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My advice for 2012 - Eliminate the word "Try" from your vocabulary!....and quit watching the news...
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Interesting comment regarding the news. I would like to hear from you regarding why some should quit the news
+Brian Guest - The news is 90% negative crap that really has zero impact on your day to day life.

There is a classic story that is taught in journalism about negative news selling.

Back in the last 1800's there was the great fire of Chicago... Media learned from that fire and the subsequent sales of newspapers how influential negative news was. The lesson learned = Negative news sells.

Psychologically - news programs are designed to take you on a ride. They bring you down, build you up, bring you down and almost always end on a feel good story that brings you back!

Next time you watch the news or read the paper - pay attention to how negative it is...and how you feel internally... hearing about someone being raped, murdered, robbed, etc... And then ask yourself if you are any better off as a result of it. Did you really need that "news"?

Take the same time and spend it reading, hanging out with a loved one or family member, exercising, etc and tell me how you feel then.

I havent watched the news in 10+ years and I can gladly report that I havent missed a thing - in fact I'd say my life is better as a result of skipping it!
This theory, as applied to weather and or news does drive me around the does make me turn off the news more than turn on. Then I grab my trusted paper or iPad and read the news- here I can read what I want and skip what I do not. Great share and thanks.
I haven't watched the news in years and I haven't missed a thing.
Great advice S!
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