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It's time.

We're getting serious about money today. Business models, cash, client work, day jobs.

You have to get your money right.

No, it's not about your expenses. It's that you're not making money. If you're MAKING money, expenses are not the problem.

Do you want to save $100 or make $1,000?

We're going to get your money right today, and we're going to help you keep your business alive instead of running it into the ground. I want you to be around next year. I don't want you burnt out and hating your passion.

It starts with money. You must get your money situation right. You must start with money.

Money is not evil. Money is a necessity. You have to have it. We're not talking about pursuing money for its own sake either.

Money is an enabler of purpose.

If you're not focused on your money, you don't actually care about your purpose.

Let's get real about making money today.
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