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Techno-lover, Food-Eater, Bearded
Techno-lover, Food-Eater, Bearded

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POLL: 76% Of Americans Support Doubling +NASA's  Budget For A Mission To Mars

The American public overwhelmingly support a doubling of NASA’s budget in order to fund a mission to Mars, according to a recent survey. The poll, commissioned by Explore Mars, a nonprofit organization, and aerospace contractor Boeing, also demonstrated a high degree of enthusiasm about human exploration of Mars.

The survey found that 76 percent of Americans agree that NASA’s budget should be increased to 1 percent of the total federal budget to fund initiatives, including a mission to Mars. Currently NASA’s budget represents less than 0.5 percent of overall federal spending.

Read more about the poll's findings in our latest blog post at

Write Congress and let them know you support doubling NASA's budget for a mission to Mars:

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