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Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran
Programmer Analyst, Vegan, Husband, and all around Nifty Guy!
Programmer Analyst, Vegan, Husband, and all around Nifty Guy!

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Enjoying Spousal Jams Today...

My wife has accumulated a prodigious music collection over the years, and I am thoroughly enjoying it today. I put iTunes on random selection this morning, and have been training it along all day. Sometimes Adele pops up, then a video game soundtrack, then bagpipes, then Cat Stevens, Sting, the Cups song, and Pink. The occasional odd and humorous bit shows up. All the while I'm marking likes and dislikes.

What's startling is when something like Eluveitie or Fferyllt shows up with a ditty sounding a whole lot like a demonic invocation. But then, things like that are showing up often enough that they're starting to grow on me. o.O

I don't believe the word "eclectic" quite captures the range of +C.S. MacCath's musical tastes.

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So - this struck me as quite funny.
Having fun with the "Meat Made Us Smart" fallacy: 

HIVE MIND: How Do I Label FB Users?

In G+, I can put people circles, and then when I interact with them again I can quickly see what circles I've put them in (e.g. gaelic, fiddle, vegan, douche-bag, troll, etc.). This is EXTREMELY useful to me.

In Reddit, I use the RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite) to add custom labels to people. I can even add colors, which makes it really stand out when I'm dealing with someone whom I've tagged as "helpful", "knowledgeable", "knuckle dragger", etc.

How do I do this same thing in Facebook?

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True Story...

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In a nutshell, yeah, this.

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Fromt the desk and mind of +C.S. MacCath:
+Rhonda Parrish told me to write a story with dinosaurs in it, so I gave her a novelette about a philosophical duel between a transhuman demigod and a luddite grandmother dying of cancer he calls the "little dinosaur." Because metaphor.

That story is out today in D IS FOR DINOSAUR along with stories by several fine wordsmiths of my acquaintance: Samantha Kymmell-Harvey, Sara Cleto, Beth Davis Cato, Michael M Jones, and others. Here's the first paragraph of mine:

"Her name is Alejandra Maria Yaotl, and she is desperate to squat here, in this ribbon of grass between armies, to defecate. But her knees do not permit squatting, and she knows the desperation is only a great, killing mass in her bowels making demands of the failing body it consumes from the inside out, a little more every day. So she walks; strands of white hair blowing about her eyes, bent spine unable to straighten, papery hand gripping the rough wooden knob of a cane. The punishing sun shines down on a spill of engine oil, a pool of chlorophyl, a gob of intestine crushed into the soil. Behind, there is a shuttle with a weeping grandson at the helm who begged her to stay home and die in peace. Ahead, there are the towering gates of a city-state that teaches its people how to perform it, a grand theatre of violence caked in the blood of its sacrificial victims, the place where she will die one way or another."


Want to be seen as a hero? Save just ONE animal.

Want to be seen as a pariah? Save a farm full of animals.

Want to be seen as a villain? Kill just ONE animal.

Want to be seen as normal? Kill a farm full of animals.

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So... This is the funniest thing I'll see all week. NSFW!

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