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Vladimir Lenin said, “There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.” I can’t think of a better description of Ted
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"If you don't support Israel I don't support you". Just another traitor, although I wouldn't worry about him Hillary is your next physcopath president. 
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Should this be kept secret? Why? Did you not know about this?


Your thoughts +dan nainan & +Adrian Azzopardi ?


What is the world to think of the rest of their lies?  

Is the world to be blamed for doubting all their claims? Why? 


A former administrator at the New York nonprofit that distributes German reparations to Holocaust survivors was sentenced to eight years behind bars on Monday for running a $57 million fraud that u...
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+Darryl Potter and keeps laying it 70 years later 
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Your analysis requested below
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GENIUS of a Hymn co-opted by Communist Jesuit Jew Infiltrators?

MUST READ: "THE JESUITS" by +Malachi Martin  


"Base Communities", a Communist Phrase/Construct, is mentioned on these pages in his masterpiece, THE JESUITS: 15, 17, 59, 70, 100, 107, 115, 116, 130, 138, 276, 280, 324, 409, 508, 517

Vatican is currently occupied by ANTIPOPE Jesuit Jew, BERGOGLIO, not the first, not the last, comes with the territory...  Recall, its a perfect system created by G-D Himself, thus all is meant to be, or it would be some other way, which obviously it isn't…  

1st JOHN 4 : 15-18
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DEFENDER of the TRUE Faith

If WE are the TRUE Church i.e. the VATICAN, yet you run from the spiritual battle when you could weigh in on it: just why do you shirk from the spiritual mop-up battle that remains after JESUS won the physical battle in 33 AD?

We need you to Defend the Faith, not create yet another new one !




This is the countermeasure of the two pronged the attack the Jewish Supremacist Pharisees have used since 33 AD to stymie the Vatican...

Prong A. attack, infiltrate, stymie the Vatican head on.

Prong B. spawn all the doppelganger sects known as Islam, Protestantism, Masonry etc.

The proof is manifold. Request details please.

Thanks for your interest in a spiritual battle to complete the physical one Jesus already won in 33 AD, this is the mop up operation where we prove & self-declare via our freewill, which side we are on!

Recall Jesus does NOT twist arms, only bad guys do!

Here is all the proof we need to see that Bergoglio is our latest antipope that we must endure & expose, and it is not difficult, as his own words, in this crucial video, condemn him !

The Antipope Jesuit Crypto-Jew Bergoglio we must endure & expose: VIDEO> 

This is a great opportunity!!!

Jesuit Crypto-Jew ANTI-POPE FRANCIS:

Recall Jesuit Founder Ignatius Loyola was himself a Basque-Separatist-Rebel JEW, as was TORQUEMADA & others too numerous to cite, all attempting to destroy the JEWS #1 NEMESIS, the VATICAN from within via subterfuge !!!

The Antipope Jesuit Crypto-Jew Bergoglio we must endure & expose: VIDEO> 

Recall always the subtle inevitability of Catholicism, where even Satan is forced to promote it, just as Jesus would have It, since It is His will after all...

Philippians 1-18 "But so what? Just this - that in every way, whether by false or true motives, the Messiah is being proclaimed. Because of this, I rejoice and will continue to rejoice."

The only thing that is not inevitable, is which side you are on, that is and always has been y/our choice, per the prime directive of freewill, which G-D sent His only Begotten Son to defend!

Please consider however that you ARE being deceived by the Jewish Supremacist Pharisees who have since day one in 70 A.D. been attacking the Vatican to recover their justly forever lost "false religious human trafficking franchise" lost in 70 A.D. for their free will decision to commit Deicide in 33 A.D.

Bergoglio is clearly an antipope we must expose and endure. 

TEXT BOOK example of this disinfo tactic:

To get you out of the high tech picture they wish to dominate, they simply make up a hoax that what they did, did not really happen, and all the morons jump on that bandwagon which is fine with them as it keeps them out of their hair, and only confirms what they thought about all the lowbrows in the first place!

