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How do scrolls function in 5e? I can't seem to find any resources stating how they're actually used. Is it like previous editions in that you use the scroll and it burns up with the spell being cast? Can you cast spells from a scroll when you aren't high enough level? Does it use a spell slot?

I'm asking because Iarno in The Lost Mine of Phandelver has a scroll of fireball in his possession but I don't think he can use it.


Any word on a Tiamat Tuesday this week :-D? I've really been enjoying reading them.

On p. 260 under Major Milestones of the Fate Core Rulebook it states as one of the benefits gained for achieving a major milestone - "Advance a skill beyond the campaign's current skill cap, if you're able to, thus increasing the skill cap."

It also says "Achieving a major milestone confers the benefits of a significant milestone and a minor milestone, and all of the following options."

Under significant milestones, it says to add "One additional skill point, which you can spend to buy a new skill at Average (+1) or increase an existing skill by one rank."

Assuming a player's current cap is Great (+4), and they use their benefit from their significant milestone to raise a +3 skill to a +4. Do they then get to raise one of the +4s to a +5 because of their major milestone?

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Had our first session after a very long hiatus due to the holidays. We've been doing a home-brew sci-fi campaign (nothing too out of the ordinary I think, kind of space opera-y with tech stolen from all over the place). I'd share some thoughts on the session.

We started the session off with re-creation of the characters. Our last stint went 5-6 sessions and I felt the players had really grown to understand the system quite a bit more during that time. They hadn't taken advantage of the opportunity to re-write their aspects, and some hadn't even spent their gained refresh (even though they intended too).

I was concerned that asking the players to do this would frustrate them, but we all talked about it openly and they really dove into it. The aspects that came out were much better, and I think when we get into the groove we'll find they're much easier to compel (more on that later).

After that, we dove into the new rules we're adding to the campaign. I know a lot of you here might not like the added "crunch" some of these extras might bring, but the players repeatedly made requests like this. If you'd like a detailed overview of the rules, you can find them on our campaign website.

Then we finally got to start, due to the length of time we were off, I did a full recap of the story so far. Then immediately had a couple of NPCs approach the players to push things along. I was a bit concerned because I have quite a bit of exposition to do and want to get to the action shortly.

Not a lot of rules were used or abused, it was mostly just players trying to drum up their character's personalities. They did a great job and I believe the aspects really helped them focus again on what was important about their character. I rewarded one of the players with a Fate Point for tossing out an awesome quote during session, and a couple others for having aspects that helped me push the story forward.

All in all everyone came away from the session feeling really good. The break helped let us come back at the campaign with fresh eyes and enthusiasm. I can't wait to get into the next session and start diving into the action. Feel free to check out our campaign web page, I'll be putting up more information in the near future.

In the mean time, let me know what you guys would like to hear more about. For a short while I was doing YouTube videos about summarizing my campaign. If you guys would rather something like that than a wall of text just let me know :).

Thank you for reading!
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