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Sean Maysonet
Equal Rights Advocate. Nursing School Attendee. Android Enthusiast. Clown. Recipient of the Most Generous Love from the Greatest Woman on the Planet. Obsessed Student Angler.
Equal Rights Advocate. Nursing School Attendee. Android Enthusiast. Clown. Recipient of the Most Generous Love from the Greatest Woman on the Planet. Obsessed Student Angler.

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Android Tablets just got much better with the 4:3 aspect ratio

I'll show you the significance of the nexus 9 using the 4:3 screen aspect ratio and pushing the ecosystem to adopt it. Its the smartest move google has made since they went with a vertical user experience and phone UI on the Nexus 7 instead of landscape. It changed people's behavior and perception. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. 16:9 Tablets dont have any advantage outside of watching movies. The cons is that they are awkward to hold vertical and stretches everything out in landscape mode. I can tell already that The apps got better in the process because you are not viewing them in 16:9 landscape mode. Maybe thats one of the reason that developers didnt feel the need to create responsive apps for android because the experience wasnt ideal when viewing it in landscape mode.

 They are pros and cons when you use a 4:3 screen but the pros far outweighs the cons. The biggest upgrade out the gate are the apps themselves. They look much better in the 4:3 aspect ratio. They dont look as stretched as before. You can compare the twitter app or the movie preview screen on the nexus 10 and Nexus 9. The layout format is better. The 4:3 screen ratio is bad for movies but great for everything else. The Nexus 9 is a big move which won't be understood for a while. we know android is adopting Multi windows of some sort its coming so lets keep that in mind. Lets bring the overview area formerly known as the recent apps area into the equation. Its a multi tasking area where you can access your chrome tabs. You are going to be in the browser most of the time on the device. The 4:3 screen makes the multi window feature that google is working on more useful on a wider screen. 4:3 Nexus is the guide of the ecosystem. This is was a small but major move IMO. Tablets apps on android just got much better with one simple move.
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Can't seem to find the setting for tabbed browsing for Chrome. Anyone know the answer?

Just received my Nexus 9. The first thing I did was check for all the issues people are having and here is what I've come up with.

1. I do have some light bleed. Not gonna kill me.

2. It gets hot, but apparently no one bothered to check the actual temp. Mine seems to max at 50 Celsius which is fine. I just think it's the materials that make it seem worse. The heat isn't an issue.

3. Build quality. I dig it. There's a bit of flex in the center, but you have to really push. Who does that?

4. 4:3 ratio is awesome! Love it!

This thing is beautiful.

Can't wait to play with it some more.


Sadly, I returned the device. As much as I loved the size, ratio and lollipop, the build quality had no quality. The great from the back, though not horrible in CPU terms, was very bad from a manufacturing standpoint. It started eating the back panel material. That added to the light bleed and multiple people with issues had left me with no other choice but to return and not exchange. Total bummer.

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This is why the Nexus line is important to Android. I know people debate whats better this and that but listen to Ballmer explain why the surface device aka their reference device for windows was the biggest play they ever made at the 1:17 mark. Maybe yall can connect the dots. OEMs need direction. You just dont toss out software and hope they get it. You have to lead them from A to Z. Microsoft by not creating a reference PC or Laptop gave windows a bad reputation that still lingers. Everyone is looking at the Nexus 6 and 9 so it forces the OEMs to step up their game. This is why samsung is being pushed into a corner because we know what the benchmark is. Android dont performance like that. You have someone to blame instead of blaming the platform. You have to create that benchmark.

Steve Ballmer on His Biggest Regret (Oct. 21, 2014) | Charlie Rose

I'm trying to figure out how to keep past reminders from showing up in my inbox(without having to individually click each one and delete). I have a lot of daily reminders with one of my gmail accounts and they just overrun my inbox.

Anyone else having this issue?

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Battery life is quite amazing after the T-Mobile update. This is with 1 hour and 40 minutes of screen time. 

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This are some things i did as soon as i received my Note 4. If you use Google Now rather than Samsung's poorly made clone S-Voice, one step will speed up your home button.

I also suggest using Nova Launcher instead of Samsung's Launcher. Thebspeed increase is phenomenal.

How to Speed Up the Galaxy Note 4:

Has anyone switched the Note 4 to ART runtime? Just got mine today and I'm contemplating. This phone is a beast! Gorgeous. Glad I picked it over the Nexus 6. Love pure Android, but love the design of this phone (and removable battery and SD card) more. #ARTruntime #GalaxyNote4
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