Lunar Landing HoaxHoax©®™ Tactic Explained

This is what is known as the HoaxHoax(c), i.e. very similar to the Birther Scam. Robama was born in Hawaii, so they (the perps) tamper with the REAL birth certificate, because the number one goal is make sure that what people debate has nothing to do with the REALITY they (the same perps) then thereby CONTROL due to the requisite information asymmetry !


WARNING: Deadly New False Religion Posing as Science...

...and then there is Bad-RELIGION posing as SCIENCE:

In the Perpetual 3 TIER, FAKE WAR betwixt: 

1. Real-Crypto-Science(c),
2. Pseudo-Science &
3. BadReligion

Despite the fake eternal war between "science" and "religion", the real latest science, in any age, has always been the science of how to hoard true science, while getting everyone else to BELIEVE there is a real war between the two public versions, while the third real version thus described, aka the ”Real-Crypto-Science(c)” is known only by the top most "magicians", and no, the scribes are not even at that level!

FREEWILL is NOT an ILLUSION for those who are still alive, yet if you do not take this well funded effort, (funded by the faux-elite dominating academia) DEADLY seriously, it soon will be, for far too many more than it already is...


> <

>> <<

DANGEROUS New False Religion

threatens to.. 

'Banish' Free-Will

& be enforced as if it were...

"Scientific FACT"!!

Look folks this is very serious yet simple, if you choose to believe you have no freewill, there are plenty of people perfectly WILLING to put you to good use in carrying out their FREEWILL.

Similar to how Native American's did not "believe" in private property, thus it was not really theft, right ? Never mind the seafaring Nordics preceded them.

This has nothing to do with belief, it is just a fact that you must know, that freewill is who you are, and outside of that and your innocence, you do not exist.

RELATED: E-VOTING will insure YOUR FREE-WILL is an ILLUSION only if you let it... READ HERE NOW:


UPSHOT: Free-will isn't an illusion to you unless you believe it is

Yet you must act now as this effort is VERY well funded across all disciplines @ the highest levels of Academia, & the Judiciary, study the issue & see how you can help here:





(Masonic International Congress held in Brussels 1904, page 132 of the report. )

“Faux-NWO Totalitarianism Scheme ~ Evil Out Of The Closet?”

When Satanists Make the Rules

In the Eighteenth Century two groups ranked foremost amongst the enemies of Catholicism: The Masons, and the so-called “free-thinking philosophers.” The Masons were bonded together in their wicked conclaves by a covetousness of the Church’s supreme authority in the world and a determination to destroy her.

So too with the “free-thinkers” — men like Rousseau, Voltaire, Frederick the Great, and others, whose degenerate doctrines had been condemned by the infallible Guardian of Truth — who likewise shared a consuming hatred of the Catholic Faith.

“It must be destroyed by a hundred invisible hands,” they brazenly proclaimed. “It is necessary that the philosophers should course through the streets to destroy it, as its missionaries course over the earth to propagate it. . . . Let us crush the wretch!”

The very worst of these elements later were welded into a much stronger, rigidly unified, and infinitely more ambitious force, thus producing the greatest menace of all time both to the Church and society. By its earliest identity, it was known as the Order of Illuminati (“Enlightened” Ones).

It was founded on May 1, 1776 (centennial death anniversary year of Apostate Rabbi Shabbetai Zvi ) — the original May Day now celebrated as the central holiday of the Communist empire — by Adam Weishaupt born a Jew, who was also an apostate Catholic, whose genius for evil seems to have been inspired directly by the fallen Angel of Light himself, Lucifer.

To Battle Against The Jesuits: The Banker’s Illuminati Was To Counter The Roman Catholic Christians!

Weishaupt’s diabolical plan was to tear down all existing forms of government and order, to abolish all “religious superstition,” and to replace them with a universal tyranny he called the “New World Order”: “These powers [priests and princes] are despots, when they do not conduct themselves by it's [the Order’s] principles; and it is our duty to surround them with its members….

We must do our utmost to procure the advancement of Illuminati into all important offices.” And he added, “By this plan we shall direct all mankind. In this manner, and by the simplest of means, we shall set all in motion and in flames.”

