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All your base are belong to me

A couple days ago, I mentioned that Google had granted me #authorship   for the root directory url of all people named Sean Murray on LinkedIn ( TIL, that I am quickly getting authorship for everyone named Sean Murray on LinkedIn INDIVIDUALLY and even for some people not named sean murray at all. Webmaster tools is usually a few days behind, but at this rate I expect to be the majority shareholder of LNKD by the end of the week. Thank you Google, my Author Rank is really ramping up! #authorrank  
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Very interesting why do you think this is happening is it you or them?
It's because Google is getting overly aggressive in making connections, probably to help people who have no idea what they're doing, but you can cause an authorship wildfire if you do know know what you're doing lol. If I list an url such as in my contributor section and there is an author link back to me, Google then assigns every mention of Sean Murray on the entire domain to my authorship. I have had this happen on sites other than LinkdIn as well, where I literally end up getting authorship for the work of every other Sean Murray on the entire domain. 
I didn't even think about adding the rel=author to my LinkedIn. Just did it now, thanks! :)
you will have to use ?rel=author since you can't use html tags. So attach that paramater to the url of your google plus profile.
Sounds like I need to change my name to John Smith. Or Mark Traphagen?
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