Mini review of Google Glass: No, I don't have one, but I did get to play around with one at PyCon.  Before I put them on I was considering getting Lasik to get rid of my regular glasses to be able to use Google Glass.  After trying them on, I couldn't imagine paying a grand for them.

Short review: I REALLY wanted to LOVE them, but I went away completely unimpressed.

My complaints are: Apps weren't compelling, placement was inconvenient, and user interface was annoying.

Until there's a killer app, it's going to be hard to get the masses to pay for Glass.  The apps on the Glass I used were: camera, gallery, clock, and I think that's about it.

The placement of the display is way up and to the right.  It didn't feel like information was just right there, between having to tip your head back to activate it, and then having to look way up and to the right, it kind of seems like a cell phone is more "convenient".  And a cell phone certainly looks better, the display on Glass was quite low res.

Google Now seems to be the closest to a "killer app" for glass, but Now really does not demand Glass.

I think that it'll be interesting to see the second version.  Much like the Kindle, where the first version was too expensive and had interface issues (as in, it was hard to hold it without changing pages), but the second gen was good and the third gen was a must have.  I suspect Glass will be like that, though we really need to see the apps that become available for it.

Personally, Google Glass made me pre-order a Pebble watch.  In the short term, I think Pebble is going to be much more useful and usable than Glass.
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