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Auto backup for desktop

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Sean S
I'm using Chrome browser on Windows.
Awesome! Will check it on my desktop later. Thanks for this +Sean S! 
Just curious to see if it is the same application that you get when you install Picasa. I am pretty sure it is. 
+Sean S Please could you give me the link to where it directs you when you click "Download"?
Is this Different from Picasa's Auto upload?
Because i backed up all my images, and it was a NIGHTMARE.
It didnt upload folders, just individual pictures. It turned into a huge mess. 
+Andrew Weitzel No its the same program as Picasa Auto-Backup.  

The Auto-Backup album is flat, so it will will take photos from multiple folders on your PC and place it in a single album ready for you to either share or move it in to an album.
Sean S
The icon for the downloaded file is the Picasa logo.
If you backup your photos with Google drive they will ask appear in Google+photos automatically.. 
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