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One of my first public posts in awhile, but I must say... Google Analytics Reporting API responds well when you make it wait a second or two between calls (out of 180+).  If only I didn't have to be a random 8 digit quota user each time.  I'm not trying to break the service, just get information for 100+ accounts.

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Dream Force tomorrow. Excited for my first time at the convention. 

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One more day until #extralife2013 !  My coworkers, friends, and I will be starting at 2pm Friday and going until 3pm Saturday.  Hopefully I can pull off a hat-trick and stay up for the whole tournament three years in a row.

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I have a question about setting up GA tracking code on a domain that only gets visited within certain pages rather than the root URL itself.  I'll explain:

I have setup a website for a friend under a sub-domain (  He want's that sub-domain to link to his page.  So going to that URL will immediately send users to his page and not trigger tracking.  

On his page, he links to (  This page has tracking along with all other pages on the site.  BUT, Google Analytics (and Webmaster Tools meta tag) can't seem to sense the tracking code since the root domain URL isn't a webpage and doesn't have tracking.

Short of setting up a redirect on the domain, pausing to trigger tracking, and sending the person on, is there a way GA can look at subpages for the tracking code?  His ways are convoluted but I have to respect his wishes.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Maybe create a virtual pageview? Or surface the metric from your server logs instead of GA.  If you are on WordPress, you can use the redirection plugin to redirect the page and then look at the count of redirects served there.
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Looks like +Google Analytics is changing up their site a bit.  New Goals setup is just one of the additions.  More new additions/changes to come at #io13?

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And sold out for General tickets.  Almost got in this year. #io13  

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I recently created a very simple Tic-Tac-Toe game (I'm still a JS novice) and wanted to add in tracking/data for moves visitors make. First thought was a simple DB to store and read numbers (numbers for each square, wins/losses, etc) then display them on the game page (updating on each move). A friend suggested CouchDB as a good jumping off point from what I already know.

Question to this community: Has anyone had experience running CouchDB on a Raspberry Pi?  

I assume it should work flawlessly (Apache and all), but I just wanted to see if others had any experience.  The reason I chose the Raspberry Pi is because I have one lying around I haven't found a good use for and my current web host doesn't really give me the freedom to install things such as CouchDB.  I can use the Raspberry Pi at home and have it always on and plugged into my router.

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+Benoit Chesneau Thanks a lot. I've got some time this weekend so I'll hopefully get it running.
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I'm trying to get not only cross-domain tracking working, but also (2) multiple trackers.  The screenshot I attached has both in place resulting in errors.  I have tried a similar setup for multiple trackers without the autoLinker lines (require, allowLinker, and linker:autoLink) and had the same error - 'create' has 1 additional parameter.

Is this a problem with Tag Assistant and Universal Analytics?  Visits are still being tracked and eCommerce is being applied to the first tracker (which is expected).  But the GA developer docs described the multiple tracker method I have below.  Am I missing something which is causing the errors?

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+Michael Colart No worries.
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New changes for the Goals setup pages.  I'm sure there are more coming to the rest of Google Analytics as well.  I also saw reports are arranged slightly differently - I was looking at Site Content for pageviews when I noticed the change.
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I saw the changes on older accounts as well. The new UI however doesn't make it possible to work with the different goal sets. It shows the goal set, but I cant select a goal set. Really miss that..
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I have been working on this Tic Tac Toe game as a beginner's project in JS. It's very simple so far, but the computer move responses should be pretty good. I played about 20 rounds a little bit ago and the score was 1-1. If you see anything glaring, just let me know.

Next is to add CouchDB integration so I can display all the moves people have been making and win/loss statistics.

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+David Maidment Very true. The one thing I was worried about was stopping the loop as soon as an occasion happened.

So if I had moved = false at the start of the while loop. Then midway through moved was set to true, would the rest of the if statements not be called because moved !== false (= true)?

Basically, one problem I found when I didn't check for a move on each statement:

Two moves would be made because while the conditions were met early on, another condition was met later in the series. So 2+ squares were marked even though only 1 had the CSS class changed.

I should have checked if while statements will be stopped immediately when a condition is met. 
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