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Yeah... This pretty well sums up the difference for me, based on my own experiences with each...
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That sounds more-or-less accurate to me, +Debra Schaefer. =o)
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FALLACY: "Eating Meat Is Natural Because We're Omnivores"

Half way through the first ten fallacies on Your Vegan Fallacy Is we come to the one that humans evolved as an omnivore species, so eating meat is natural for us.

You can read the vegan response to this fallacy at, where +Vegan Street,, and +Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran each weigh in on the issues in their individual ways. As usual, if there are other quality responses to this fallacy to be had, we hope that you'll bring them to our attention! =o)

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The Your Vegan Fallacy Is project is a community-driven effort dedicated to correcting misconceptions about veganism in approachable and unambiguous ways. If you'd like to volunteer your skills as a translator, artist, writer, or resource curator, then read more about how you can help at
Addressing the fallacy that eating meat is natural for omnivores like us.
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Agreed completely, +Jerry The Lunatic! =o)
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I'm just giddy with how well this project is shaping up! =o)
Eating Meat Is My Personal Choice

Your Vegan Fallacy Is continues to pick up steam with new volunteer translators; while we're getting set up we'll highlight the response to the claim that eating meat is a personal choice just like being vegan is a personal choice, so everyone should just live and let live.

You can read the vegan response to this fallacy at, where +Bite Size Vegan, +Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, and +Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran each refute to this topic directly. Of course, if there are other quality responses to this fallacy to be had, we hope that you'll bring them to our attention! =o)

#yvfi #vegan #fallacy #choice
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Want to learn how to be amazingly healthy? Seriously: everyone should go out and at least watch the trailer on this one. I'm super impressed by this site and the course!
It's been more than a year in the making, but I'm so excited to let you know that I’ve just opened registration to the One Ingredient Transformation Course - my 8-week, step-by-step program that helps you transition to an unprocessed plant-based diet. You can check out all the details here:
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This is both funny and true...
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YVFI Needs Your Language Help!

As +C.S. MacCath notes in this site update, we're ready for more volunteer vegan translators to help us take the site to the next level. This will be ongoing work, and among the ways we can thank you for your effort is to promote your own vegan-related project in our "adverts" block (which we presently only use for thanking our contributors).

So -- if you're vegan and your native language is something other than English, we'd love to hear from you!
Thought I'd post this again and write about some of the changes we've made since launch. All the site verbiage is edited, and our first translators are hard at work translating the site from English into German. We also have a Hungarian translator working on the site, and we're hoping her busy schedule will leave her a few minutes to spare for us. Sean has completed work on mobile-adaptive theming, which means the site ought to look better on your phones and tablets, and our volunteer Swiss artist has done some graphical tweaking.

Please note that we're still looking for translators! If you're (1) vegan and (2) natively speak a language other than English, we'd love to hear from you!
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Thank you, +Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran, I just did. I'm having problems uploading my avatar pic to the site, so I'll retry this later.
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FALLACY: "I Only Eat Humane Meat"

Granted, it's normal and healthy for people to empathize with the animals they eat, to be concerned about whether or not they are living happy lives and to hope they are slaughtered humanely. However, if it is unethical to harm these animals, then it is more unethical to kill them.

This idea is addressed on Your Vegan Fallacy Is at along with responses by +Bite Size Vegan, +Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, +Vegan Street's "Vegan Feminist Agitator", Bizarro, and myself (i.e. +Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran). If we've missed anything good out there that should be on this page then do let us know about it. =o)

#yvfi #vegan #fallacy #humane #slaughter #meat


The Your Vegan Fallacy Is project is a community-driven effort dedicated to correcting misconceptions about veganism in approachable and unambiguous ways. If you'd like to volunteer your skills as a translator, artist, writer, or resource curator, then read more about how you can help at
I love Mercy For Animals. They are tirelessly committed advocates who create a staggering amount of impressive output every year. They don't resort to shock tactics or insults to get their message across and they present dign...
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I was chatting with a fellow vegan the other day who said, 'I'm glad company xxx only sells free range eggs.' I thought that to be a major contradiction with her own beliefs.
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Here's a little pic that freaks me out right down to the bottom of my stomach. Well played, +Vegan Street, well played.
If someone suggested that you should start drinking the breast milk of a dog or a pig, you'd think they were crazy. Why is it different for the breast milk of a cow?
#breastmilk   #cow   #milk   #dairy  
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Eyes wide open...
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Canine Teeth Make Me A Meat Eater!

Your Vegan Fallacy Is has officially launched with its first ten fallacies, one of which is the belief that humans evolved canine teeth to tear flesh, and this means it is natural and normal for us to eat meat.

You can read the vegan response to this fallacy at, and don't miss the additional responses at where +Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, +Vegan Street, +Sean P. O. MacCath-Moran, and +The Vegan Scholar are featured. Are we missing any resources on this page which directly address this issue? If so, then please let us know!