Weishaupt never had any intention of competing with Masonry in that regard. On the contrary, because its secretive structure was tailor-made for his designs, he wanted to take it over. And that is exactly what he did, by infiltrating key influential positions of Masonic ranks with his own agents. Masonry by this time had spread like a vaporous plague across Europe and much of America.

When its international convention, called the Congress of Wilhelmsbad, was held in 1782, “Illuminated Freemasonry” was unanimously acclaimed as the only “pure” Masonry. The Order of the Illuminati thereby took control of Masonic lodges and their associated secret societies through the western world, and used them as the principal means of advancing the Order’s conspiratorial network into every sphere and activity of life.

The undiminished ambitions and successes of this satanic force for over two centuries make for a horrifying study in themselves. We can catch some tiny glimpse of it, and at the same time shatter the fatal fantasy of Masonry’s being just another “benevolent fraternity,” through the incredibly bold and candid Letter to the Sovereign Pontiff, written in 1937 by Albert Lantoine, a thirty-third degree Mason who proposed a “truce,” if not a reconciliation, between the Church and Freemasonry.

Marxism–Leninism is a communist ideology and political philosophy founded/created by Rothschild to usurp nation state wealth into his controlled central bank. Communism/Sovietism was officially based upon the theories of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels whom Rothschild hired to create the ideology. This ideology was first put into practice when he financed Vladimir Lenin to usurp Russia’s Monarchy.

Rothschild’s Handbook For Banker’s World Control: Elders Of Zion

Here are some of his random remarks: “We are freethinkers–you are believers.” “Freemasonry seeks to exalt man; the Church to exalt God.” “We are the servants of Satan. [He later corrected himself: "I should have said; servants of Lucifer.’"] You, the guardians of truth, are the servants of God.” “…Your God cannot pardon the Rebellious Angel, and that Angel will never submit or renounce his dominion. But need we remain enemies?”

Freemasonry is incompatible with the Catholic faith. Freemasonry teaches a naturalistic religion that espouses indifferentism, the position that a person can be equally pleasing to God while remaining in any religion. Masonry is a parallel religion to Christianity.

The New Catholic Encyclopedia states, “Freemasonry displays all the elements of religion, and as such it becomes a rival to the religion of the Gospel. It includes temples and altars, prayers, a moral code, worship, vestments, feast days, the promise of reward and punishment in the afterlife, a hierarchy, and initiative and burial rites” (vol. 6, p. 137).

The Illuminati aka; Free Masonry attempts at all things to mimic Christianity in the opposite direction aka; diaboline.


REVELATION 3:9 ‘Behold, I will cause those of the Synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and make them know that I have loved you'. 

ROTHSCHILD is not their real name, it means Red Shield, i.e. Communist... Their real name is Bauer 

> <


> <

> <

Just as the TRUE Catholic Church has always opposed usury (interest)... They know what is tainted... Which is the difference betwixt the Rothschilds & the Romans (TITEs are from BATH too) who set up & operate Londinium to this day ! > <

My relatives, the TITE's hail from Denmark the Danes, i.e. the Tribe of Dan, then migrated to Scotland, the Ancient Roman City of Bath, London, now Bermuda & beyond. (endless genealogies do not matter now with Jesus however!)

TITE literally means Happy or Glad in Danish. Here is a shrine I made for them:

Attempt by Cardinal O’Connor, Archbishop of NY to expose multipronged Jew infiltration of Catholic Church by Rothschilds

> <

In other words, there is a good elite and a bad elite, and it is up to us to point out the difference.

and More Evil run by the same guys @ the top... 

SWISS PHAROAHS where BigPigPharma is Based: > <

-1. > <








RIGGED GAME Wake up people, at the leadership level, this is all fake opposition, with the Masonic Islamist & Zionist leaderships in cahoots, Palestinians being the human shield for Zionist Occupied Government abbreviated ZOG.

Of course a scam like this only works if most don't know the secret, thus vast majority of Jews & Islamists MUST BE & ARE true believers of the contrived story.

