidence of same. I could go on and on. The voices uttering challenging things in spirited disagreement are verbal violence - the victims need safe spaces and the offenders must be quashed by disruption.

I dearly hope for a quick end to this self-absorbed victim complex frame of mind that has gotten hold of the left.

And no, I don't think nostalgically about the good-old-white-boy past - as a recent article I read suggested was the motive of anyone who speaks critically of the the advent of identity politics. I'm a humanist who wants to see equality of the sexes and races, and not some surreal authoritarian right-think re-education society.

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Twisting Sphere Helix - Another Variation

Evolving and growing can turn you inside out. It can be unpleasant, but it's definitely better than the alternative.

I'm quite busy with things and haven't been able to focus on animations of late. The ideas I'm having also haven't excited me enough to keep me focused. Perhaps because a muse is gone. Oh the simple mechanics of the male mind... lol

This animation is another variation of the inverse-Mercator transformation model I developed a couple months back. There are probably more things I can do with it in future, but for now enough is enough! ;)

Blender 3D:

#mathart #mathart #sphere #mercator #blender
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The prickly Inversion of a Snub Dodecahedron

It tumbled away and awkwardly came to an unseemly rest. A naked pile of shards unintentionally revealed. All the untidy truths had punctured through the affected membrane of calm, revealed in sharp edges and wicked points. This is it, do you see?

This is an animation from 2015. Polyhedrons occupied most of my attention once I got my legs with 3D Processing techniques. I'll revisit them in Blender at some point I imagine.


#processing #mathart #dodecahedron #polyhedron
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