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Bot-A-Day 37

"...It was this big..."

Nothin' but ArtRage. No filter usage. Some photo texturing.

#ArtRage #art #robot
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I think this guy would make a great children's book character...
I like, and the caption made more sense once I saw it full size.
At first glance I was seeing it as the big guy sitting on a wall, hunched over all sad and depressed with his feet dangling down, and the little one being the light reflecting off a foot.
Have I mentioned that the monitors here at work are not the best?
Both of my girls saw this pic and wanted to know why he was a sad robot.....they stared at the pic a really long time. I told them I didn't know his story and Ella wanted to know why I didn't know his story and Maddy asked me to read her his
Kim R
My 17 year old saw that picture over my shoulder and told me the story she thought went with the picture.
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