PROOF of this hypothesis is simple, just look @ the Massive, near matching funds, foreign financial aid swindle BOTH ZOG & EGYPT have ran decade in and out, since MODERN ZOG's birth last century!

The victims of this ruse, besides the shemites or others that did not get the memo of course, are the non-shemitic peoples of the world footing the bill, where shemites include Arabs & most Jews. Some of the jews not a part of this ruse include but are not limited to the orthodox jews of New York who have vowed to not live in Israel until G-D makes it more obvious they are welcome. 

Please Study the following: 

ETO II: ( pg 207 for Hitler conceived in Apostate Rabbi's Shabbatian Satanic Ritual on Tisha B'Av aka Jewish 911, see here for explanation )

>> <<

>> <<

>> <<

>> <<


> <

Please consider the following:

"Just because there are precisely infinity minus one wrong ways to implement PROPER planetary government, and there are, does not mean we should not even try to find the one that does exist, & it does, in fact that is why each of us was even born in the first place, to cooperate till we find it! THAT IS WHAT WE CALL TRUE RELIGION, which the TRUE Catholic Church is and always has been, despite repeated attempts to defame and infiltrate it over the past 2000 years, which in the grand scheme is NOT a lot of time, we read and studied their story, and it all rings true, even the recent cleaning of house where they PEACEFULLY removed the alleged Child Molester/NAZI Hitler Youth Ratzinger from the Papacy, showing the Vatican process works, and is indeed divine, an immune system if you will, is 100% PROLIFE, owns more land than anyone else, so has the momentum, besides, why would you NOT want a greater power over you to protect you from the evil which so obviously, even you contend does exist unless you are part of that evil? See we like to work with what exists in good faith, Hello?

Just as there is a Doppelgänger faux-NWO, there is a Proper One as well, see here:

BTW, the True Church has been much maligned and misunderstood over the centuries, here is an excellent defense of it: Where Did the Bible Come From? 

Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make those of the Synagogue of Satan who claim to be Jews and are not, but are lying, behold I will make them come and fall prostrate at your feet, and they will realize that I love you. 

Ecce dabo de synagoga Satanae, qui dicunt se Iudaeos esse et non sunt, sed mentiuntur; ecce faciam illos, ut veniant et adorent ante pedes tuos et scient quia ego dilexi te. 

Ephesians 5:11 “Take no part in the fruitless works of darkness; rather EXPOSE them, for it is shameful even to mention the things done by them in secret; but everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for everything that becomes visible is light.” 


Please plus one this so I know you read it, there is massive censorship going on, for obvious reasons. Share these with others only after studying them yourself of course.THX BE TO G-D

Please let me know when you are ready for more & thanks for helping get the truth out, keeping in mind the PHYSICAL war ended 2014 years ago, and that our only objective is to hold our ground spiritually by redeeming as many souls as possible in Jesus' Divine Saving Name, especially those most lost, the Fake Jews themselves & their shemitic Islamist cousins of course, join me in praying for their free acceptance of Jesus as their Lord & Savior.

Setting the Record Straight on Catholicism & Science

Amazing Wikipedia List of Catholic Scientists

Current Vatican is heavily infested with Jesus rejecting Jews however...

However there is no question Vatican and Science are synonymous historically and most of what people believe to the contrary is Pure Rothschild Revisionism.

Catholic Scientists << READ THE LIST, it will surprise you!!!

Note: Bergoglio is clearly an antipope puppet  of the Jews that we must nevertheless expose & endure as all past antipopes, to cleanse the TRUE Church of Jew influence vs. creating yet another apostate heretical sect, which is what they have done in their two pronged strategy, namely destroy the Vatican itself, and create the multitude of doppelgangers simultaneously!

No question our current pope is an antipope, yet this only means we need everyone to do more to reverse the tide... This only PROVES Catholicism is the right way...


Antipope Bergoglio whom we must endure & expose> <

Kindly study carefully the content @ the links below, as well as the videos. 

