Google+ Circles: cleaner look & feel, better suggestions
#googleplusupdate #circles

The Circles page is great for customizing your existing connections, as well as discovering new ones, and today we're excited to roll out improvements along both dimensions.

First, you'll notice that Circles are nicer to look at, and much easier to use, including:

- A new left-hand navigation menu
- Quick access to your email address book(s)
- Circles that shrink in size on smaller screens

Second, and building on earlier work by +Simon Tong, +Jeff Dean and +Sanjay Ghemawat (, we've made lots of improvements to "Find People." Simply type the name of a person or page you're interested in, and we'll suggest related individuals and organizations to add to your circles. (

We're always working to make Circles fast, fluid and fun, so let us know what you think in the comments, and keep the feedback coming!
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