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Quoth the author: "Just blogged my first look into the world of (game-themed) Chinese Unicode art, so like ANSI art and yet so unlike."
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So it's a ridiculously small world we live in, sometimes.

There I am, wandering through Heathrow airport with time to kill before my connecting flight, and just happen to run in to one certain Dr. Dave. Like, f'r real. And it's not like Heathrow is a small airport, neither! Even if we'd planned and tried to do this, I dunno if it would have worked.

Also, I apparently can't take selfies worth shit.

Anyway. I'm in South Africa now. After having managed to lose the use of half the technology I own. My server died (or something) as I was walking out the door in Calgary to head to the airport. Sigh. So I'm without my email. Or my email history. O, y'know, any of that.

And then at some point on the way here, I accidentally leave my cellphone behind in a seatback pocket. I don't even remember which of my 4 flights that would have been. So it's, umm... "somewhere"... in... the world.

Luckily a replacement cellphone with an hour or so of prepaid airtime set me back less than $20 here in S. Africa. So that worked out well. I will have a brand new number when I get back to Canada but shrug.

- - -

Johannesburg has interesting smells.
   (Because I'm apparently a dog.)
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Arancini (breaded and fried risotto balls) with marinara sauce

So I made these things for AWA's volunteer thank-you / Christmas party on Tuesday...

Om nom nomf.

(click through for recipe and more blah blah blah)

#recipe   #arancini   #risotto   #marinara   #food   #AWA  
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