For the content @ the links below thoroughly addresses Einstein's bogus theories which were meant to mislead humanity so the current Jesus Rejecting, Jewish Supremacist Pharisees could maintain their tyranny over the masses due to knowledge asymmetry, including their own Jewish victims!

(Jesus, who was Last Real Jew, first Real Catholic)

The claim that the Catholic Church impeded science is specious, also a Rothschild fabrication that many are simply mindlessly parroting.

Catholic Scientists

Crime Family Rothschild in fact has not only caused the vast percentage of people to believe that lie, they have also funded the following proven crypto-Jewish "agent provocateurs" to destroy science both hard and political, Darwin, Marx (born Mordecai Moses Levy) and even Einstein! 

These were the big ones, just in the late 1800s, of course there are many more.


> <


> < 

> <

It is not surprising you are having a hard time accepting this, so do not fault yourself, even most Catholics are clueless to the true big picture, in part due to Rothschild's efforts, just as most Masons are clueless of Masonry actually being Satanic, and of course a Rothschild invention in 1776 !!

Yet when you do see how it all fits together, you will never see things the same way again my friend, this I promise you, Peace be with you All, in Jesus' Loving Divine Saving Name, Amen.

P.S. Calvin, Luther & Hitler were crypto-Jews as well, meant to destroy the Vatican, as was Islam itself a Jewish psyop, hence their also performing circumcisions, not eating pork (no one should really), and trafficking in humans.

Nazism, like Masonry, Protestantism, Islam, et cetera, all Crime Family Rothschild (and their predecessors') incantations, are what are known as Doppelgangers, just as Ptolemaic was to Copernican cosmology, exact opposites that are mistaken for the real, precisely because they produce accurate results, just as Satan does, for he is the 'original doppelganger' all others come from, who tried to be G-D and was thrown out for it.


Nevertheless, are you not perhaps overlooking the fact that if indeed the Vatican has been infiltrated by the very same descendants of the Jewish Supremacist Pharisees who slaughtered Him in the first place, being desirous to coverup this heinous Deicide, that they would steer events just as they have been since 33 A.D., as is their freewill right to do so, all the while Jesus knows who is really who by each of our freewill decisions of self-declaration; including theirs to corrupt the Bible to coverup their Deicide, as evidenced by their tampering, which cold hard logic proves Jewish Supremacist Pharisees are clearly the authors of?

Just how certain are you that you are not overlooking this?

See USURY Analysis here:

Are we to defend the Christ's true original Catholic Church, or flee it and create yet more heretical offshoots which Rothschild sponsored Protestantism clearly is?


> <

Just because the Vatican is under siege now, does not mean we should abandon it, when has it never not been!

Quite the contrary, the fact that it is, only proves it is correct and that we must use this opportunity to expose the scum that has corrupted it!!!

Note: Bergoglio is clearly an antipope puppet of the Jews that we must nevertheless expose & endure as all past antipopes, to cleanse the TRUE Church of Jew influence vs. creating yet another apostate heretical sect, which is what they have done in their two pronged strategy, namely destroy the Vatican itself, and create the doppelgangers simultaneously!

Scriptural Establishment of the Vatican with its seamless Apostolic Succession of the Papacy (antipopes notwithstanding, are clearly the clarion call for cleansing of the antichrist infiltration which is to be expected of an institution claiming to be G-D's representative on Earth per the following)

Matthew 16:18 "And I say also to you, That you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

10 KEY VIDEOS: ROTHSCHILD’s: JFK, USS LIBERTY, 911, Malaysian Lost Flights

TOP JEW DEFECTOR's SPEECH> <FULL VERSION w/rare vintage video see 33 minute mark for Phallic Worshiping War Cult origins of modern "Judaism/Islam" )

0. <

1. < ISRAEL & JFK:

2. < see 24 Min Mark for averted Nuke Plot:

3. < 

4. <

5. <

6. <

7. < 

8. <


In short at least the following, these Fake Jews are responsible for, since murdering their own Messiah in 33 AD...

