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Making it easier to access your address book

Many of you, like me, use Google Contacts to manage your personal address book ( If that's the case, then starting today we'll include this contact info on your friends' Google+ profiles -- for your eyes only, of course.

This way, if you have your roommate's new phone number in Google Contacts, it'll also be available when you stop by his profile. Just look for the new "Details from Google Contacts" section (see screenshot).

As always, let us know what you think in the comments!
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this is a nice feature... but would it be better the other way around? I mean, on my g+ profile/about I could put my phone/cellphone, address, work, birthday etc and then auto sync (to phone contacts etc) with people I have enabled to share this information...this way when I change something, every one that I have shared the info will get it at the same time...
The feature is still rolling out. I'll put an update here in comments when it gets to 100%.
+Sean Purcell oops I guess I a little late hehe, but where can I share my phone number and birthday? I don't find it :( is it just for US? I know theres a place on settings where I can add a phone number but it's not available for my country (Brazil) yet. But thanks for the info! =)
+Fabricio Morato Just go to your profile's About tab (, click "Edit profile", and fill in the info you want to share with people. Birthday isn't available in some circumstances, but you should be able to fill out phone numbers no problem.
can the details from Birthday & Address be integrated into Calendar and Maps ?
Nice update. Can't wait to see it in action.

Looking at the photo, I think I'd prefer to see the details inline instead of bolted at the end, but maybe ill think differently when I see it. Also I wonder how you will handle duplicate info? Say I have your home number and you have shared your home number, will it now be listed twice? Hopefully not.

What would be great is if you could update mismatches with a press of a button. Again say I have a home number for you but it doesn't match the one you supply. If I could sync the data with a click that would be awesome.

Look forward to seeing it evolve, and thanks for the continued development.
Chan Li
Great ideal ! Cant wait ! Far way better than fb ,only if my fb friends are on g+ .:(
+Sean Purcell thank you, this is one of the things I was expecting more eagerly. Will you only be able to see data you previously added in Contacts, or will you also be able to add and edit data from here? If so, can you do it only with contacts that already exist in Contacts or with anyone in your circles? Or maybe just with anyone?
I think social Google Calender can be good. For example see your friend's birthday party and add it to calender. Or see a public activity on Google+ and them say maybe I can participate in. So many people on Google Groups suggest a Google+ feature waiting for this.
Another cool use for integration would be to show any notes you wrote for that contact on their hovercard, instead of whatever was there before. Notes from you will probably make more sense to you than anything Google decided that should go there.
And the rollout is now complete. Enjoy!
Is there anyway to turn this feature off? Could it be opt-in?
Sean S
Never heard of Google Contacts until now.
The things I would like to see improved in Google contacts could fill a few small paragraphs, but top of the list would be better integration with other social networks, so it's easy to get the latest contact photo, status. location etc. (Right now, I'm using Contapps to try and do this, and they only bridge to Facebook, LinkedIn and FourSquare - but that's still a lot more info compared to the stock contact app.)
Awesome, very handy feature
I think that inline edition would be highly appreciated =)
Nice add, but I think most of us that have the Galaxy Nexus and looking towards the future are High Resolution Contact Images! 96x96 images does not cut it anymore!
So if I add address/mobile# to my google plus profile, will anyone who has me in their circles be able to see that? If so, nearly perfect - I have some circles where I'd prefer that to NOT happen, but also some circles where I DO want that. (ok, i guess thats a feature request).

Or am I not understanding how that works.
+Sean Purcell , eh, forgive my language, but holy crap that's cool! Looks like nearly a total replacement, which is cool as i'm sick of them spamming me.
I've just spent the last two weeks customizing the export file to pick up all the fields and pop into Thunderbird. It still misses a lot. This, on the other hand is most welcome news!
+Sean Purcell Can we expect a contact synchronization when other contact (which is in Address book & Circle) information has changed to be reflected into my address book (like Plaxo does)? #feature #request
My Android address book is the largest thing on my phone. It's hundreds of megs and I ask it not to sync with Flickr et al. Will this update make it easier for me to manage and trim? 
Mr. Purcell... my apologies if this has been asked and answered before, but I was wondering if Google has an online address book that can function like Picasa, where you can send a link to people and they can update their contact by creating an account? If no, I think this would be the absolute first of it's kind, because I have searched everywhere for something like it. It basically would keep you from having to ask a person for their address over and over, they would just be able to click the link (if they have an account like Picasa), and then update their address that would then link to the person's account requesting the information. If google doesn't have this, do you know any company that does? Please advise.
+Christine Daoust Plaxo has been exactly providing the same service. Beauty of that solution is it work's across all kind of email address (Work, Personal). 
Careful with Plaxo, they will spam & upsell you forever. 
Liv G.
How does this work? Thanks.
Ok so I wanted to create a circle for my football team so I can send them an SMS. Not many are on Google+ and Hangouts is my default messaging program now. Any thoughts?
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