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#nickelback #tickets for #Sacramento from my friend +Eve Sullivan . They're excellent seats in R9, center.

Details below.
I have two tickets for the June 23, 2015 Nickelback concert at Sleep Train Toyota Amphitheater in #Wheatland  which I will not be using.  They're excellent seats in row 9, center.

It's just that I got better tickets for Mother's Day.

#Nickelback   #tickets   #Sacramento  
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Just monkeying around. It's bananas.

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I'd have to use my cell phone to look up the number I wanted to call.

There was a time I had the numbers of friends and family all memorized. I still remember my high school sweetheart's number from 1985.

Today, I'd have to think hard to remember my parent's number.
I didn't even know those still existed.
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Are you outside a museum? haha

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I read this science and I am more and more awed at the diversity of life on this small planet in this small section of the Milky Way in this relatively small galaxy in this vast universe.

What else is out there and how do we reach it?!
Food for thought

I've never really understood the whole LGBT push back. If someone says they are gay, they are gay. Why the debate? Why does someone else's sexual identity, desires, needs and wants matter to me?

I'm not gay. They are. End of story.

As such, I've never paid particular attention to the science of sexual identity. However, after reading this story I've discovered something amazing: it is fascinating.
The idea of two sexes is simplistic. Biologists now think there is a wider spectrum than that.
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No reason - I just like the color and pattern.

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This is bad journalism.

So what is typical accident or fatality rate per 1.7 million miles driven. Don't just put that out there without a point of reference. Is 11 non-fatal accidents per 1.7 million miles high? Low? Average?

From Car & Driver: "Crash rates fell to their lowest number (185 crashes per 100 million VMT), and injury rates also dropped, from a high of 169 per 100 million VMT in 1988 (the first year on record) to 74 per 100 million VMT in 2009, again the lowest on record."

Certainly seems the 11 is a very impressive number.
Journalism is dead. 

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WOW! What a great sound.

My new favorite song.

SPOON - "Inside Out":
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I love spoon. 

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Food for thought
Food for thought

Good read from +Wendy Thomas Russell​ via +Salon​: 4 reasons I’m glad I came out as an atheist.

There are a lot of topics that I have an opinion about. Some of them are actually informed opinions.

Anyone that knows me is well aware of my reasoned and sharp criticism of modern American evangelical fundamentalism (they are a dangerous cult and an American Taliban) but also know I am not anti-religion. I am anti-stupid and if your belief system preaches one path to God or the literal interpretation of a 1600 year old book written by a conclave of several hundred men or that the end times are near or Moses is a founding father I'm going to take a great deal of glee in calling out the stupidity, ignorance, hypocrisy or intellectual dishonesty of that worldview.

Sometimes I'm polite about it and sometimes I'm not. My response is usually predicated by my access to dark chocolate, time of day and whether someone is speaking from a place of ignorance or their comments are simply asshatery.

In polite conversation I am more than happy to carry the label of humanist, secularist or atheist. I see that as code for being a reasonable, thoughtful and non-superstitious human being. I think that puts me in good company - Carl Sagan, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Thoreau and Voltaire and more than a few of the Enlightened deist Founding Fathers.

As I said, I'm not antireligious people. I've grown quite fond of the Nuns from Ohio Dominican University, the handful of Buddhists I know, the many Irish Catholics I've met and the small number of Lutherans, Jews and Muslims I've come across.

All have been an excellent people.

What makes me an atheist is not my confidence there is not a god but my firm confidence you don't speak for a god. A quiet walk in the woods with your dog is more likely to deliver enlightenment than the self aggrandizing Pentecostal snake charmer. The constant braying by religiously dogmatic evangelicals and fundamentalists reminds me of the child whistling as they pass the graveyard - anything to fill the awkward and uncomfortable silence of the unknown.

So when I read this article I was quite impressed by +Wendy Thomas Russell​'s willingness to be open about her worldview. We like to believe that the people that care for us and love us will also accept us but what actually happens is more complicated.

Which is why closets exist - we all need someplace to store the things we don't want to be judged about. Some people's closets are small and other people's look like the back room at the Smithsonian. We all have our thing.

At 47 I've really grown to appreciate the idea that what we hide in our closets is what will eventually kill us. As Wendy talks about in her article, it is not about how right she is by coming out of the closet but about how emotionally and intellectually free she is by coming out of the closet.

A freedom that sounds like it is practically a spiritual experience.
I never expected I'd take such pleasure in shattering people's assumptions about the nonreligious
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Write a paragraph. Pet the dog. Write a paragraph. Pet the dog. Write a paragraph. Pet the dog. Write a paragraph. Pet the dog. Write a paragraph. Pet the dog.

Write a paragraph. Write a paragraph about petting the dog...


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Friendly staff serving Midwestern comfort food. Chicken & dumplings and apple pie were excellent. Will eat here again.
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Not a pleasant experience. The woman was not welcoming or friendly. Sbe was on the phone when I came in and I stood at the counter for over a minute while she chatted. She acted like I was bothering her. Won't go back.
Public - 4 months ago
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Jerry stuck around to check us in after hours and gave us a great tour of their RV themed art gallery. There is an excellent walking trail, dogs are welcome and the shower and bathrooms are clean and useable. Their is some road noise but nothing too bad.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
We were shocked when we read the bad reviews. I have no idea what these people are talking about We've eaten here four times and every meal has been fantastic! The service was relaxed. We were able to enjoy our meal without being rushed. We had time to talk between servings. It was great. The menu is unique. The food is of the highest quality. The atmosphere is casual and comfortable. My wife is an excellent chef and a food snob. We've eaten in everything from dives to five star restaurants all over the country. We consider this one of the finest places we've ever eaten. We're lucky to have it in Columbus. If you are looking to get in an get out this isn't the right restaurant for you. If that is what you want to go to Max and Erma's. Give this a try and have an open mind.
• • •
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6 reviews
A pleasant change from the region's typical fare of hamburgers, cheese and beer.
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