0. Christianity (murder of Jesus by the Pharisees, using others to carry it out of course )

1. Islam & Protestantism (meaning all non-Catholic sects, Calvin, Luther, Henry VIII were shills of either the Rothschild's or their predecessors)

2. American, French & Russian Revolutions

3. WW I & II (created the atheist version of Israel)

4. Marxism & Darwinism ( both Rothschild crypto-Jew “agent provocateurs“, Marx born Moses Mordecai Levy, both hiding as Protestants )

a. <

b. <

5. NAZISM ( yes, Hitler, Goebbels, Eichmann were all born Jews, request details, see Transfer Agreement)

> <

5.1 Hollow Hoax (attempted Big-Lie, nearly successful thus far, of the Fake Jews to get rid of their rival, the Real Fake Jews & blame it on the altogether non-Jew, i.e. third category of humans. Thus is kept secret by the stranglehold the pseudo-Jews have on the global media, not surprisingly)

5.2 Pearl Harbor

6. Nuking the Catholic Enclave @ Nagasaki (Truman)

7. USS LIBERTY (provocation almost resulted in US Nuking Egypt, request details )

8. JFK, RFK, MLK Assassination Spree (1rst & only Catholic President JFK was)


> <

9. Vietnam War (a UN Action)

10. September 11th 2001( Pharisaically the "non-Jews’” Tisha B'Av, e.g. Day of Destruction, same day as Conception of Hitler in a Shabbetian Satanic Sex Ritual, according the Rabbi Marvin Antelman, ETO II )

Now their control is so near total that 100% cynicism or gullibility are nearly the only two options, the third group of True Catholics is Truly Blessed, which is likely a very small number of people, yourself included if you simply, truly trust & accept Jesus as Y/our Lord & Savior for your every need.

They are also behind the shoot down of the Malaysian passenger jet in Ukraine, if that even happened, no different than the Rothschild involvement in the previous missing Malaysian jet, remember? See they set up something @ Malaysian airlines and are simply reusing a previous intelligence investment.

Too many neglect the FACT that Jesus was Jewish, and that these are not Jews, as Jesus wrapped up the old plan, and that to be Jewish today is simply a continuation of their rejection then of their very own Messiah that they themselves prophesied! 

How silly can one be?

We are witnessing the fulfillment of scripture, without a doubt!

Some accept it, some reject it, some attempt to twist it, as ALL Rothschild Protestant perversions do, yet all are subject to the resultant reality that is the sum of all these actions!

Keep in mind most people's Atheism is a direct result of the Rothschild's and their Pharaisical predecessors efforts to destroy the Vatican from Day one!!

Attempt by the Cardinal Archbishop O'Connor of New York no less, to expose infiltration of Catholic Church by Rothschild's PEDOPHILIC INFILTRATION BRIGADES before being martyred by them, via a fast acting Brain Tumor, just as they used to kill Jack "Ruby" Rubinstein, these are nasty people you support indirectly when you do not SUPPORT the Vatican.

NY Cardinal Archbishop O'Connor Blows Whistle on Jews Pedophilia Infiltration, then Dies>
(Watch All 9 if you are serious about this, or admit you are NOT serious)

In the end, we are all well, who trust ONLY in Jesus' Infinite Supernatural Protection & Salvation, so fret not. 
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+Sean Tite I have a soul! I would know, Shrek told me so! xoxo 
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Your thoughts invited...

Einstein's supporters are attempting to coopt reality via his corpse, thwart them...

Rothschild shill EINSTEIN's DOSSIER:

Einstein was a bamboozler extraordinaire.  He was a mental deviant and sociopath.  He had very low IQ, did not even understand Euclidean Geometry, the indisputable bedrock of Physical Reality!

The number of people who have wasted their lives trying to "understand" his psychopathic rubbish is truly tragic. 

Everything he figured out conveniently fell into the margin of error, thereby making proof impossible.

See con artists & flimflam men always work problems out backwards, they start with the result they want, then they rearrange reality via bold faced lies to make it so to fools only!

In this case they (Crime Family Rothchild, for whom Einstein worked) wanted to usurp the established scientific hierarchy, hook or crook, and they did!

