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TIL: British Airways has the ICAO airline code "XMS." The callsign is "Santa."

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I love this.
Whoever did this is my new hero.
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"What is the capital of Ireland?" ... ...

I feel dirty. I just changed:
Segment: []Segment{{ (some initialisation) }}

Segment: []map[string]interface{}{{ (some initialisation) }}

Thanks to a shall-remain-nameless web service for inconsistent return types in their JSON API (array if > 1 object, or just the object if only 1).

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It's a bit colder than I was expecting today...

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I built a thing

Time off can be really useful, it turns out. :-)

This is a Raspberry Pi and 7" touchscreen. The UI is a Chromium browser in kiosk mode, with a custom webapp (mostly JS) that I wrote. It interacts with the Irish Rail and Dublin Bus web APIs, as well as they very cool Philips Hue API.

A few notes:
-- Irish Rail's API does not set Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * like Dublin Bus's, which means CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) protections mean a browser won't allow you to make remote calls. This is worked around with a local Privoxy instance that forcibly adds the header to Irish Rail's responses (alternatively: -- disable-web-security works to Chromium but has the downside of an annoying butter bar that needs to be dismissed).

- Both Dublin Bus and Irish Rail's APIs provide due dates -*-and-*- minutes until the next service. That actually is really nice since it saves me from having to calculate the minutes!

- Raspbian doesn't come with a prebuilt package for Chromium. I grabbed it from Ubuntu instead after trying to build it failed.

- Security and identity are haphazardly implemented across the REST APIs that I've worked with so far. I've worked with 5 so far this holiday, 3 of them need authentication, and all 3 do it differently. It makes me really appreciate some of the core infrastructure we have in work :-)

My plan is to leave this here for a little while to see how it works for me and then hopefully rejigger the UI a bit. I'd like to add more control for the lighting controls and perhaps make the UI more LCARS like.

Travel Pro-tip

This is primarily useful if you must check a bag.

In your carry-on, bring the following items, always:
* Toothbrush & toothpaste
* Minimum toiletries (deo, razor, comb, etc) except soap (it'll probably be complimentary in your hotel)
* Minimum change of clothes (for me: socks, shirt, underwear)

This set takes up a small amount of space and is incredibly useful for a number of common travel situations:
* Lost luggage (to wait out delivery or to go buy new stuff)
* Unexpected overnight stay / irrop (e.g; diversion, canceled flight, etc)
* A shower during a layover (e.g; from long-haul to short-haul)


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Happy Independence Day! (for my American audience :-)) #cookies
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