#yvfi #vegan #fallacy #teeth #cuspids #canines #meateater


The Your Vegan Fallacy Is project is a community-driven effort dedicated to correcting misconceptions about veganism in approachable and unambiguous ways. If you'd like to volunteer your skills as a translator, artist, writer, or curator, then read more about how you can help at
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=oD I'm so glad I could help clear that up, +Seema Sugandh! =oP
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Writing Hard Truths

+C.S. MacCath writes on a variety of topics, and is widely published in both scifi and pagan markets, but in "The Vegan Pagan" series she exercises her skills in discussing difficult truths with less than receptive audiences. The entire series is a worthy read, but this episode in particular has a bit more punch to it.

#csmblog #theveganpagan
The next installment of The Vegan Pagan blog series is up at PaganSquare. #csmpsblog
This is the last full installment of The Vegan Pagan before I finish the series next month. I made the decision to post it last because I\'ve been a vegan activist long enough to know that many non-vegans expect the animal rights argument first, and many also don\'t realize there are other reasons for making the ethical choice I have. But while it was useful to place health, ecological and humanitarian arguments for veganism at the forefront of t...
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Ah - very much so - agreed completely! Of note, +C.S. MacCath covered that in a previous episode of the series:
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A free story? On Audio?! I'm in!
At my blog: An update on the (now abandoned) second edition of RBR, plus some free audio from the collection. #csmblog   #csmexcerpt  
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A fantastic author in a fantastic magazine with a fantastic cover!
"What. We who raise the warning cry
summon the sleight of your seiðr-kenning!
Mímir's well, might of the Maddener beckons;
drink and know Níðhöggr gnaws at the root."

- From my new story "Sing the Crumbling City", available in Issue 1.4 of Mythic Delirium, coming in April 2015.

Lo! The cover and contents for the next issue of Mythic Delirium are up, and artist Elena de’ Grimani's gorgeous cover is below. You can read the official announcement here (, and you can subscribe to the magazine here (

#csmwritingannouncement #csmexcerpt  
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I'm a Drupal development nut who is a cooking enthusiast that engages in veg*n (vegan/vegetarian) outreach at every opportunity (join me at the G+ Vegan Community), all while constantly seeking to be a better person.  =o)
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We had the considerable misfortune to rent a home through VDL Property Management ( upon first coming to Canada on working visas. When Stella Van der Lugt showed the home to me, she withheld information about a serious mouse infestation and outright lied about the basement, porch and attic full of personal items the owner was storing in the home long-term. When my husband and I arrived from the States to take possession of the home a month later, she insinuated that we might be inclined to steal the owner's items and told my husband (while I was away at the bank) that I had approved their storage there. As we signed the lease and asked her whether or not we might move to a month-to-month contract at the end of our term (because we would be looking to buy a house), she told us this wasn't possible (and it is, under Nova Scotia tenant law). From there, her behavior slid from bad to worse. She disregarded our e-mails about the mouse infestation. The owner of the home lost a year's worth of post-dated rent checks, and Stella's response was to demand that we direct deposit rent money to her own private bank account. Stella herself lost a rent check thereafter and called to accuse us of failing to pay the rent altogether (our payment was never late). Later, after a storm surge that destroyed the washer and dryer in the basement, it took her over two weeks to replace the units, which was nothing to the month we spent without a kitchen cook stove while she dawdled over that repair. And these are only the most egregious of a host of complaints, which include the violation of our privacy on two separate occasions with regard to our household utility accounts. So when we tendered our notice to vacate the premises last winter, we detailed our concerns to her again and argued that because we had requested a month-to-month lease, we were not obligated to fulfill a third twelve-month contract (we had lived there two and a half years). Her response was voluble e-mail histrionics for two days. When that failed to subdue us, her husband Brian called and screamed threats at me on the phone, then bizarrely followed his threats by verbally cancelling our lease and telling us to leave. We accepted his terms, but when we emailed Stella to confirm them, she told us that he had not said any of these things. So we were forced to hire an attorney, who had the patience of a saint and was worth every penny we paid her. Among other things, our counsel fielded Stella's threats to come and 'inspect' the home every day, reminded Stella of her obligation to provide a twenty-four hour notice before visiting the home when Stella abruptly arrived on moving day and badgered my work crew while I was away and informed Stella that indeed we had not stolen anything from the home after Stella insisted she couldn't find a framed picture the owner had left there several years ago. Worse, Stella took a host of grainy close-up photos of rust and other normal wear and tear, accused us of leaving the house filthy (it wasn't, I scrubbed it before I departed and took photos) and demanded that we replace a perfectly good shower surround and kitchen cook stove. I finally offered to pay for a cleaning crew to revisit the work I had done, but she refused this and demanded money instead. So we paid her $200 to shut up and go away, which is what I would have paid a cleaning crew anyway, and we haven't heard from her since. Both Stella Van der Lugt and her husband Brian have a local reputation for being confidence people and thugs, and that reputation was certainly confirmed in our dealings with them. We were fortunate to be well-off enough financially to afford legal counsel and what essentially amounted to a $200 extortion payment (which I'm fairly certain Stella pocketed), but many people aren't. So for the sake of your peace of mind, don't ever do business with VDL Property Management, and give both Stella and Brian a wide berth. Whether you're a property owner or renter, this company and these people are not to be trusted.
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It's good that they're business construction, because they're utterly inept at social media. Spamming people and then blocking those who ask them to quit spamming them is definitely not the way to engender positive brand engagement.
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