The truth is VERY simple, only lies are complex, to weary their intended targets into simply accepting them. "Hand Waving" is what it is called in University.

I was physics student of the year, I know my stuff, but again its VERY simple, or it is lies, there are no exceptions. 

Even the equation to give us e is incredibly simple, do you know what it is ?




Einstein & Darwin were both Rothschild proteges & hucksters, especially Einstein.  

Einstein was clearly a sociopath at a minimum.

Einstein had syphilis and abused his wife and children, how can anyone defend such a piece of trash as this, shame on you, your only excuse is ignorance.

Einstein was a crackpot, a low grade intellect, suffering from syphilis, his "time dilation" was a simple parlor trick.

Actually it does not even take 20 minutes to explain, just read this my friend, a paraphrase of the ACTUAL PAPER HE WROTE

By fraudster Einstein using a clock that is triggered by light traveling AWAY from the light source on the same train car, of course “time” will slow down, that is the trick he hid from everyone but the truly astute. 

But of course time itself does not exist as this clearly proves: both by pure irrefutable logic expressed in a story,  as well as the personal childhood experience of the author thereof.

"Working" in a patent office, all dimwit Einstein did all day was rip off other's ideas, and so poor was his intellect, he did not even understand what he was stealing!!

Intel's Pentium Chip design was stolen from DEC, and suffered massive technical setbacks for the same reason, thieves never understand what they steal, as integrity is everything.

Have you actually taken the time to read his ORIGINAL papers on "time dilation" ?

If you had, you would see for yourself what fraud he was.

Yes, Einstein  was an outrageous sociopath, who has singlehandedly, more so perhaps than anyone else in modern times, set back science with his over the top chicanery. (paid in full by the Criminal House of Rothschild)


Sociopath, Wife Beater, Liar, Mean Spirited Grandstander, Consummate Self-Promoter, Incorrigible Plagiarist, Mental Deviant, syphilitic malcontent.

YEA on the we can do anything we set our minds to accomplish, this for certain is true.

BOO, to EINSTEIN however, who was a confirmed wife beater a terrible man who has set us back perhaps "light" years with his senseless babble:

Einstein was a sociopath, wife abuser and mental deviant that has done more to set humanity back than any other in recent time.

Only real scientists (like me) can prove he was a fraud, and plenty already have, and everyone is smart enough to prove he was a fraud given the time & means.

Remember Einstein is a proven fraud, he was an immaculate deception, a con-artist, plagiarist, a consummate grand-standing bluffer, and a wife beater to boot. Research it yourself, he was a horrible & arrogant man if there ever was one, a criminally insane sociopath too.

He plagiarized E=mc^2 from an Italian scientist Olinto De Pretto, had nothing to do with Nuclear Energy or Bombs either, that was Enrico Fermi, the only thing Einstein was good at was taking credit for other people's work & promoting his own name!!

He has set us back "light years" for the deception he has tangled people up in. But not all of us fell for his confused babble. I can explain to you in 20 minutes how his "traveling @ speed of light reduces aging hoax" is a cheap parlor trick, anyone can understand this when presented clearly, i.e. all its hidden scaffolding shown.

Everything of "significance" he "proved" always conveniently fell in the margin of error anyway.

The only thing he was good @ was appearing smarter than everyone else by constructing thought experiments with the end he desired to promote in mind first, yet hiding from the public all the deceptive scaffolding removed once presented, if that makes sense to you.

Clever sure, useful, absolutely not. He was a very disturbed man mentally. Anyone who resorts to such levels of deception purely for self-promotion purposes is evil to the core. He hid all the scaffolding, he should have explained to everyone he was Bluffing, yet he did not, for this he is a most evil man.

Allowing people to take him seriously was his biggest failing, he had to have known he was hiding important details, yet he did not self-disclose, for it would have shown he was the fraud that we now know he is.

This is not unlike the prosecution withholding exonerating information obtained in the discovery phase in the trial of an innocent person.

As for so called "non-local reality", that has always been known, it is called action @ a distance, i.e. Gravity.

