Here are the photos from today's Dutch HUG Day.

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The talks were all fantastic. I got lots of comments from people appreciating the quality and diversity. As expected, the facilities of our host Ordina were excellent. Though we didn't quite figure out how to deal with the resolution of the huge plasma-screen display until around lunchtime.

The UHac began soon afterwards, and everything has pretty much been going smoothly. Well-Typed provided pizza for us (thanks!).

One thing that happened several times during the DHD -- and I had hoped that it would -- was that a speaker talked about something that appeared to interest somebody in the audience and created the opportunity to continue the discussion and possible hacking during UHac. This is the key idea behind the >>= (bind) in the event's name. We have some monadic term (the talk :: m a) feeding input into some function (a member of the audience :: (a -> m b)) which will produce some monadic result (the collaborative effort :: m b). In this way, I see the concept of the DHD >>= UHac being even more power than UHac alone.

I had another observation about how UHac so far. We got start somewhat late for a hackathon (when I compare it to my experience with a few other hackathons): many people probably only started hacking around 16:30. Then, we had pizza around 18:00 or so. It seemed to me that during this time, there was quite a bit of conversation going on. When I think back to other hackathons, I felt that people jumped directly into their computers when they arrived. Thus, I have the impression that there was more socializing today than I've seen before. I think the DHD (and the pizza break) actually helped people meet each other, and it gave them something to talk about. I've seen this same phenomenon at Dutch HUG meetings. I think this is a good thing, and I would encourage other hackathons to consider a similar arrangement.

If you're at the DHD >>= UHac, I'd love to hear your comments, either here or on your blog or Google+ post.
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