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Editing your address book in Google+

Earlier this year we added Google Contacts info to Google+ profiles. So when you're visiting a friend's profile, you (and only you) can see his phone number from your personal address book. (

Starting today, you can also edit these details directly in Google+. Just visit a buddy's profile, click 'About', and add a birthday, an email address, or even a short note. Everything's saved in Google Contacts, so your address book in Gmail and Android will be updated automatically.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Nice, I especially like that this works for people who are not yet in your Google Contacts as well :)
What a fantastic idea. I love it when good systems are integrated. Thank you!
Lovin it.  Contacts are coming along.  Still have issues with duplicates but this makes things a bit simpler.  Thank you.
I'd like to see the Nickname field replace the profile name everywhere.
Absolutely brilliant. Just one question, is there anything keeping you guys from depecrating Contacts now? This seems much easier on the eye.
Excellent addition ... one small step to a feature I've wanted on G+ since I joined:
Please add the ability to show the notes on people's hover cards!
When will it be possible to share my own contact data to other people?  As soon as I change my telephone number or address this is automatically reflected in the address books of the people I shared my data with?

As an additional security measure this might only be possible for users who have the old data correctly in their address book.
+Christoph Bartoschek that's what happens currently. People in your circles can use your data to contact you, and if you change that (e.g. change your phone number) it will sync to their phonebooks.
+David Prieto Did not know this. Obviously I did something wrong, because when I changed my phone number recently not everyone got the update.
+Christoph Bartoschek First you'll need to make your phone number on your profile visible to the people you choose (but it sounds like you've already done this).

On the desktop, those people will be able to see your number on your profile, in Google Contacts, and in Gmail.

On their Android phones, they'll be able to see your number in the phone's address book, provided they have the Google+ mobile app installed and they've turned on sync from Google+ to the phone.

And on both Android and iOS, they'll be able to see your latest number in the Google+ mobile app.

Hope that helps!

+David Prieto
+Sean Purcell Thanks for the explanation. All people I know disable the synchronisation between Google+ circles and the contacts on android phones. It just pollutes the contact list too much. I assume this is why they did not see the update.
I 3rd that.  Notes on hovercards, please!  It would be a quick memory refresh, when knowing more people than can fit in my brain.
I do not want my friends or strangers give information to Google without my consent...
+Sean Purcell I like the idea, particularly the use of notes.  I think Google needs to be more explicit on whether this information will be used in other ways; e.g. a friend of mine comes along and adds an email address for me that I have kept private from Google, or my birthdate.  Does that at any point get linked up with my profile (whether behind the scenes, or explicitly?)

Honestly, I'm not too fussed either way, but I think there should be  very clear communication of how this data will or may be used.  
Does Google have access to the data in the notes pur are they private to only me? Thankyou if you are able to answer this. +Sean Purcell 
Hi Sean! Thanks for the update, this makes totally sence. As we already can add "Connected Accounts" to our profile (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr etc.), it would make sense if Google Contacts could pull contact information from those other social networks.

Of course this would require an intelligent merging process, which would eliminate duplicate contacts as a whole and also individual fields within a contact. This would make Google Contact the ONE source for all of my contacts.
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