Just know that you are alive now & that G-d wants you to live forever just like G-d does, for the universe is certainly big enough no matter what all the Malthusians say, just look @ the earth from the moon, or from an airplane, it is obviously nowhere near filled to capacity.

It is frauds like Einstein that are holding us back.

That such callousness wasn’t just an incidental quirk is demonstrated as Einstein later forsook his son Eduard and consigned him to a sanatorium so that he could be relieved of the financial responsibility for his care and take full advantage of the public funding available. Eduard eventually died in the sanatorium. Mileva wrote to Albert: “‘You have here a dear, seriously ill child. Often he asks if his father will come, and with each postponement, he becomes even more morose. He is terribly wounded.’ Albert refused to come back to Zurich to see Eduard. And he refused to acknowledge the financial and psychological battles that Mileva had to wage over his care” (Einstein’s Daughter, p. 190).



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Google just published a free, three-month course on deep learning

Google wants to teach you deep learning — if you're ready that is. The tech giant has launched a free course explaining the machine learning technique that underpins so many of its services. (Google uses deep learning for everything from speech recognition to automatically sorting your photo collection.) The course is available on for-profit education site Udacity, and is estimated to take about three months to complete at a rate of six hours of work a week. It's not for absolute beginners, but aims to help established engineers and data scientists get to grips with deep learning as well as TensorFlow — the in-house machine learning software that Google open sourced last November.
Google wants to teach you deep learning — if you're ready that is. The tech giant has launched a free course explaining the machine learning technique that underpins so many of its services....
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Is there anybody in there?

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Beautiful falcon. 
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Your thoughts invited...

1st JOHN 4 : 15-18 

MUST READ: "THE JESUITS" by +Malachi Martin  


"Base Communities", a Communist Phrase/Construct, is mentioned on these pages in his masterpiece, THE JESUITS: 15, 17, 59, 70, 100, 107, 115, 116, 130, 138, 276, 280, 324, 409, 508, 517

Vatican is currently occupied by ANTIPOPE Jesuit Jew, BERGOGLIO, not the first, not the last, comes with the territory...  Recall, its a perfect system created by G-D Himself, thus all is meant to be, or it would be some other way, which obviously it isn't…  
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+Larry Wendecker
Yes, you are one of protestant denominations. I look at your post. Well, you know nothing about Roman Catholicism history. You jump to the end story that Roman Catholics are not Christians.

Of course yes, we, Catholics, know that jewish freemasons, protestants, KGB operatives, and false religions broke in Vatican II Church in 1960's. That is why there is CRISIS in the Church today. They make RCC look bad to the world. PERIOD.

I looked at your silly posts that Pope Benedict XVI's eyes look the devil.

Case closed.
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Comment below
Stephen discusses Bart Ehrman's theory that the Bible contradicts itself.
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+Sean Tite Why...whatever do you mean?! Does this mean we're not friends?  Borrowed from Doc Holliday. :)
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Let me know your thoughts below...

+Stephen Colbert  is CATHOLIC by the way, and is WHY he's so FEARLESS of mere MORTALS!  see his back story here ->
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Courageous and brilliant!
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A). Why are these insane beasts (in VID above) still free to carry out their crimes with impunity? 

B). We do not permit tigers to maul people, we have cages for them, why should this be any different?

I do not think anyone can fully comprehend their evil, as it is SuperNatural, not even they can. 

Of course it sounds completely unbelievable, yet it is true, that is just how outrageous & dangerous some people are.

Yet all is well for those who trust ONLY in Jesus...

Let us ALWAYS recall that the German people gave the Jews who were caught red handed trying to overthrow Russia, refuge in the late 1800s!!

Recall also that vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, and that Jesus ended the Physical War in 33 A.D., thus all that remains is the Spiritual War, so stay out of the physical war is what that means!
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+Lone Puma We are ALL equal in Christ, here are just a few verses stating this to get you started, Romans 10:12, Galatians 3:28, John 17:21, like I said above, it's the entire thrust of the New Testament, let me know when you are ready for more our Brother in Jesus Always!
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